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What your heart beats for

Experience what moves us in South Tyrol

Sustainability goes hand in hand with quality: one cannot exist without the other. In South Tyrol, we are committed, day in and day out, to moving towards a path that protects nature and all living species. A search for quality and sustainability that is bearing fruit to tourism, agriculture, but also mobility, crafts and industries. We've already taken many important steps.

Both old-timers and newcomers who work in the food industry use regional and seasonal ingredients. By adding value to products of the surroundings, they reduce food miles and keep adding creativity in their dishes. Many initiatives in the South Tyrolean agricultural sector, businesses, holiday accommodations are being held and aim to intertwine the South Tyrolean quality of life with sustainability principles. Certainly, all this needs resourcefulness and an innovative spirit! 

But there's something more behind this claim: passion. Let us show you what ideas popped into South Tyroleans' heads, what keeps driving them and what their hearts beat for.

A common cause

Mountain biker, family man and hotelier. Kurt Resch, the owner of Steineggerhof in Eggental/Val d'Ega, is eager to shatter the hospitality industry. With small deeds and a firm belief in sustainability, he acts as a great example to other people. From structural measures to organic dishes...his main purpose is the common good. 

Out of the ordinary

In inns, starred restaurants or at gourmet events, regional products are in the foreground. Berries, potatoes or meat come straight from the farm. Apricots are harvested from our own garden. It is in our blood to guarantee wholesome food, animal welfare and the conservation of the soil.

The textile manufacturer

Walter Niedermair is CEO of Moessmer, a textile factory in Bruneck/Brunico that has successfully expanded internationally. With Norbert Niederkofler, he shares a fascination for the fusion of design and craftsmanship. His textile fabrics is the evidence of the high quality that comes from South Tyroleans craftsmanship. The love for beauty, perseverance and determination bounds many people in South Tyrol together.

A new way

A brother-and-sister team in the wine industry dedicated to work more with nature. On their parents' vineyard in Villander Alp, they produce natural wines with a no-frills method. Pithy and long living. A generational change that represents a transformative process.

Avant garde farmers

The sun is shining outside and everything is in motion. Exception made for Ulrich and Patrick. By launching their startup "Profarms", the two tech farmers from St.Pauls/San Paolo - Eppan/Appiano, are willing to make drastic changes to conventional agriculture - with the aid of lab-made microgreens, resourceful chefs and customers.

The inventor

Hannes Parth is an inventor of paper at Frumat and the winner of the "Green Carpet Fashion Award" in the "Innovation and Technology" category at La Scala in Milan. As for Norbert Niederkofler, only perseverance and determination led Hannes to pursue his goal. His apple paper and apple leather produced from the fruit residues, demonstrate his sustainable standpoint.

Sustainability Label South Tyrol

Visibly sustainable

By taking actions for the common good, they demonstrate what sustainability stands for. Holiday regions, accommodations and restaurants bear this seal at different levels when they are deeply dedicated to implementing economic, ecological, social and cultural sustainability through concrete practices. Level 3 corresponds to the internationally recognized GSTC certification. From waste reduction to pick-up service and from drinking water refill stations to the promotion of the cyclical nature of the territorial development - the sustainability label makes these actions visible.

Certified accommodations

Travel to places where there are visible signs of a sustainable environment. From alternative energy to equality in the workplace to local cyclicality. In these certified accommodations you won't get wrong.

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Sustainable travel

Get into vacation mode already while travelling. By train, it'll be easier than by car. Take your time to look out of the window at the changing landscape. Vines and apple orchards, castles and forts are all over the place. What are you waiting for?

Two women travel sustainably in South Tyrol

South Tyrolean Beer

Andreas Stolz is not the beer drinker type. He actually never liked it much. But with his friend, he tried to embark on a new taste experience and bring about a change in the South Tyrolean beer industry. Now he brews beer with the South Tyrol Quality Seal at his farm in Vahrn near Brixen/Bressanone.

A Hens' friend

Klaus Kargruber from Gsiesertal/Val Casies, has more than 400 hens that he feeds with GMO-free meal and water. With the aid of his efficient mobile chicken coop, he moves them wherever meadows are more lush.365 days a year. His family gives him a helping hand.

From grain to bread

No grain was in South Tyrol for a long time. But now, 55 South Tyrolean farmers are growing local grain again, and are therfore restoring the natural cycle of bread baking. A progress that makes miller Rudolf von Berg proud.

Do it

Michael Komiss is an apple grower from Bolzano/Bozen and much more. Since his father's unforgettable travel to Germany, he has been drying his apples for 18 years now.

Best places to discover

South Tyrol's nature is unique. Nowhere are the Dolomites so close to the rolling hills of the Mediterrean-like vineyards. This nearness has created magical power spots and fascinating natural monuments over many millennia. Where will you go on your next trip?

Locally produced

The Dolomites region Eggental/Val d'Ega is among the top-notch destinations when it comes to sustainability in South Tyrol. In effect, it was awarded with the South Tyrol Sustainability Seal in 2023. As conveyed by the charismatic protagonists in the video, it aims to push the local economic cycles forward.

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Try something new every day

Dense fir forests, astounding river meadows, historic farming villages, sparkling lakes.

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Celebrate responsibly

South Tyroleans like to celebrate all year round: on traditional days like the "Kirchtag" and "Almabtrieb", once the harvest season is over or to honour our products. But you'll also bump into us at winter sports or Christmas markets very often. Events bearing the "Green Event" seal, demonstrate that a green future needs little steps to become brighter and real. Plastic-free dinnerware, less light and noise pollution and much more: an effiecient use of energy, waste and a focus on local products. Vegetarian dishes too, are served during Green Events. Another positive side of these celebrations? You can reach them by public transport. Which event will you take part in?

Annual Green Events

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