Gourmet Walk - a culinary walk around Merano

Gourmet Walk - a culinary walk around Merano

Мерано/Meran и окрестности

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Мерано/Meran и окрестности 31 Декабрь 2019, 10:30

New Year's Eve in Merano

The beginning of the New Year is celebrated with a spectacular midnight show. The festivities before and after this eagerly anticipated event include all sorts of entertainment and revelry.

Мерано/Meran и окрестности 26 Январь 2020, 19:00

Concert of the Orchestra Wiener Johann Strauß

Prices: € 49,00 - € 39,00 - € 34,50 Ticket sale: in all Athesia stores, Non Stop Music Merano, online on www.ticketone.it

Мерано/Meran и окрестности 05 Декабрь 2019, 15:30

Merano Christmas Market: The fearsome Krampus tradition

The fearsome krampus tradition. According to the tradition, the Krampusse are loitering around the Merano Christmas Market with masks and goatskin cloaks. Hosted by the Alfagortuifl. Info: Meran...

Мерано/Meran и окрестности 28 Ноябрь 2019

The Merano Christmas Market

The Merano Christmas Market provides a magical atmosphere, with daily concerts, children’s entertainment, local customs and handicrafts. There are other Christmas markets in Merano and Environs...

Мерано/Meran и окрестности 12 Июнь 2020

14th Asfaltart International Street Art Festival

Welcome to the international Street Art Festival in Meran. Come & join us at the most exciting event of the year “ASFALTART”. Explore and be part of this colourful world of magical acts performed...

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