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Over hill and dale

Through shady forests, over sunny Alpine pastures up to lofty peaks. South Tyrol's hiking trails reveal our region’s diverse scenery. Fascinating impressions await you at every altitude.

The Dolomites glow in the morning light. In the valleys, winding paths meander through vineyards and apple orchards, past medieval castles, around shimmering lakes and along the Waalweg canal trails, the old irrigation canals. Over 16,000 kilometres of well-marked and pristine trails traverse South Tyrol's diverse landscape. Numerous alpine inns invite you to take a rest and refreshment, while higher up, spectacularly situated mountain huts offer shelter from outdoor environments. Climbing enthusiasts can experience the thrill of 50 vie ferrate, suitable for all levels. Where would you most like to go today?

Dein Wanderurlaub beginnt hier

Die Vitalpina Hotels Südtirol sind ideal gelegene Ausgangspunkte für deinen Wanderurlaub in Südtirol. Hier bekommst du auch alle wichtigen Infos und Tipps von fachkundigen Wanderprofis.

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Alle Unterkünfte für Wanderfreunde

Hiking makes you happy

Did you know that a holiday in South Tyrol improves your well-being?

As soon as you set foot in South Tyrol, you'll find countless hiking trails waiting for you. Many of these trails start right from your hiking hotel. Even a gentle ascent will strengthen your cardiovascular system and you'll feel your well-being improve with every breath you take. In this place where the air is pure and the sky is clear, every hike rejuvenates your body. Hiking in South Tyrol has many beneficial effects not only on your body but also mental health. As you gain altitude, your brain cells get more oxygen, clearing your mind. This condition is especially enhanced on King Ortler, South Tyrol's highest peak. After you reach your hiking destination, don't forget to reward yourself with local dishes at one of the many alpine inns and mountain huts!

Walk along water

In the past they were irrigation canals, today they are relaxing promenades. Start your journey through South Tyrol's cultural landscape.


Leisurely walking tours in South Tyrol

Slow down when you step into nature

You don't need to climb the highest peak to experience the unique beauty of South Tyrol's nature. During your hiking holiday, you'll find ideal trails for leisurely walking tours that showcase the stunning Alpine-Mediterranean landscape and breathtaking views. The Tappeinerweg promenade in Meran/Merano allures many people for its exotic flora and panoramic views of the city. The popular Waalwege, historic paths running alongside ancient irrigation canals through orchards and vineyards, offer easy and picturesque hikes. On the Freud Promenade in Ritten/Renon, you can walk in the footsteps of Sigmund Freud while enjoying magnificent views of the Dolomites. The Gilfenklamm gorge near Sterzing/Vipiteno is a jaw-dropping destination, being the only marble gorge in Europe that you can cross on wooden walkways and bridges. Additionally, the circular hike around Lake Antholz is an opportunity to immerse yourself in the serene beauty of the lake and surrounding mountains.

Challenging hikes in South Tyrol

Do you aim high? Read our tips

If you want to push your limits on your hiking holiday in South Tyrol, you should discover the wide array of South Tyrol's challenging trails! Stretching from the Dolomites to the Ortler, they not only offer spectacular views but also test your hiking prowess. Like the Merano High Mountain Trail, which winds through the Texel Group, featuring challenging climbs and a stunning variety of flora and fauna. The Dolorama Trail, meandering through the breathtaking mountain world of the Dolomites, is a dream for savvy hikers. This long-distance trail spans multiple stages through dramatic landscapes, requiring both skill and stamina. Lastly, the Ortler High Mountain Trail provides a high-alpine experience like no other. Navigate narrow paths, rocky terrain, and glacier ice as you ascend to peaks that offer mind-blowing vistas and a deep connection with nature.

Dolomites Ronda

Trails in the Dolomites are for everyone

Dolomites Ronda is a special offer that includes a wide variety of day hikes with all difficulty levels, which can be divided into different sections. This means you can plan multi-day tours in the Dolomites and get in Dolomiti Supersummer's lifts to easily tackle the more challenging climbs. This offer allows you to marvel at the mind-blowing mountain scenery from above and enjoy the hospitality of partner accommodations in the valley. You can take hikes with local mountain guides or on your own, while accommodation and transfers are always booked by the organization. Dolomites Ronda is a new way to discover and fully appreciate the most stunning mountains in the world.

Tips to follow when hiking in South Tyrol

Looking after the environment is a simple gesture of people who love nature and the planet. Don’t throw litter on hiking trails or in the woods, but take it home to dispose of it properly. If you find waste bins, follow the local recycling rules.

Hiking gear

Before you head to the mountains, check you have the right equipment:

- sunscreen is needed at every altitude;

- appropriate clothing based on temperature;

- comfortable hiking boots with heightened grip, especially if you walk on long and steep hikes;

- flashlights and headlamps, if you're planning  to hike in the evening;

- a water bottle that can be filled with water from springs or drinking fountains along the trails.


Choose your hike based on your experience and physical ability. Don't forget to estimate the level of difficulty and length of your hike. Check the weather forecast in advance. 

For more safety, learn more on the avalanche bulletin.


In case of injury or illness, call 112 for rescue service.

There are some good practices and habits you can build when you stay in the mountains:

  • Respect the silence of nature and avoid making noise;
  • Don't disturb the livestock and don't invade their personal space;
  • Don't pick wildflowers and let them grow in their habitat;
  • Stay on signposted trails and don't enter private areas;
  • Lighting fires is prohibited when you are not in marked areas;
  • Give way to mountaineers who are ascending when the trail gets narrower.

In South Tyrol people are accustomed to greet each other along trails. Greeting is therefore considered as a good way to be friendlier and more respectful of local customs. The most common greetings are in German "Grüß Gott", "Servus", "Hallo", in italian "Ciao", "Buongiorno" and in Ladin "Bun dé", Bun domisdé".

If you have chosen to take a bike ride instead of hiking, remember that some routes are shared by both cyclists and pedestrians. Don't speed up and to slow down when you see hikers.

Although a rare phenomenon in South Tyrol, you need to know how to behave if you ecounter a bear. Stay calm, talk firmly and if within your reach, use a whistle to ward it off. If the bear is with its cubs,, back away slowly.

Unless provoked, bears don't attack humans. In case the bear attaks you, lie down slowly with your face down.

If you encounter a wolf at close distances, back off slowly without turning away.

In critical situations, the SOS EU ALP app gives you assistance. It locates where you are and your position is then transmitted to the responsible control center, which can provide notifications to the medical services, mountain rescue, ground or air rescue units. This safety service is available in South Tyrol’s regions and Bavaria.

Dining at alpine huts

Savor fresh raspberry juice, delectable dumpling variations, robust cheese, and smoked speck, all bringing the true flavors of the region.

What's the best thing to do on an alpine pasture in South Tyrol? Enjoying the peace and quiet, while you gaze off into the distance. But alpine pastures are also the ideal places to embark on a culinary journey through old traditions: many South Tyrolean recipes have their roots in the farming cuisine of our ancestors. You might find Ronenknödel or Schwarzplentene dumplings on the menu. Never heard of  these dishes? "Ronen" is the German word for beet, while Schwarzplentene are dumplings, once considered a "poor people's meal," made from buckwheat flour, among other ingredients. If you want to savor more alpine dishes, join a allpin inn tour. You'll taste from rustic, down-to-earth fare to sophisticated hut cuisine.

Dof-friendly holidays

Sometimes we have to take the heartbreaking decision of leaving our dog at home, seek out dog walkers or settle for the routine of familiar surroundings. But in South Tyrol  you can embrace new experiences in places that you've never considered visiting before. Explore the walks along the Alto Adige Wine Road, retrace the history of the famous Waalwege Canal Trails, marvel at the natural sculptures of the earth pyramids in Ritten, or venture into high-altitude hikes to get closer to the UNESCO World Heritage Dolomites. Make your dog the luckiest pet and create cherished memories together.

The best places in South Tyrol

No matter where you spend your holiday in South Tyrol. Each region is fascinating for its unique mountains, hiking trails and natural beauty.

Trails in Sterzing and environs

Whether you seek a circular, elevated, panoramic, adventurous, or leisurely hike, the trails surrounding Sterzing offer a diverse range of experiences to suit every preference. Immerse yourself in nature along the energy-infused paths of Ladurns, embark on an exhilarating mountain trek to Becherhaus, South Tyrol's highest mountain hut nestled at 3,195 meters, or witness the joy of children exploring the winding trails of the Ratschings mountain adventure world. The choice is yours—where will your adventure lead you today?

Trails in Bolzano

After strolling through the charming old town of Bolzano and along its verdant promenades, extend your adventure to the sun-drenched high plateaus and pristine nature reserves nearby. A convenient cable car whisks you from the city to Ritten, where you can explore the fascinating earth pyramids or meander along the picturesque Freud Promenade, offering breathtaking vistas of the Dolomites UNESCO World Heritage Site. Experience the enchanting crocus bloom on Salten, discover the awe-inspiring Bletterbach Gorge natural monument in Trudnerhorn Nature Park, and hike to the mystical Stoanernen Mandln on Tschögglberg. Each destination promises a unique and unforgettable encounter with nature's wonders.

TV Mölten
Trails in Brixen and environs

Summit crosses, alpine meadows, cozy wine taverns, and rich cultural landmarks await your exploration in the vicinity of the bishop's town. Whether amidst the vibrant blooms of spring, the serene shade of forests, or the golden glow of autumn sunlight, there's a hiking destination for every season. Consider the Dolorama long-distance hiking trail, the Latzfonser Kreuz, the tranquil Fane Alm nestled in the Gitschberg-Jochtal hiking area, the scenic Keschtnweg (chestnut hiking trail), or the panoramic vistas of Plose. Each promises a rewarding and unforgettable hiking experience.

Dolorama/Thomas Monsorno
Trails around the 3 Zinnen

The mineral dolomite not only lends its name but also imparts the distinctive whitish hue that renders the Dolomites so captivating. To truly immerse oneself in the beauty of this UNESCO World Heritage Site, there's no better way than embarking on hikes through its unique terrain. Whether at sunrise, as part of a stage or day tour in the Three Peaks Nature Park, ascending Dürrenstein from Prato Piazza, or scaling Sasso Piatto at Lake Pragser Wildsee, every path offers a glimpse of the Dolomites in their most breathtaking form. Experience the essence of the Dolomites and the majesty of the Three Peaks at their most awe-inspiring.

IDM Südtirol-Alto Adige/Andreas Mierswa
Trails in Alta Badia

Have you ever witnessed the spectacle of a mountain aglow? As the evening sun bathes the rock faces of Sas dla Crusc/Geiligkreuzkofel in hues of pink, its magnificence transcends the ordinary. Yet, the peaks of Val Badia, where the Ladin language is still spoken, offer an array of equally impressive sights, each deserving of exploration. Ascend the Sassongher for a breathtaking vista of the Sella Group, traverse the expansive alpine meadows of the Pralongià high plateau, or delve into the echoes of the First World War atop Lagazuoi.

Alex Moling
Trails in Meran and environs

Romantic promenades, adventurous mountain climbs, trails along old irrigation canals, and themed trails: the area around the Texelgruppe Nature Park offers a wealth of hiking experiences. Want to stroll and marvel at a Mediterranean-like flora? Walk along historic irrigation canals? Explore the serene side valleys on alpine trails? Or immerse yourself in nature with a multi-day hut tour through high alpine terrain? Here, you can have it all.



Trails in Val Gardena

Val Gardena is a land of impressive landmarks. The Langkofel Group, the Seceda and the Sella Massif are all worldwide reknown and contribute delineate the features of the Dolomites UNESCO World Heritage Site. Embark on hiking trails suited to all levels of expertise, such as the circumnavigation of the Sella Massif by foot and lift, the traverse of the Langkofel Group, or the exhilarating summit tour to Seceda. Once you experience the beauty of this region, you'll surely find yourself drawn back time and again.

IDM Südtirol-Alto Adige/Andreas Mierswa
Trails in Eggental

Rosengarten, Latemar, and the Grand Canyon of South Tyrol: three compelling reasons to hike in this remarkable region. Here, you can traverse steep rock faces, climb towering spires, and explore the largest gorge in South Tyrol. The area is steeped in legend, home to the mythical dwarf king Laurin, once the ruler of the Rosengarten, and the enchanting mermaid of Karer See. These legends have bestowed the rugged mountains and the Rainbow Lake with their unique charm and mystique.

IDM Südtirol-Alto Adige/Alex Filz
Trails in Kronplatz

The Kronplatz area boasts a prime location between the Dolomites UNESCO World Heritage Site and the main Alpine ridge. This central position offers a diverse array of hiking and mountain trails in the side valleys and at the foot of the striking Peitlerkofel. After your hike, take a break and visit the MMM Corones and LUMEN - House of Mountain Photography museums, both located on the summit plateau of Kronplatz.

Dolorama/Thomas Monsorno
Trails on the Seiser Alm

Explore the vast expanse of Europe's largest high Alpine pasture, summit peaks in the Schlern-Rosengarten Nature Park, or embark on a hut-to-hut hike in the heart of the Dolomites, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This region offers a myriad of hiking trails, especially around South Tyrol's iconic Sciliar mountain. Popular routes include the Dolomites High Trail No. 9, the hut tour to Tierser Alpl, and the scenic path to Haniger Schwaige beneath the Vajolet Towers mountains. Many of these adventures begin in one of the five quaint villages nestled in the Dolomites.

IDM Südtirol-Alto Adige/Patrick Schwienbacher
Trails in Villnösstal

Where does Reinhold Messner's passion for the mountains come from? It goes without saying that it all started in the alpine world where he grew up. He honed his climbing skills on the majestic Geisler peaks, after which the Puez-Geisler Nature Park was called. He ascended the 3,025-meter high Sass Rigais and trekked to alpine inns and mountain huts at its base. You can follow in his footsteps to witness the unique beauty of the Villnöss Dolomites from afar and start your hiking adventure on the Dolorama long-distance hiking trail.

IDM Südtirol-Alto Adige/Alex Filz
Trails in Ahrntal

In the valley of 80 three-throusanders, you'll hike through untouched nature, past rushing waters, and breathe in the purest air. Architecturally outstanding mountain huts, such as the Schwarzenstein and Edelrauthütte, offer shelter within South Tyrol's most glacier-rich nature park. From these high vantage points, you can truly appreciate Ahrntal's mighty peaks as you gaze over the Hohe Tauern National Park, the Zillertal Alps, and the Dolomites.

TV Ahrntal/Filippo Galluzzi
Trails in Vinschgau

Climb the highest mountain in South Tyrol, cross the valley in five-day stages, or visit the country's only national park. As you can probably imagine, the west of the region boasts impressive elevations, home to the highest peaks: the Ortler, the Königsspitze, and the Ortler-Cevedale group. Explore the lower surroundings on foot, following sunny paths through cultivated landscapes and uncovering cultural and historical treasures along the way.

IDM Südtirol-Alto Adige/Armin Terzer
Trails on the Alto Adige Wine Road

Nestled close to the south, the Alto Adige Wine Road best known as "Südtiroler Weinstraße" invites you to hike along signposted wine trails from as early as March, enjoying pleasant temperatures and the awakening of nature. As you walk, you'll explore historic residences set against the green backdrop of vineyards. Take a walk around Lake Kalterer to discover its stunning landscape or refresh yourself after a hike with a dip in the Montiggler lakes. For a mystical experience and panoramic views, the Castelfelder hill further south is a must-visit destination year-round.

IDM Südtirol-Alto Adige/Benjamin Pfitscher

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Hiking and mountaineering in South Tyrol | The best tips

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