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Over hill and dale

Through shady forests, over sunny Alpine pastures up to lofty peaks. South Tyrol's hiking trails reveal our region’s scenic diversity. Fascinating impressions await you at every altitude.

The Dolomite mountains shine in the morning light. In the valleys, paths wind through vineyards and apple orchards, past castles, around lakes and along the Waalweg canal trails, the old irrigation canals. Over 16,000 kilometres of signposted, pure and natural hiking trails lead through South Tyrol's contrasting landscape. Numerous Alpine inns invite you to take a rest and refreshment, while higher up, spectacularly situated mountain huts offer shelter from the wind and weather. Climbing fans can get up close to the rocks on 50 via ferratas. No matter what their physical condition. Where would you most like to go today?

Our hiking tips for demanding hikers

Your hiking holiday starts here

These accommodations are ideally situated starting points for your hiking holiday in South Tyrol. Here you will also get all the important information and tips from expert hiking professionals.

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All accomodations for hikers

Five good reasons to plan a hiking holiday in South Tyrol

1. Your cardiovascular system becomes stronger: hiking trains your heart and lungs in the long term.

2. The reward for your efforts are culinary delights: good food is the order of the day in South Tyrol. Even in mountain huts and Alpine inns, hosts do not miss the opportunity to serve creative, down-to-earth and, above all, delicious dishes.

3. Hiking takes your mind off things: hiking stimulates the brain cells, strengthens the branching of the nerve cells and releases additional energy through the increased oxygen supply. This works particularly well on the highest mountain in South Tyrol, the King Ortler...

4. Hiking opens up new perspectives: not only those that take place in your head. The view from the summit of the surrounding mountains, of the bizarre rock formations of the Dolomites and of glittering lakes definitely leaves a lasting impression.

5. Hiking releases endorphins: when you reach your destination after physical exertion, you are rewarded with feelings of happiness. This makes you want to do more.

Mountain huts and Alpine inns in South Tyrol

If you get hungry and tired while hiking, numerous Alpine inns invite you to stop for a break. On the summits, you will find shelter from the wind and weather in spectacularly located mountain huts.

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Long-distance hiking along the Alto Adige Wine Road

Explore the Alpine-Mediterranean landscape with all its castles, lakes, magnificent manors and countless grape vines from March until late autumn.

View of the Wine Road

The most scenic and environmentally friendly way to explore our region

South Tyrol's landscape is a gift that you can easily enjoy on foot. This completely decelerated way of travelling offers you enough time to experience the breathtaking natural scenery with all your senses.

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Rules I have to respect in the mountains

Looking after the environment is a simple gesture of people who love nature and the planet. Don’t throw litter on hiking trails or in the woods, but take it home to dispose of it properly. If you find waste bins, follow the local recycling rules.

Hiking gear

Before you head to the mountains, check you have the right equipment:

- sunscreen is needed at every altitude;

- appropriate clothing based on temperature;

- comfortable hiking boots with heightened grip, especially if you walk on long and steep hikes;

- flashlights and headlamps, if you're planning  to hike in the evening;

- a water bottle that can be filled with water from springs or drinking fountains along the trails.


Choose your hike based on your experience and physical ability. Don't forget to estimate the level of difficulty and length of your hike. Check the weather forecast in advance. 

For more safety, learn more on the avalanche bulletin.


In case of injury or illness, call 112 for rescue service.

There are some good practices and habits you can build when you stay in the mountains:

  • Respect the silence of nature and avoid making noise;
  • Don't disturb the livestock and don't invade their personal space;
  • Don't pick wildflowers and let them grow in their habitat;
  • Stay on signposted trails and don't enter private areas;
  • Lighting fires is prohibited when you are not in marked areas;
  • Give way to mountaineers who are ascending when the trail gets narrower.

In South Tyrol people are accustomed to greet each other along trails. Greeting is therefore considered as a good way to be friendlier and more respectful of local customs. The most common greetings are in German "Grüß Gott", "Servus", "Hallo", in italian "Ciao", "Buongiorno" and in Ladin "Bun dé", Bun domisdé".

If you have chosen to take a bike ride instead of hiking, remember that some routes are shared by both cyclists and pedestrians. Don't speed up and to slow down when you see hikers.

Although a rare phenomenon in South Tyrol, you need to know how to behave if you ecounter a bear. Stay calm, talk firmly and if within your reach, use a whistle to ward it off. If the bear is with its cubs,, back away slowly.

Unless provoked, bears don't attack humans. In case the bear attaks you, lie down slowly with your face down.

If you encounter a wolf at close distances, back off slowly without turning away.

In critical situations, the SOS EU ALP app gives you assistance. It locates where you are and your position is then transmitted to the responsible control center, which can provide notifications to the medical services, mountain rescue, ground or air rescue units. This safety service is available in South Tyrol’s regions and Bavaria.

Take it easy

For people considering the journey as the destination and cities and towns as places to be discovered from new perspectives. Do you want to spend time in nature? Take walks and hikes around South Tyrol and you'll be rewarded with mesmerizing views.

Your summer activities in South Tyrol

Explore the Alpine-Mediterranean landscape on two wheels. Experience the highest feelings of happiness while climbing. Keep cool in a lake. South Tyrol has many fascinating facets.

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