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    All high and long-distance hiking trails

    Whether you're interested in the breathtaking Stilfser Joch National Park, the UNESCO World Heritage Dolomites, or the secluded Pfunderer Berge mountains, the region's high-altitude and long-distance hiking trails provide an opportunity for multi-day hikes that take you through stunning landscapes from one mountain hut to another. These extended hikes in the mountains offer an ideal escape from the demands of everyday life, allowing you to truly disconnect and immerse yourself in nature.

    Trail a | Jochgrimm - Aldein
    Aldein/Aldino, The South Tyrolean Wine Road

    This segment begins at the Jochgrimm, at an altitude of 1,989 meters above sea-level. It will take you directly at the top of the beautiful Weisshorn (tip: enjoy the sunrise). After the descent halfway around the Weisshorn and then downhill via the alpine meadows and larch meadows towards Aldein. The highlight, as far as natural beauty is concerned, is after you've overcome 400 meters of altitude-differential: The tillered meadows larch meadows and pastures are home to many rare species of orchids, alpine anemones, and paradise lilies. The route continues on pleasant paths along past several pleasant rest-and-refreshment stops and on to the village of Aldein, at 1,200 meters above sea-level on the Regglberg.

    This hike offers an excellent opportunity to explore and admire the unique beauty of this alpine landscape.

    Difficulty: medium
    517 altitude up
    4h:58 min duration
    European Long-Distance Trail E5, Meran 2000 to Jenesien
    Hafling/Avelengo, Meran/Merano and environs

    The European Long-Distance Hiking Trail E5 leads from the Atlantic Coast to the Adriatic Sea. One of the safest and most beautiful sections is from Meran 2000 to Jenesien/San Genesio.

    Difficulty: medium
    297 altitude up
    5h:19 min duration
    360° Alta Val Venosta: Tubre i.V.M./Taufers i.M. (farm Egghof) - Slingia/Schlinig
    Taufers im Münstertal/Tubre, Vinschgau/Val Venosta

    The shortened variant of the eighth stage of the circular hiking trail 360° Upper Vinschgau Valley leads to the Tellajoch with a typical 360° panoramic view to the mountain peaks of the Ortler group and the Sesvenna group. The 360° viewing platform titles the mountainous panorama.
    From there it continues with insights into the Upper Vinschgau Valleys alpine pasture to Schlinig/Slingia.

    Difficulty: difficult
    918 altitude up
    6h:00 min duration
    360° Alta Venosta: Prämajur - San Valentino alla Muta
    Mals/Malles, Vinschgau/Val Venosta

    The first stage of the circular hiking trail 360° Upper Vinschgau Valley leads to the marvelous scenery of the Upper Vinschgau Valley with refreshments at Brugger Alm alpine pasture.

    Difficulty: easy
    380 altitude up
    4h:30 min duration
    Entrance to the "Hufeisentour"
    Sarntal/Sarentino, Bolzano/Bozen and environs

    The Hufeisentour is a seven-day-lasting mountain trail in the Alpes of Sarntal. The route proceeds through the heart of South Tyrol along alpine areas, meadows, traditional alpine huts, peaks and yokes. You walk on unbeaten tracks and natural paths. As well as wounderful and unforgettable views on the UNESCO world natural heritage, the Dolomites, the Zillertaler Alps, the Stubaier Alps, the Ötztaler Alps and the Mountain Ortler in the Brenta Group are waiting for you.
    The classical Hufeisentour starts in the eastern Alps of Sarntal at Sarnthein and contains 7 to 8 stages, running in counterclockwise rotation. Of course you can walk into the other direction as well or start at other starting points, for example at Mölten. Here you walk onto the stone cairns "Stoanerne Mandln" and can decide if to walk to the starting point Sarnthein or to the area Meran 2000 (opposite direction).


    Difficulty: medium
    892 altitude up
    3h:42 min duration
    Circular hike along the Merano High Mountain Trail
    Algund/Lagundo, Meran/Merano and environs

    The Merano High Mountain Trail, considered one of the most beautiful hikes in the entire Alpine region, is an approx. 100-km circular hike. It can be circumnavigated in both directions in five to eight daily stages.

    The Merano High Mountain Trail is divided into a northern and a southern part. Extending along route 24 at a relatively constant altitude, the trail surrounds the Texelgruppe Nature Park. The northern part features the high mountain climate typical of the Texelgruppe range while the southern part boasts a sub-Mediterranean climate with characteristically lush flora. In particular, the southern part features fantastic views of the city of Meran and the Etschtal and Vinschgau valleys.

    The lowest point of the trail is 839 m elevation while the highest section extends to nearly 3,000 m. Hikers along this route can ascend and descend to and from the Etschtal, Passeiertal and Schnalstal valleys. Additionally, there are numerous overnight accommodation options along the trail that make it possible to hike only individual stages or to tailor the route to personal preferences. The trail demands both sure-footedness and alpine experience and the exposed areas are always secured with chains or ropes.

    Possible start and finish points: Katharinaberg, Unterstell, Hochmuth, Ulfas, Vellau, Giggelberg, Pfossental, Christl, Matatz

    Duration: 5-8 days

    Length: approx. 100 km

    Total difference in altitude: 5,100 m

    Lowest point: 839 m

    Highest point: 2,895 m

    Level of difficulty: for experienced mountain hikers

    Best period: from July to September

    Information about possible closed trails on

    General information:


    Difficulty: medium
    0 altitude up
    37h:00 min duration
    Langfenn circular path
    Mölten/Meltina, Bolzano/Bozen and environs

    The romanesque church St.Jakob on the Langfenn is positioned on the most visible and on the highest point of the Salto (1525m). The church stands on prehistoric ground and could tell us probabely many interesting and exciting historical things. On the altar we can see Saint Jakob, the protector of all hikers, and on his side the two Patrons of the pest, Rochus and Sebastian..

    Difficulty: easy
    141 altitude up
    1h:07 min duration
    Romedius Pilgrim’s Trail in the Passeiertal Valley
    Moos in Passeier/Moso in Passiria, Meran/Merano and environs

    >> It's great to be walking, especially when swapping the daily grind for a holy place. <<

    From Thaur to San Romedio, on the Pilgrims' trail, one cannot but marvel at the spectacle of sanctuaries, wayside shrines, breath-taking landscapes, pastures and mountain crossings. Along its 180 km length with a difference in altitude of 9,800 m, the trail leads to the sanctuary of San Romedio in Trentino, with two stages passing through the Passeiertal Valley.

    Difficulty: difficult
    1900 altitude up
    14h:30 min duration
    360° Alta Val Venosta - The varied circular adventure trail in the Upper Venosta Valley
    Mals/Malles, Vinschgau/Val Venosta

    The newly created 360° Upper Vinschgau Valley is an adventure-packed circular hiking trail through the villages of the Upper Vinschgau Valley. For families and pleasure hikers the nine stages can be seen as individual hiking tips for day tours. Experienced hikers looking for a challenge can plan a hiking tour consisting of several stages.
    At each stage interactive nature installations from local larch await young and grown-up hikers.

    Difficulty: medium
    5777 altitude up
    35h:34 min duration
    Trail a | Aldein - Jochgrimm
    Aldein/Aldino, The South Tyrolean Wine Road

    This segment starts in the village of Aldein, which is located at an altitude of 1,200 meters above sea-level on the Regglberg. From here, you will proceed past several alpine meadows and upwards towards the Jochgrimm. After a few hundred meters of altitude-differential, you will reach the "Stockwiesen" (the local name of these tillered meadows which refers to the intertwining roots and tree stumps that remain in the ground after the land has been cleared) – a real highlight of natural beauty. These larch meadows are home to many rare orchids, alpine anemones, and paradise lilies that thrive here. The route continues uphill, past the Neuhütt-Alm, halfway around the Weisshorn, and then at the Jochgrimm, at an altitude of 1,989 meters above sea-level. Finally, the real highlight of the stage follows: It goes up to the top of the impressive Weißhorn (tip: enjoy the sunset). This pleasant hike will take you through a pristine natural landscape of unique beauty.

    Difficulty: difficult
    1301 altitude up
    5h:55 min duration
    Troi Paian path
    Urtijëi/Ortisei, Dolomites Region Val Gardena

    Explore the natural beauty along the Troi Paian, the first trade route in Val Gardena. This hike will take you through picturesque forest trails from Furnes to St. Peter and Laion. Immerse yourself in the pristine nature and enjoy the tranquility along this historic path.

    Difficulty: medium
    494 altitude up
    4h:10 min duration
    360° Alta Val Venosta: Sluderno/Schluderns - Prato allo Stelvio/Prad am Stilfserjoch
    Prad am Stilfser Joch/Prato allo Stelvio, Vinschgau/Val Venosta

    Passing the impressive Churburg Castle is where the fifth stage of the circular hiking trail 360° Upper Vinschgau Valley starts. Probably the most beautiful view to the Ortler mountain group with the highest glacier in South Tyrol is what the stretch along the Monte Sole mountain in Vinschgau, which is rich in vegetation, has to offer.

    Difficulty: medium
    361 altitude up
    3h:30 min duration
    Dolorama 1. Stage
    Rodeneck/Rodengo, Brixen/Bressanone and environs

    The Dolorama Track: Hiking in the realm of the Dolomites

    A 4-day hiking tour in a breath-taking Alpine landscape with spectacular panoramic views, from Rodenecker mountain pastures to Laion/Lajen

    The beautiful peaks of the UNESCO World Heritage site of the Dolomites are always in view! The Dolorama Route runs in four stages, from the Rodenecker mountain pastures to the village of Laion/Lajen – an unforgettable hiking experience through the valleys and mountains of the Dolomites.
    The 61-km long Dolorama tour starts gently and then passes through the unique varied landscape of the Dolomites. Leaving the rich pastures of the Rodenecker and Lüsner Alm pastures, the route reaches the rugged rock formations of the Aferer and Villnösser Geisler, leading through pastures and meadows down to the village of Lajen/Laion. A spectacular panoramic view is to see along the entire tour on the horizon: the unique high rock formations of the Dolomites. First, the impressive Peitlerkofel in Funes/Villnöss, close to the Gömajoch ridge in the Puez-Geisler Nature Park comes into view, and then the Raschötz mountain pasture, withe the view extends to the peaks of Langkofel, Plattkofel and Schlern.
    The Dolorama trail consists almost entirely of forestry paths and hiking trails , and is only crossed once by a road. Along the way there are many rest areas and panorama points to stop at: for example, the prehistoric settlement site at Astmoos on the Luson/Lüsner Alm pasture or the alpine pastures of Raschötz. For those who want to undertake the 4-day tour in stages, there are many access paths and descents along the entire route. These, as well as the starting point and target destination, are all easily accessible by public bus.

    There are many Alpine huts along the way, offering refreshments and accommodation.
    All in all: a pure experience of the Dolomites !

    Dolorama - Total Distance
    » Starting point: Zumis car park, Rodengo/Rodeneck
    » Endpoint: Laion/Lajen
    » Route: 61 km | ascent: 2,356 hm | descent: 3,004 hm
    » Walking time: approx. 19 hours 15 min.

    Stages of the Route:
    » Stage 1: from the Zumis car park at the Rodeneckker/Lüsner Alm mountain pasture to the Maurerberghütte hut (ca 6.30 h)
    » Stage 2: from the Maurerberghütte mountain hut to the Schlüterhütte alpine hut (ca. 4.45 h)
    » Stage 3: from the Schlüterhütte alpine hut to the Raschötz shelter hut (ca. 5 h)
    » Stage 4: from the Raschötz shelter hut to the village of Laion/Lajen (ca. 3 h)
    Difficulty: medium
    981 altitude up
    6h:37 min duration
    European hiking trail E5 through the Tschögglberg
    Jenesien/San Genesio Atesino, Bolzano/Bozen and environs
    One of the most beautiful stages of the European long-distance hiking trail E5 runs across the Meraner Land, over the altopiano del salto to Bozen. The section between Hafling, Vöran, Mölten, Jenesien at about 2000 meters above sea level offers wonderful long-distance views over the Dolomites, the Texel Group and the Sarntal. The altopiano del salto sections are classified as non-dangerous and accessible all year round. Entry possibilities in Mölten, at the pascolo and at the altopiano del salto.
    Difficulty: easy
    116 altitude up
    3h:34 min duration
    3 day hike in the nature park Fanes-Senes-Braies
    Al Plan/San Vigilio, Dolomites Region Kronplatz/Plan de Corones

    This three-day excursion takes you to the most fascinating places in the nature park Fanes-Senes-Braies. During this tour we also pass close to some mountain lakes such as the Fojedöra, Limo and Parom.

    Difficulty: difficult
    3174 altitude up
    17h:28 min duration
    Colle/Kohlern: E5 European long distance path to Nova Ponente/Deutschnofen
    Bolzano/Bozen, Bolzano/Bozen and environs
    5. stage of the European long distance hike E5 from Colle to Nova Ponente.

    From Bauernkohlern walk along the hiking trail until Herrenkohlern and then continue in direction Titschen until Totes Moos. Walking through the woods you will reach maso Wölflhof and then Nova Ponente.
    Difficulty: easy
    560 altitude up
    3h:30 min duration
    European Hiking Route E5 in the Passeiertal Valley
    Hafling/Avelengo, Meran/Merano and environs

    Hiking through Passeier Valley

    The E5 (Constance – Bozen – Venice) is one of the special European routes. Almost all of the route is an Alpine route and is marked most of the way as E5. This part of the route describes the part from the Austrian / Italian border at the Timmelsjoch through the Passeier Valley to Bozen.

    The way is marked always well and crosses a nature protected zone of full fascinations. This way was already committed by the smugglers.

    Difficulty: medium
    2629 altitude up
    16h:25 min duration
    The Dolorama Trail: A view of the Dolomites
    Rodeneck/Rodengo, Brixen/Bressanone and environs

    This spectacular 4-stage hike crosses through the Eisacktal Valley from the Rodenecker and Lüsner Alm mountain pastures, over the Plose mountain near Brixen/Bressanone to Lajen/Laion at the entrance to the Grödnertal Valley.

    Start to Finish: 

    Start: Zumis parking lot, at Rodeneck/Rodengo above Mühlbach/Rio di Pusteria.

    Finish: Lajen at the entrance to the Grödnertal Valley.

    Total Distance: 61 km Ascent: 2,356 metres in height Descent: 3,004 metres in height

    Stages: 4


    • Stage #1: from Zumis parking area on the Rodenecker-Lüsner Alm to Maurerberghütte hut (± 6.30 hrs. on foot)
    • Stage #2: from Maurerberghütte to Schlüterhütte hut (± 4.45 hrs.)
    • Stage #3: from Schlüterhütte to Schutzhütte Raschötz refuge (± 5.00 hrs.)
    • Stage #4: from Raschötz to Lajen (± 3.00 hrs.)



    Difficulty: medium
    2419 altitude up
    35h:53 min duration
    360° Alta Val Venosta: Tubre i.V.M./Taufers i.M. - Slingia/Schlinig
    Taufers im Münstertal/Tubre, Vinschgau/Val Venosta

    The eighth stage is the most demanding tour of the circular hiking trail 360° Upper Vinschgau Valley. The Tellajoch surprises with a typical 360° panoramic view to the mountain peaks of the Ortler group and the Sesvenna group. The 360° viewing platform titles the mountainous panorama.
    From there it continues with insights into the Upper Vinschgau Valleys alpine pasture to Schlinig/ Slingia.

    Difficulty: difficult
    1417 altitude up
    7h:30 min duration
    Leiter Alm - Hochganghaus - Oberhaus - Niederhaus
    Algund/Lagundo, Meran/Merano and environs

    Beautiful mountain hike with a wonderful view of the Merano region and the surrounding mountain scenery. There are some alpine pastures along the way that invite you to stop and relax.

    Difficulty: medium
    451 altitude up
    3h:19 min duration
    Legend trail
    Jenesien/San Genesio Atesino, Bolzano/Bozen and environs

    Trail of Legends: San Genesio Atesino/Jenesien Remarkably, it was 132 students from the municipality of San Genesio Atesino who are responsible for the creation of this fabulous Trail of Legends, which they based on 14 myths from their community. Trail of Legends: San Genesio Atesino/Jenesien Starting point: Salto Parking Area (sports fields in San Genesio Atesino) Highest point: 1.500

    Difficulty: easy
    466 altitude up
    4h:10 min duration
    Trail d | Altrei - Gfrill
    Altrei/Anterivo, The South Tyrolean Wine Road

    You can proceed along this very easy segment from Altrei uphill via the Ziss Saddle – not far from there, you can admire the stunning "huckete Stoan," a free-standing erratic boulder made of porphyry the size of a house – until you come to the Horn-Alm (which is managed). From here, you will proceed slightly downhill until you come to the bogland "Schwarz" and "Weiss" lakes. It's now only a short stretch to Gfrill, the goal of this segment.

    Difficulty: medium
    578 altitude up
    3h:49 min duration
    Trail f1 | Truden - Oberradein
    The South Tyrolean Wine Road

    This segment will take you from Truden all the way to the idyllic village of Oberradein. The trail starts out downhill as you proceed towards Kaltenbrunn (lodging options and access to public transportation). You then pass by the famed "Ice Holes" of Kaltenbrunn and steadily uphill by way of Unterradein until you come to Oberradein. This village nestled in an unspoilt alpine landscape features stunning natural beauty, with numerous hiking options.

    Difficulty: medium
    589 altitude up
    2h:30 min duration
    360° Alta Val Venosta: Slingia/Schlinig - Prämajur (Valley station Watles)
    Mals/Malles, Vinschgau/Val Venosta

    Along alpine meadows to the waterfall below the alpine hut Sesvenna leads the first part of the ninth stage of the circular hiking trail 360° Upper Vinschgau Valley. It continues on the high mountain trail to the mountain restaurant Plantapatsch and along the “Almenweg” path to Prämajur.

    Difficulty: medium
    627 altitude up
    5h:30 min duration
    Trail f1| Oberradein - Truden
    Truden/Trodena, The South Tyrolean Wine Road

    This pleasant segment leads from idyllic village of Oberradein all the way to Truden – from 1,500 meters to 1,100 meters above sea-level. At the start, you proceed downhill by way of Unterradein until you come to the famed "Ice Holes" of Kaltenbrunn; because of the cool air that streams out of the openings in the ground, it's pleasant here even in the summer. Kaltenbrunn offers refreshment options and connection to public transportation. From here, the route goes slightly uphill and then levels off as you continue to Truden.

    Difficulty: medium
    200 altitude up
    2h:01 min duration
    Trail f2 | Jochgrimm - Schwarzhorn - Radein
    The South Tyrolean Wine Road

    From Jochgrimm first up to the Schwarzhorn (2,439 m above sea-level), where you are immediately rewarded with a great panoramic view. From here it goes back again to Jochgrimm and then up to the magnificent Weisshorn (2,317 meters above sea-level), once again you can enjoy a splendid panoramic view. You will then proceed through increasingly dense vegetation downhill and along the Zirmersteig staircase until you reach Oberradein, an idyllic village surrounded by verdant meadows and lush forests.

    Difficulty: medium
    814 altitude up
    3h:52 min duration
    Rieserferner Hut
    Sand in Taufers/Campo Tures, Dolomites Region Kronplatz/Plan de Corones

    From Antholz Mittertal (sports area) > Eggerhöfe > turn right > Berger- and Brennalm > Gemsbichljoch > Rieserfernerhütte.
    The next mountain hut is the Hochgall - Kasseler Hütte (2,276 m) reachable by the Schneebigen Nock or the Magerstein; high alpine tours.

    Difficulty: difficult
    1551 altitude up
    4h:00 min duration
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