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The power of springs

We have bubbling water that will do you good.

For centuries, we have been using the healing powers of our mineral water springs. Depending on which minerals and chemical elements they contain, their water can have a pain-relieving effect or be particularly good for the respiratory tract. Four springs have been recognised by the Ministry of Health as thermal spas and are open to the public. At these places, you can experience the healthy effect of our water: Bad Salomonsbrunn in Antholz/Anterselva, Terme Merano, Aqua Bad Cortina in Al Plan/San Vigilio and Bad Moos in Sexten/Sesto.

Natural relaxation

Take time out – at our Belvita Leading Wellness Hotels, you will find pure relaxation. Set amidst breathtaking landscapes, you can enjoy spa treatments using natural products and varied regional cuisine.

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Historic thermal water

In the Antholzer Tal valley, radon-containing thermal water is a fixed element of the wellness programme of Hotel Bad Salomonsbrunn. And this has been the case since 1559.

Water with history flows in the Antholzer Tal valley. As early as the 16th century, people sought out this place, which has radon-containing water springs that come from the mountains. In low doses, the radioactive noble gas radon has an anti-inflammatory, calming and pain-relieving effect on the body. The spring once formed the origin of the former traditional farmer's bath, which also gave rise to today's Hotel Bad Salomonsbrunn.

In the hotel’s immediate vicinity you will come across the healing water certified by the Ministry of Health. On offer as part of the hotel's own wellness and spa programme, you can relax in the healing water whirlpool or undergo a balneo-fango therapy, in which the water is also used. The hotel is located in the middle of the Rieserferner-Ahrn Nature Park, so you can also gather strength in nature during hikes or mountain bike tours.

Water for well-being

At Terme Merano, you will find precious water that not only soothes physical ailments, but also harmonises your soul and spirit.

Slowly step into the 34-degree warm spring bath in the outdoor area of Terme Merano. Amidst palm trees and mountain peaks, you take steps to help your health. Our thermal water has a calming and pain-relieving effect on the central and peripheral nervous system. It is also said to lower blood pressure, alleviate allergies and strengthen the immune system. In particular, people with chronic respiratory diseases, rheumatic complaints and certain bone, joint and muscle diseases find relief in the thermal water.

Where does this special water come from? Deep from the rock forming the Vigiljoch pass, the local mountain for the municipality of Lana. This is where the clinically tested, radon-containing water springs from, which has been extracted since 1966 and used for spa treatments in today's Terme Merano since 1972. Before it reaches Terme Merano, it is collected in a 1,200-metre-long tunnel.

Why is our thermal water so healthy? The area around the Vigiljoch pass is characterised by granite rock. This enriches the rainwater deep inside the mountain with radon, fluorine and rare metals. Its mineral salt content as well as the special gases and metals give the water its beneficial effect.

Refreshing bathing experience

There is a mineral thermal water spring in Al Plan in Mareo/San Vigilio in Marebbe. How the Aqua Bad Cortina can strengthen your well-being.

The scent of pine wood wafts into your nose, outside you hear the murmur of a small stream, through a window you look out over the valley in Al Plan/San Vigilio and the surrounding green forests. You are lying in a silver quartzite tub filled with the pleasantly warm Aqua Bad Cortina mineral thermal water, which has been bringing well-being to people here for centuries.

Aqua Bad Cortina is one of 30 officially recognised mineral waters here in South Tyrol. In the hotel and thermal bath of the same name, guests treat themselves to drinking cures, balneo-fango therapies and mineral baths. The Aqua Bad Cortina spring, which was a public bath a few centuries ago, emerges just 400 metres away. In 1780, historical documents first reported the beneficial effects of this spring. In 1890, the thermal water was analysed for the first time. It is said to contain sulphate, fluorine, calcium and iodine as well as traces of the metals boron, barium, bromine and lithium, which is known to be a remedy for complaints affecting the nervous system. The water is also said to have a positive effect on stomach and kidney complaints and other digestive diseases.

Relaxation options in South Tyrol

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All thanks to sulphur

An ancient spring still provides well-being and beauty today: in the Termesana Wellness and Health Centre at the Bad Moos Dolomites Spa Resort, you encounter healing sulphur water.

In the Termesana Wellness and Health Centre, which belongs to the Bad Moos Dolomites Spa Resort, wellness experts use the power of the sulphur spring water for their health treatments, mineral fango and hydro-balneo cosmetics. The spring of St. Valentin springs forth nearby above the hotel. Its sulphur water has been said to have healing powers since as early as 1765. The water, which is also used for inhalation, is rich in sulphate, fluoride, magnesium and calcium and also contains traces of iron.

Bathing in water containing sulphate alleviates joint problems, promotes digestion and benefits the metabolism. Inhalation has an anti-inflammatory and expectorant effect. Used in balneotherapy, the water also has a detoxifying effect on the skin and stimulates cell renewal.

If, after all that relaxation and wellness, you fancy a leisurely hike, you're in exactly the right place – the resort is in the middle of the Sexten Dolomites UNESCO World Heritage site.

Have a good rest

Between mountains, forests and valleys, you will find peace and quiet – at our thermal baths and spas, while forest bathing or during exclusive wellness treatments featuring high-quality natural products. You will find our recommendations here.

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