Free admission to the Museion

Free admission to the Museion

Bolzano/Bozen et environs

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Bolzano/Bozen et environs 04 octobre 2019, 14:30

Guided tour: Bacchus Urbanus

Urban trekking (in Italian and German language) through the Santa Maddalena and Lagrein wine-growing valleys with a visit to a winery in Bolzano, which includes a wine-tasting. This is a very special...

Bolzano/Bozen et environs 28 septembre 2019, 17:00

Dolce Vita in piazza Erbe/Obstplatz

Piazza delle Erbe/Obstplatz has always been a meeting point at the heart of the historic center of Bolzano. On Saturday, September 28th, from 5 pm until midnight, the square is ready to offer its...

Bolzano/Bozen et environs 08 octobre 2019, 14:30

Guided tour: Bolzano, city of castles (in Italian and German language)

Every second Tuesday of the month (in May on the 15th) from April to October Guided tour of the city centre in German and Italian with focus on Mareccio Castle. Close to the old town and sourrounded...

Bolzano/Bozen et environs 24 septembre 2019, 15:00

Weekly oenology programme - Cantina Bolzano/Kellerei Bozen

Some of the wine estates in the town of Bolzano organise visits and guided tastings with interesting inside information on the local wine production. Today: From the wine to your glass - guided tour...

Bolzano/Bozen et environs 07 décembre 2019, 17:00

Krampus at the Christmas Market in Bolzano Bozen

Traditionally Santa Claus is accompanied by his evil counterpart, who is also his servant. The Krampus is back also this year! Enjoy the parade at the Christmas Market from 5pm.

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