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South Tyrol’s culinary treasures

Our mountains, valleys and forests are home to some good flavours. In harmony with nature, we make food that is grown with care, attention and culinary know-how.

A lot of love and sunshine, fertile soils and expertise go into crafting produce that taste amazing and fully deserve the South Tyrolean Seal of Quality.  Our small and medium-sized enterprises, cultivate carefully and produce only with traditional methods and high-quality standards. In effect, products and production sites are regularly inspected. Golden honey from our beekeepers, fantastic free-range eggs from happy hens, tasty beers and stone fruit grown in the open air. See for yourself what else can be found in our culinary treasure trove! 

Liquid gold

Industrious bees and a harvest bursting with flavour What makes honey with the South Tyrolean seal of quality special, and why we don’t just spread it on our toast.

More than 80 beekeepers from South Tyrol look after our hives – in valleys, forests, Alpine pastures and meadows – whose bees supply around 90,000 kilograms of honey a year. They fly to five million flowers and collect three kilograms of nectar to make a single kilogram. We give you the opportunity to try multi-flower, Alpine rose, dandelion and forest honey, amongst others. Our honey varieties bear the South Tyrolean seal of quality – they are free from additives, naturally sweet-tasting and particularly flavoursome thanks to their low water content. 

And, incidentally, we don’t just spread our honey on toast – being rich in nutrients, it’s also ideal for use in wellness treatments. Keen to find out more about South Tyrolean honey and the work our beekeepers do? Then why don't you plan a visit to the Beekeeping Museum in Ritten/Renon? Alternatively, pop along to the Honey Days in Brixen/Bressanone, which are held every two years. 

Taste our honey

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The fruity freshness of summer

The air is full of the scent of fresh raspberries and strawberries. The fruit trees are weighed down by shiny, dark-red cherries and orange apricots. Summer is when our berries and  stone fruit with the South Tyrolean seal of quality take centre stage.

They guarantee a spot of colour in our summer – bright-red strawberries and cherries, pink raspberries and orangey-red apricots. We always serve our stone fruit and berries bearing the South Tyrolean seal of quality alongside a serving of warm summer air, because the many hours of sun we enjoy enable the berries to be cultivated exclusively outdoors using controlled, integrated methods. This also lets our stone fruit ripen naturally. The cool nights in the production areas situated at between 500 and 1,800 metres above sea level also allow the fruit to unleash its full aroma and taste. 

You can enjoy our summer fruits either as they are or in our quality-tested jams and fruit spreads. Careful processing ensures that the fruit’s valuable nutrients are retained. Did you know, for instance, that a strawberry contains around twice as much vitamin C as citrus fruits? You can taste them to your heart’s content at the Strawberry Festival in Martell/Martello. If you’re more of an apricot person, you can visit the fun, culture-centred “Marble & Apricots Festival” in Laas/Lasa.

Pure pleasure in a jar

With their intense aroma and sweet, fruity taste, our berries, our stone fruit and even our chestnuts are great for making into spreads and jams with the South Tyrolean seal of quality

Made to our grandparents’ recipes and boasting the intensive aroma of our mountain summer fruits, our fruit spreads and jams made from strawberries, raspberries, cherries or apricots are sure to be on the table if you’re invited to breakfast or brunch in these parts. Offering a flavour experience that might well be new to you, we also turn pears, pomegranates and chestnuts into sweet spread.

All of our products bear the South Tyrolean seal of quality and have a total sugar content of less than 60% as well as being free from preservatives and flavourings. Our producers fill sustainable glass and porcelain jars with the carefully handpicked fruits in a closely monitored production process. You can find this wide range of jams at local gourmet markets, at our Christmas markets and in farm shops.


Recipes using raspberries, strawberries and apricots

As well as enjoying them as they come or in jams, we also turn our fruity-fresh summer berries into tasty desserts such as our strawberry shortbread. 

The sweet taste of freedom

Our farms are home to happy hens with a lot of space to roam around. This is good for you and good for our producers, because their chickens lay better eggs. 

With us, there’s no need to put all your eggs in one basket, since all our producers’ hens live on small local farms, are free range and are only given natural, GMO-free feed. This means they lay high-quality eggs, all of which bear the South Tyrolean seal of quality. This is because our producers follow stringent quality and animal husbandry regulations in their production

Quality you can taste. Whether they’re fried on top of roast potatoes or used to make Kaiserschmarrn or Knödel, eggs are everywhere in South Tyrolean cuisine. At Easter time, we find a particularly fun way to use them in the tradition known as “Eierpecken”, or “egg pecking”. This involves smashing together two brightly coloured hard-boiled eggs, with the winner being the person whose eggshell remains intact for longer – who can then claim his opponent’s “pecked-to-death” egg as their prize. 

Following the rhythm of the seasons

A mild climate, fertile soils and family-run farms – why our vegetables bearing the South Tyrolean seal of quality are bursting with vitamins and flavour.

For us, the appearance of the first asparagus on our plates signals the start of spring. Whatever the season, however, we have a range of vegetables for you to try that have been cultivated here with the greatest of care. Ripening in the fields of our small farms are crispy lettuce, potatoes, cauliflower, tart radicchio, white cabbage and other vegetables,  all bearing the South Tyrolean seal of quality

Our mild climate, fertile soils and more elevated growing location give them their unique taste and an intense aroma. Our farmers harvest some 10,000 tonnes of vegetables a year that you can taste in South Tyrol’s typical dishes, including juicy sauerkraut as a spicy filling for your Törggelen Krapfen. If you take a stroll round our farmers’ markets, you’ll find the best selection of seasonal vegetables around – while the autumn Potato Festival in the Pustertal valley promises a wealth of potato-based delicacies. 


South Tyrolean Meats & Kaminwurzen

Meticulous attention to quality meat and animal welfare: our dedicated farming families take care of their pigs, cattle and lambs. One of the many reasons why meat and Kaminwurzen with the Quality Seal South Tyrol are renown for their quality.

Behind every piece of meat bearing the Seal of Quality South Tyrol lies a farming family taking care of animals. It's a guarantee that cattle, pigs, goats and sheep are born and raised in South Tyrol. Besides spending their entire lives on the alpine pasture, their nutrition is based on natural feeding. During the slaughtering process, led by a local butcher, we try to lessen the effects of stress with short-distance transportation from the alpine pasture. High-quality meat can only result in the highest level of animal welfare and health.

Kaminwurzen - smoked dry sausages - have been awarded the Quality Seal South Tyrol in 2024. Made from 100% locally sourced meat, the Kaminwurzen guarantee the use of animals from "nose to tail". "Kaminwurze" takes its name from a time when farmers in South Tyrol's alpine pastures smoked meat in the chimney. The practice of smoking meat transforms fresh meat into sausage and preserves it for a longer time.

The best meat recipes

Lamb chops on potato leek gratin, braised pork cheeks with parsnip puree or beef rib with organic herb mushrooms - follow our recipes with South Tyrolean meat.

Stuffed pork cutlets with South Tyrolean speck and butter potatoes

Stuffed pork cutlets with South Tyrolean speck and butter potatoes

Lamb cutlets on a bed of South Tyrolean potato and leek gratin

Lamb cutlets on a bed of South Tyrolean potato and leek gratin

The power of herbs

For us, peppermint, thyme, pot marigold and the rest are more than just something we sprinkle into our cooking. Find out here where and how else you can feel the power of our herbs and spices with the South Tyrolean seal of quality.

You can smell the refreshing aroma of peppermint. You walk on for a few steps and perceive the lemony scent of lemon balm, basil and thyme – in the wild and in our production areas, you will find countless herbs, such as cornflowers and marigolds, that develop a particularly intense aroma and vibrantly coloured flowers thanks to our mountain climate and the many hours of sunshine we enjoy. Spread across a total area of 40 hectares, our herbs are grown by ten businesses that have obtained the South Tyrolean seal of quality. This means that they are cultivated using organic or integrated methods at over 500 metres above sea level. This is the secret behind their multilayered aroma and flavour. 

The secret of harnessing the power of valuable plants was known even to our ancestors, and we are still benefiting from this knowledge to this day. This is because our herbs aren’t just restricted to the culinary creations of our restaurants or the infusions used at our saunas: we also use them to make essential oils and creams and in curative wellness treatments. 

Want to know more about our world of herbs? Then why not book a guided herbal-education hike

Herb- and spice-themed events

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Power food for on the go

Delicately dried, with a fruity taste: our dried fruit with the South Tyrolean seal of quality preserves all the goodness of the picked fruit. A handy snack for your next walk or hike.

Fancy some apple rings, persimmon discs or dried strawberries or pears to take along with you? If you’re looking for an energy snack for on the go, why not put some South Tyrolean dried fruit in your knapsack?

Our producers carefully transform the freshly harvested crop into nutritious dried fruit. Drying it slowly with a lot of warm air preserves 100% of the taste and of the valuable substances contained in our fruit. Unlike conventional products, dried fruit with the South Tyrolean seal of quality does not contain any sugar or preservatives, and the only thing added is some ascorbic acid.

And, when Christmas comes around, we bake our dried fruit into a traditional fruit bread known as a Südtiroler Zelten.

A spicy bake for Christmas

Such a fantastic aroma! No bakery would be complete at Christmastime without some Südtiroler Zelten fruit bread. Find out here what else goes into our traditional bake besides pine nuts, dried fruit, cloves, nutmeg and honey. 

What’s important to us

A vegetable grower who specialises in long-forgotten varieties, a butcher who slaughters animals without causing them stress, a carpenter who’s also a chicken lover: here you can meet the people behind our produce bearing the South Tyrolean seal of quality.

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