Opening of the church St. Johann im Dorfe, the oldest in Bolzano

Opening of the church St. Johann im Dorfe, the oldest in Bolzano

Больцано/Bozen и окрестности

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Augustour - Enjoy biking on the Via Claudia Augusta

The AUGUSTOUR is a cycling holiday event lasting three days where participants ride through Alto Adige/South Tyrol and Trentino (northern Italy) along a part of the marvellous – and...

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Calici di Stelle - Lorenzinacht

A real highlight in summer is the so-called Lorenzinacht - Calici di Stelle. On this occasion, everybody can get a taste of the best local wines, such as Lagrein and Santa Maddalena. In the streets...

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Guided tour of the city centre (in Italian and German language)

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Klangfeste - Feste musicali

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Guided tour: Bacchus Urbanus

Urban trekking (in Italian and German language) through the Santa Maddalena and Lagrein wine-growing valleys with a visit to a winery in Bolzano, which includes a wine-tasting. This is a very special...

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