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    Všechny vysoké a dálkové turistické trasy

    Ať už vás zajímá úchvatný národní park Stilfser Joch, Dolomity zapsané na seznamu světového dědictví UNESCO nebo odlehlé Pfunderer Berge, vysokohorské a dálkové turistické trasy v regionu nabízejí možnost vícedenních túr, které vás zavedou od jedné horské chaty ke druhé úchvatnou krajinou. Tyto delší horské túry nabízejí ideální únik od nároků každodenního života a umožňují vám skutečně se odpojit a ponořit se do přírody.
    Dolomites World Heritage Geotrail II: from Armentarola to Pederü
    Al Plan/San Vigilio, Dolomites Region Kronplatz/Plan de Corones

    The seventh stage of the Dolomites World Heritage Geotrail II crosses the Fanes plateau between spectacular and imposing folds, evidence of when the Dolomites, part of the African continental margin, were moved 3000km northwards and collided with the rocks of the European margin.

    The Dolomites UNESCO Geotrail consists of 10 daily stages, focussing particularly on the Dolomites’ geological history.

    Obtížnost: střední
    707 nadmořská výška
    5h:01 min doba trvání
    GEOTour Bletterbach Canyon
    Aldein/Aldino, Bolzano/Bozen and environs

    The hiking tour “GEOTour Bletterbach Canyon” starts from the Visitor Centre in Aldino and leads to the “Taubenleck” and finally to the waterfall in the so called “Butterloch”. This tour is a journey through the “geological Middle Ages”.

    Obtížnost: střední
    316 nadmořská výška
    1h:23 min doba trvání
    The Dolomites High Route n. 9
    Corvara, Dolomites Region Seiser Alm

    The route of the the Dolomites High Route n. 9 , unlike most other Dolomite High Altitude Trails, runs as a transversal from west to east over the ridges of the Dolomites, most of which rise from south to north.

    Long-distance hiking trail with panoramic views
    The Dolomites High Trail No. 9 starts in the provincial capital of South Tyrol, Bozen/Bolzano, then crosses South Tyrol and part of the province of Belluno. The stages of the long-distance hiking trail are really short and therefore also suitable for hikers with less physical condition. This long-distance hike takes you to the most beautiful places in the Dolomites. The route is taken within 12 to 14 days.

    Obtížnost: vysoká
    11447 nadmořská výška
    65h:15 min doba trvání
    Möltner Kaser
    Mölten/Meltina, Bolzano/Bozen and environs

    The Möltner Kaser is below the Stoanernen Mandlen and is a very beautiful alpine pasture with restaurant

    Obtížnost: střední
    372 nadmořská výška
    1h:08 min doba trvání
    Entry segment | Gfrill – Buchholz
    Neumarkt/Egna, The South Tyrolean Wine Road

    When you take this extra segment, you will begin from Gfrill, which is located at approx. 1,300 meters above sea-level, and continue to Buchholz at 560 meters above sea-level. At first, you'll have a pleasant, relaxing stroll downhill until you come to Unterstein. You can then continue along the old aerial lift trail until you reach the vestiges of an old cableway. The trail then goes downhill until you come to the brook where the Truden Faultline is especially noticeable. This boundary is distinctly visible not only on the basis of the different geological strata (dolomites and porphyry), but also due to the abrupt change in vegetation. You can then continue to the small village of Buchholz.

    Obtížnost: střední
    159 nadmořská výška
    1h:45 min doba trvání
    Excursion Selva - Passo Gardena
    Corvara, Dolomites Region Val Gardena
    From Selva / Plan path no. 654 starts in the direction of Passo Gardena via the beautiful Plans de Frea.
    Obtížnost: střední
    611 nadmořská výška
    3h:28 min doba trvání
    GEOTour GEOMuseum Redagno - Bletterbach Canyon
    Aldein/Aldino, Bolzano/Bozen and environs

    The GEOTour starts at the GEOMuseum Radein/Redagno which shows the Bletterbach canyon’s special geological features. Our tour leads through a forest to the so called “Zirmersteig” (trail). Then we go down the canyon and follow the river upwards to the head of the valley (“Gorz”). From here we have to walk back to the “Gorzsteig”. This trail leads to the Visitor Centre GEOPARC Bletterbach in Aldino. From here we have two possibilities to return to Redagno/Radein: to walk back or to take the bus.

    Obtížnost: střední
    431 nadmořská výška
    2h:22 min doba trvání
    Alpine Path of the Dolomites no. 1 - stage 2 & 3
    Al Plan/San Vigilio, Dolomites Region Kronplatz/Plan de Corones

    The High Route no. 1 winds along a route of approximately 125 km and 7,300 m of ascent, divided into 12 stages, connecting Lake Braies with Belluno. Here, ere two stages pass through the municipality of Marebbe

    Stage no. 2 goes from the Biella hut to the one in Fanes. Exploring the pastures of Senes, Fodara and Fanes, it is often possible to see animals grazing. The stage can be walked in 3 hours.

    Stage no. 3 goes from Fanes hut to Rifugio Lagazuoi.

    Especially inviting for a break are the various mountain lakes that are encountered along the route. Crossing the plateau of Fanes is a unique experience that, during the hikes, brings to life the legend of the Kingdom of the Fanes. The third stage can be walked in 5 hours.

    Obtížnost: střední
    2098 nadmořská výška
    10h:19 min doba trvání
    Dolorama 4. Stage

    The Dolorama Track: Hiking in the realm of the Dolomites

    A 4-day hiking tour in a breath-taking Alpine landscape with spectacular panoramic views, from Rodenecker mountain pastures to Laion/Lajen

    The beautiful peaks of the UNESCO World Heritage site of the Dolomites are always in view! The Dolorama Route runs in four stages, from the Rodenecker mountain pastures to the village of Laion/Lajen – an unforgettable hiking experience through the valleys and mountains of the Dolomites.
    The 61-km long Dolorama tour starts gently and then passes through the unique varied landscape of the Dolomites. Leaving the rich pastures of the Rodenecker and Lüsner Alm pastures, the route reaches the rugged rock formations of the Aferer and Villnösser Geisler, leading through pastures and meadows down to the village of Lajen/Laion. A spectacular panoramic view is to see along the entire tour on the horizon: the unique high rock formations of the Dolomites. First, the impressive Peitlerkofel in Funes/Villnöss, close to the Gömajoch ridge in the Puez-Geisler Nature Park comes into view, and then the Raschötz mountain pasture, withe the view extends to the peaks of Langkofel, Plattkofel and Schlern.
    The Dolorama trail consists almost entirely of forestry paths and hiking trails , and is only crossed once by a road. Along the way there are many rest areas and panorama points to stop at: for example, the prehistoric settlement site at Astmoos on the Luson/Lüsner Alm pasture or the alpine pastures of Raschötz. For those who want to undertake the 4-day tour in stages, there are many access paths and descents along the entire route. These, as well as the starting point and target destination, are all easily accessible by public bus.

    There are many Alpine huts along the way, offering refreshments and accommodation.
    All in all: a pure experience of the Dolomites !

    Dolorama - Total Distance
    » Starting point: Zumis car park, Rodengo/Rodeneck
    » Endpoint: Laion/Lajen
    » Route: 61 km | ascent: 2,356 hm | descent: 3,004 hm
    » Walking time: approx. 19 hours 15 min.

    Stages of the Route:
    » Stage 1: from the Zumis car park at the Rodeneckker/Lüsner Alm mountain pasture to the Maurerberghütte hut (ca 6.30 h)
    » Stage 2: from the Maurerberghütte mountain hut to the Schlüterhütte alpine hut (ca. 4.45 h)
    » Stage 3: from the Schlüterhütte alpine hut to the Raschötz shelter hut (ca. 5 h)
    » Stage 4: from the Raschötz shelter hut to the village of Laion/Lajen (ca. 3 h)
    Obtížnost: střední
    32 nadmořská výška
    2h:25 min doba trvání
    Schermoos - Gschnofer Stall - Tomanegger
    Mölten/Meltina, Bolzano/Bozen and environs

    Follow the E5 European long-distance trail or trail no. 1 and stop at the Gschnofer Stall restaurant. From here, walk along to Tomanegger and come back to the point of departure. Duration of the excursion: 3 hours - Drop/rise: 360 m

    Obtížnost: nízká
    121 nadmořská výška
    1h:37 min doba trvání
    San Genesio - Salto - Lavena
    Jenesien/San Genesio Atesino, Bolzano/Bozen and environs

    Trail no.1- Suitable for pushchairs. Jenesien, departure from the sportsground on trail no. 33 or trail no.1. Walk along trail no. 1 or the E5 European long-distance walking trail trough the hilly landscape offered by the Salten, to then reach the little church of St. Jacob and Langfenn. Our Hikers' bus can drive xou back to Jenesien. Duration of the excursion: 2 hours and 30 minutes - Drop/rise: 440 m

    Obtížnost: nízká
    421 nadmořská výška
    2h:16 min doba trvání
    Trail of the legends
    Jenesien/San Genesio Atesino, Bolzano/Bozen and environs

    Along the way there are 12 stations, which were designed by the pupils of the local primary school. There are lots of small master pieces which were smoothly integrated into the landscape of the Salten high plateau. Each station tells you about a local fairy tale from the area of San Genesio. The stories and fairy tales about witches and similar legendary creatures have always excited the fantasy of children and adults alike. Examples of the many exciting stories are the explanation why the Castle Greifenstein is always called ”Sauerschloss“, the fairy tale of the sunken city, the endless ball of threads, the butter witch of Afing, how the Castle of Greifenstein got its name, the captured mermaid, and many more. Duration: approx. 2 hours Length: 7 km Starting point: Parking space Schermoos Destination: bus stop Straße Jenesien - Mölten

    Obtížnost: nízká
    0 nadmořská výška
    2h:30 min doba trvání
    Hiking on the "Keschtnweg
    Ritten/Renon, Bolzano/Bozen and environs

    Hiking & "törggelen": This ancient South Tyrolean custom alone is worth a trip. From October to the beginning of the Advent season, you meet the "törggelen" in the Renon inns and taverns with young wine, sweet cider and hearty delicacies. When the chestnuts are roasted over the "Keschtnfeuer", you feel as if you have travelled back in time. One-time quaint!

    Obtížnost: střední
    707 nadmořská výška
    4h:46 min doba trvání
    Campitello - Men of Stones
    Mölten/Meltina, Bolzano/Bozen and environs

    From the Schermoos parking place, walk along the E5 European long-distance walking trail until you reach the Möltner Kaser restaurant/mountain hut. Keep on walking along trail no. 23A until you reach the famous "Men of Stone" with its amazing view on the Dolomites. On your way back, follow the path no. 23 and no.5 to reach the Jenesier Jöchl pastures.
    From the pastures, go on along trail no. 5 until you reach the parking Schermoos. Walking hours around 5 hours- Drop/rise 730 m

    Obtížnost: střední
    722 nadmořská výška
    4h:54 min doba trvání
    San Jacob´s path in South Tyrol
    Bolzano/Bozen, Bolzano/Bozen and environs
    The Way of St. James leads along the slope over the Ritten. On the Keschtnweg from Klausen to Barbian and further to Lengstein to Siffian and Unterinn. There up to Wolfsgruben via Oberbozen down to Bozen. Romanesque, Gothic and Baroque churches and chapels, hospices, castles and countless works of art created by important painters and sculptors await pilgrims right along the way.
    Obtížnost: střední
    820 nadmořská výška
    6h:37 min doba trvání
    Dolomites High Route no. 2
    Brixen/Bressanone, Dolomites Region Alta Badia

    The Dolomites High Route no. 2 was among the first of 10 “official” Dolomites High Routes to be described and signposted. The High Route is also known as the "way of the legends" as it passes through Dolomites mountains and valleys rich in myths and legends: for example the Odle group and the Sella group with the legends of the Ladin people or Feltre with the tales of ogres and witches. The multi-day excursion can be completed in several stages going from north to south. Starting point is Bressanone/Brixen, the quaint town of South Tyrol, rich in history. Arrival is the town of Feltre with the river Piave, witness of some of the tragic events of World War I. The route crosses three provinces, Bolzano, Trento and Belluno and 10 mountain groups (Plose, Pütia/Peitlerkofel, Odle/Geisler, Puez, Sella, Padon, Marmolada, Bocche, Pala, Feltre group), among which Plose, Padon and the Lusia-Bocche group are not part of the Dolomites. The Dolomites High Route no. 2 offers a nice variety of hiking and climbing and the chance to discover art and culture. So, for example, it is worth a visit the city of Bressanone with its museums and works of art and, not to forget, the many historical sites of World War I that you meet along the way.

    Obtížnost: vysoká
    11723 nadmořská výška
    59h:30 min doba trvání
    Tirolo High Mountain Trail in the Passeiertal Valley
    Moos in Passeier/Moso in Passiria, Meran/Merano and environs

    The Alta Via Tirolo starts and ends in the tourist centres of Mayrhofen and Meran. Between the two, there are 130 km of hiking paths with ascents of 9000 m in total and descents of 10,000 m in total. It is possible to do this tour in 11 to 13 days.

    You are rewarded with breathtaking views of the impressive mountains of various characteristics. The ice giants of the Ziller Alps, the dark mountains of the main Alps, the pale Dolomite peaks of the Tribulaune, the high peaks of the Passeier Valley as well as the largest high Alpine group of lakes in South Tyrol and then of course, the apple orchards of Meran.

    The Tiroler Höhenweg/Alta Via Tirolo … Discover pure nature!

    Obtížnost: vysoká
    4105 nadmořská výška
    23h:00 min doba trvání
    Tru di pra certified path
    La Val, Dolomites Region Alta Badia

    This trail has been certified by 'Europäisches Wandergütesiegel' (European Certification for hiking trails).

    Once you have left the village centre, you will understand why La Val is called the village of Alpine meadows: green, well-kept meadows will constantly surround you during this hike. The man-made landscape between 1300 and 2000 metres above sea level developed through the hard work of our farming ancestors, which today is facilitated by the use of agricultural machinery. 

    As the altitude increases, so does the consistency of the meadows: from meagre meadows to the larch meadows of Armentara. Along the route you will find wonderful viewpoints, a sulphurous water spring at Al Bagn and several refreshment points where you can refresh yourself with some of the delicious Ladin specialities that can satisfy every palate: try the typical bales (dumplings) or snack on a well-earned slice of strudel.

    Every year, the non-competitive half-marathon 'Tru di pra' takes place on this route.

    Obtížnost: střední
    1713 nadmořská výška
    8h:37 min doba trvání
    Ortler High Mountain Trail
    Stilfs/Stelvio, Vinschgau/Val Venosta

    The new Ortler High Mountain Trail extends around the Stelvio National Park, from Venosta Valley in South Tyrol to Valtellina in Lombardy. With an altitude performance of 8,126 m across the entire route, this high Alpine hike circumnavigates the Ortler Group, in sections running at over 3,000 m altitude, and is one of the most demanding high-altitude routes in the Alpine region. Here, everything is demanded of even the most experienced mountain hikers: surefootedness, good fitness and suitable equipment are basic requirements for the seven-day tour, as one section runs over glacial terrain. The company of a mountain guide is recommended. 

    The Ortler High Mountain Trail is approximately 119.5 km long, and offers a highly unique experience in nature. It is divided into seven daily stages, each of which can be completed in six to eight hours. The individual stages of the circular hike can also be undertaken as eventful single-day hikes exploring the wide variety of local fauna and flora in the Stelvio National Park. The ideal time for all experienced mountain hikers is between June to September, with mild temperatures and clear visibility offering a unique panoramic view of the Ortler Group glaciers. Each stage of this high Alpine circular hiking trail offers its own special scenic highlights in the truest sense of the word.

    The designated Alpine pastures and mountain huts along this high Alpine route are working farms and offer both food and accommodation to hikers.

    Obtížnost: vysoká
    8126 nadmořská výška
    55h:15 min doba trvání
    Marble Circuit Trail
    Vinschgau/Val Venosta

    This multi-day hike at high altitude is through the tree linein the Stelvio National Park.Twisting its way around the imposing Laas/Lasa mountains,the breath-takingMarble Circuit Trailhas a total length of 80 km. Part of the formidable Ortler Alps, this spectacular mountain range is internationally renowned for its unusual pure-white Laas/Lasa marble. With stops along the way the circuit trail can be hiked in one go or split into six single-day stages.

    Lining the Marble Circuit Trailare several panels delineating the rich natural diversity found along the trail. Each of these 30 info panels is centred on a specific theme. A further 10 orientation placards offering descriptions of the start and end of the trail are positioned at strategic points along the trail.

    Obtížnost: vysoká
    4164 nadmořská výška
    36h:00 min doba trvání
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