Haus Sonnenschein

Валь-Веноста/Vinschgau, Силандро – Лаза/Schlanders - Laas
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Appartment "Golden"

The kitchen-living room is decorated in soft golden yellow colours. Its dining area is made of stone pine wood and was personally fitted by our master carpenter. This masterpiece reflects the Rhaeto-Romanic cosiness. The heat of the wood-burning stove underlines the apartment’s cosy atmosphere on cooler evenings. Both bedrooms are also made of stone pine wood and offer the perfect atmosphere for relaxation and lazy nights in. White marble decorates both bathrooms in which you can experience relaxation at its utmost.

Appartment "Sonnenschein"

The fully equipped kitchen is decorated in radiant colours which underline the multi-faceted nature of the environment. In this kitchen, which is drenched in sunlight over 300 days a year, cooking scrumptious meals is an enjoyable experience. Lasa’s white gold, the world-famous white marble, makes the bathroom a true oasis. This spacious, bright and shimmering bathroom is a haven of relaxation. The slight scent of resin in the stone pine fitted bedroom invites you to dream, relax and feel good. It also gives you a feeling of our mountains’ breathtaking tranquillity. The kitchen is also kept in yellow and with all its equipment it offers full comfort. Satellite TV as well as radios in both rooms allow you to stay in touch with the wide world.

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Haus Sonnenschein
Bahnhofstr. 2
39023 Laas
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