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Pure pleasure in a glass

Grappa, cider apple juice and beer, all with the South Tyrolean Seal of Quality – find out which drinks you absolutely have to try during your time here and why they taste so fantastic.

Typically for us, we squeeze the very best out of our produce to turn it into high-quality beverages. Here you can find the art of brewing in action, a wide variety of craft beers, and distilleries making premium-quality grappa and delicious apple juice and cider. Find out all you need to know about our speciality drinks here. 

The art of brewing in action

You can taste the regional hops and malt and the passion of our master brewers in our naturally cloudy beers. What makes South Tyrol’s beer industry unique. 

That calls for a refreshing beer! Maybe you’ve just finished a cycling tour and want something refreshing, or maybe you’re snugly ensconced in an inn and have just spotted beer on the drinks list – either way, our naturally cloudy light and dark beers are an integral part of the local culinary landscape. And many of them have also been awarded the South Tyrolean seal of quality. They are brewed from strictly controlled regional hops, wheat malt, barley malt and the purest spring water. Our beers crowned with the South Tyrolean Seal of Quality are also free of additives and unpasteurised, ensuring that they don’t lose any of their key trace elements and vitamins. 

We are home to eleven breweries in which master brewers make some 75,000 litres of craft beer a year, including many with unusual flavours. Ever tasted a herby or spiced beer, for instance? You can see for yourself just how creative our brewers are on a brewery tour.

Beer gardens in South Tyrol

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The freshness of South Tyrolean apples

The sheer variety of our apples is reflected in the many uses they are put to. Pressed into cider bearing the South Tyrolean Seal of Quality , they make a sparkling wine with a low alcohol content. 

If you find yourself standing in the midst of a sea of light pink springtime blossom in an orchard owned by one of our fruit farmers, you might be able to guess how important a role the South Tyrolean Apple PGI plays in our agriculture. After the harvest, which can happen at any time from August to autumn depending on the variety, our apples find their way to weekly markets, onto supermarket shelves across Europe and into our apple strudels or become dried fruit, juice or apple cider vinegar.

To offer an intriguing alternative to the classic aperitivo, we also process the South Tyrolean Apples PGI into sparkling wine due to its freshness and a low alcohol content. Our cider is one of the many products that bear the South Tyrolean Seal of Quality. Amongst other things, this guarantees that only handpicked South Tyrolean apples that have been cultivated organically or using integrated farming methods make it into our cider.

A distillate full of character

With a powerful aroma and a fruity bouquet, our grappa bears the South Tyrolean seal of quality and is the perfect accompaniment to many different occasions.

Drawing its power from the grapes that make it, our grappa can be anything from crystal-clear to amber-coloured. It’s perfect as a digestif after a sumptuous meal, as a long drink in a grappa sour, or as a distinctive addition to your cup of espresso in a caffè corretto. Distilled from pomace, the skins of white or red grapes that have been separated from the grape must and pack an aromatic punch, our grappa unleashes the full force of its fruity bouquet in the mouth.

Incidentally, we have a long tradition of processing grapes into pomace brandy. Two distilleries make around 10,000 bottles of grappa with the South Tyrolean Seal of Quality every year. With a minimum ABV of 37.5%, the pomace brandy is then stored in cherry-, oak- or chestnut-wood barrels, for example, each of which produces different flavours and colours. Fancy tasting our grappa? The annual Distilleries Open Day gives you the chance to visit our distilleries that make our grappa with the South Tyrolean Seal of Quality.

Our quality-tested grappa producers at a glance.

Sweet grappa cuisine

We love our grappa. Its strong, fruity aroma makes it the perfect ingredient in any dessert, so we use it to enhance baked apple puddings, for instance, or add it to the dough for our apple doughnuts. 
South Tyrolean Apple doughnut with a South Tyrolean wine sauce

South Tyrolean Apple doughnut with a South Tyrolean wine sauce

Naturally good

Distinctly fruity and from just down the road, our naturally cloudy apple juices with the South Tyrolean Seal of Quality are rich in nutrients and busting with flavour.

We like giving 100%. When you drink one of our fruity apple juices, you can be sure that it’s made only from fruit from our orchards and absolutely nothing else. We serve it naturally cloudy to keep it as rich in nutrients as possible, because unfiltered juice contains no less than five times as much vitamins, minerals and trace elements as its clear counterpart. One litre of pure apple juice packs in the nutrients from 1.4 kilograms of our premium-quality apples.

Did you know that there are some 7,000 farmers tending their orchards all year round? Take a look at our overview to find out who turns their apples into our flavoursome apple juice.

A fruity ingredient in liquid form

We like to enhance our dishes with apple juice to lend them a fruity note, such as in the dressing for our herb salad, which is great served in rye sourdough bread with some Stilfser cheese PDO. 

Panna cotta with buckwheat crumble and caramelised South Tyrolean Apples

Panna cotta with buckwheat crumble and caramelised South Tyrolean Apples

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