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    Prosto od producenta

    Produkty rolne, świeże lub przetworzone, najlepiej nabyć bezpośrednio od gospodarza lub producenta. Zioła, dżemy, mieszanki herbat, grappa i wszystko, co bierze się z naszej tradycji, znajdziesz tutaj.

    Local traditional products
    Feldthurns/Velturno, Brixen/Bressanone and environs

    The Radoar farm (850m) with its wide-reaching, age-old vines is one of the highest-altitude vineyards in the Alps.

    Local traditional products
    Winery Pitzner
    Karneid/Cornedo all'Isarco, Dolomites Region Eggental
    The Pitzner winery, located just above Kardaun, produces wines of distinctive character. The two Pitzner brothers cultivate a total of five hectares in five different individual locations, with healthy, middle-aged vines, well-ventilated sites, ideally nourished soils and a special microclimate. In the 700-year-old wine cellar, tangy, elegant wines are made with great passion and innovative spirit. There are guided tours of the winery every Thursday followed by wine-tasting (approx. 2 hours).
    Reservation required.
    Meat and sausages
    Hofladen Falkenau
    Kiens/Chienes, Dolomites Region Kronplatz/Plan de Corones

    Flavor thrives here

    Inspired by the abundance of aromatic fruits that grow and thrive at Hof Falkenau in South Tyrol, we have decided to process and refine natural products to a high standard ourselves. In this way, we guarantee our guests an intense flavor experience. Our range of high-quality products extends from fruit spreads and syrups to meat products, honey, and tea blends - farmhouse moments of pleasure are guaranteed.

    Flavourful, juicy................. the world of fruit

    Our fruit spreads and all-natural syrups are the best ambassadors for naturalness and authenticity. Using traditional recipes, we process the berries, flowers, and fruit varieties from our farm garden into fruit spreads, or alternatively, into new, innovative flavors in a bottle.

    Herbal power from South Tyrol

    Experience the power and energy of natural herbs. Dried flowers and leaves from our own farm are the main ingredients of our special tea blend. The optimal climate in South Tyrol gives the herbs a particularly intense flavor and their natural calming effect.

    Genuine flavor from South Tyrol

    You can taste the passion for tradition and quality when you savor our farmhouse bacon from our own pig farm. Characterized by the special alpine climate, the speck is refined with a secret blend of spices. In addition to our speck, you will also find the typical South Tyrolean Kaminwurzen sausages in our farm shop, optionally with game or beef, as well as our own salami, pancetta, and lardo.

    The liquid gold from the mountains - honey

    The variety of flowers in South Tyrol gives our honey its unique flavor. In almost untouched nature, our industrious bees collect the valuable nectar, process it into aromatic honeydew, and finally give us a natural, healthy honey that delights with its fine, sweet flavor.

    The stone pine - Queen of the Alps

    We also rely on the best quality for our stone pine pillows. The regional stone pine wood, with its special essential oils, has a positive effect on our bodies. The effect of the stone pine brings us into a pleasant state of relaxation and increases our general well-being. A gift from nature.

    Local traditional products
    Mesnerhof - Fruit and vegetables
    Villnöss/Funes, Dolomites Region Villnösstal
    The Mesnerhof is a farm in Nafen that is passionately looked after by farmer Rosmarie Prader. Due to the sunny location and the ideal altitude, various local fruits and vegetables as well as vines can be grown on the farm. In addition, cows are kept on the farm for dairy farming. The farm's own products can be consumed by visitors directly on site or purchased from the farm. Sustainability and the traditional way of life play a major role at the Mesnerhof and these values are thus also passed on to the guests. Combine a visit to the Mesnerhof with a walk along the adjacent meadows.
    Fruits and vegetables
    Fruit cooperative OVEG
    Laas/Lasa, Vinschgau/Val Venosta
    The fruit cooperative OVEG is located in Oris/Eyrs, a fraction of Lasa/Laas, at the foot of the Monte Sole mountain in Venosta valley.
    Local traditional products
    AlpenHigh®Seppila Top-quality liqueurs

    Presentation and tasting of fine, local spirits of own production. 

    Herbal elixirs from the Dolomites. Roots, berries and resinous woods pamper the nose and palate. Taste the world's finest hay brandy, blue gin made from the ice of ancient glaciers, liquid Speck, emperor edelweiss, bitter gentian or the valley's most sinful temptation. 

    Tastings, sales and consultation by appointment only.
    Opening hours - anytime - by prior arrangement via phone call

    Local traditional products
    Farm Shop Regiohof
    Gsies/Valle di Casies

    The Regiohof farm of the Brugger family is located in the scenic Val Casies Valley at around 1,400 m a.s.l.. For over 20 years, the family has been specialising in the cultivation of mountain strawberries and has been using the delicious small fruits to produce jams, syrups, nectars and fruit mustard since 2002. Today their product range includes also grappas made from mountain herbs, flowers and fruits, as well as herbal teas, herbal salt and flower salt, honey, and biscuits. Inspired by old recipes, the Bruggers stay true to their motto: "Enjoy like they did back then". We are also available by appointment.

    Production facilities, farm shops
    Wine cellar Brunnenhof
    Neumarkt/Egna, The South Tyrolean Wine Road

    The hilly countryside of Mazzon is, without doubt, the best terrain for Blauburgunder in the whole of the southern Tirol. An island of vines 300 to 450 meters above the left banks of the river Etsch it is protected from above by the crest of the 'Königswiese' mountain which provides shade over the whole area long after the sun has risen. Indeed, the microclimate created by the rapid temperature changes between the cool mornings and the long sunny afternoons and evenings is ideal for the vines.

    Our wines are: Pinot Nero Riserva, Lagrein, Gewürztraminer.

    Production facilities, farm shops
    Tenuta Ansitz Dornach
    Salorno/Salurn, The South Tyrolean Wine Road

    The soil is the origin. The maintenance of his natural fertility and vitality is a duty. The production of wines - as natural as possible - is the goal. - Patrick Uccelli

    In our family-run tenuta we work according to the guidelines of Bioland and Demeter. The bio-dynamic principles, the farm animals and beneficial insects accompany us through the seasons.

    Mountain Dairy Pfelders Seppner Farm Dairy
    Moos in Passeier/Moso in Passiria, Meran/Merano and environs

    Our cheesy dairy situated in Pfelders/Plan uses very precious ingredients to make the delicious cheeses.

    Our products: We produce our own milk cheese and yogurt. Unique cheese products: Zeppichler bacon cheese, mild, spicy and piquant Pfelderer Bergkäse mountain cheese, Zeppichler Kräuterzauber herbs cheese, natural Mutschli, chili Mutschli, wild garlic Mutschli and garlic Mutschli.

    Guided tour: We offer guided tours on request (only in German or Italian)

    Other producers
    Grain mill Carezza
    Welschnofen/Nova Levante, Dolomites Region Eggental

    Visitors can enjoy guided tours of the restored grain mill in Carezza. As well as an explanation of how the mill worksand where the water comes from, guests can observe the mill in action as it grinds grain to make fl our.

    On request, guided visits for groups from 6 people.


    Local traditional products
    Vineyard Garlider
    Feldthurns/Velturno, Brixen/Bressanone and environs

    In Feldthurns, which lies just above Klausen, nestles the winery Garlider which has a breathtaking view over the whole of the Eisack valley and is surrounded by the impressive mountains of South Tyrol. Christian Kerschbaumer, along with his parents, his wife Veronika and their children Anna, Elisa, Philipp and Manuela cultivates his 4 hectares of vineyards and produces five excellent white wines and one red variety – the only Pinot Noir produced in the South Tyrolean Eisack valley: Grüner Veltliner Sylvaner Ruländer (Pinot Grigio) Müller Thurgau Gewürztraminer Blauburgunder

    Ansitz Waldgries Manor Christian Plattner
    Bolzano/Bozen, Bolzano/Bozen and environs
    In the heart of Santa Maddalena lies the Waldgries manor in Bolzano. It was mentioned in a document for the first time in 1242, and is therefore one of the oldest estate wineries in and around Bolzano.

    Winegrowing has been carried out here for around 700 years. In the sundrenched vineyards that lie directly at Waldgries Manor, the grape varieties of Schiava, Lagrein, and Red Muscat find the best terroir thanks to the Mediterranean climate. Among the total of 7.2 hectares which Christian Plattner tends are also grape growing areas in Ora and Appiano-Monte, in the latter of which are planted Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Blanc. The results are multilayered wines, not least of which is Santa Maddalena which is given particular attention here and which is in fact among the wines of Alto Adige with the richest tradition and the most significant history.

    A piece of new old history is written by the Antheos Santa Maddalena classico, a mixed vinestock that had nearly died out which was newly planted here around ten years ago and allows us to experience a voyage into the past in a bottle. On the artistically arranged wine path that leads directly from the parking lot through the estate, visitors can experience everything that is interesting and worth knowing about Waldgries Manor.
    Vineyard Bessererhof
    Völs am Schlern/Fiè allo Sciliar, Dolomites Region Seiser Alm

    The Bessererhof is the most southern winery in the Eisacktal and it`s located in Völs am Schlern.

    Local traditional products
    Oberhof - flowers and mountains
    Villnöss/Funes, Dolomites Region Villnösstal

    Flowers & Mountains. A Slow Food Travel Experience in St. Magdalena, Villnöss valley.
    Edible flowers are a feast for the senses: At Oberhof, we offer the Flowers & Mountains Experience, which includes an presentation and tasting of edible flowers, a tour of our permaculture farm that grows over 350 heirloom vegetables, herbs and flowers, and an outdoor lunch in front of the majestic Geisler mountains, featuring edible flowers prepared by the chefs from Alma 9 restaurant (Bolzano). The lunch menu will include ingredients from Oberhof and other farms participating in the Villnöss Slow Food Travel project.

    Production facilities, farm shops
    Farm shop Wieshof
    Schlanders/Silandro, Vinschgau/Val Venosta

    Products: seasonal fruits and vegetables (apricots, pears, cherries, cauliflower), jams, juices, apricot and pear distillates.


    Local traditional products
    Organic winery Zöhl
    Feldthurns/Velturno, Brixen/Bressanone and environs

    Tasting & wine tasting from May to November, Tuesday and Thursday, 10.00 am (duration: 1.5 2 hours). Registration required: Tel. +39 0472 847 400 - Mobil +39 335 130 57 28

    Speciality Organic cultivation The grapes Sylvaner 45% Gewürztraminer 40% Müller Thürgau 10% Blauer Portugieser 5% The wines Sylvaner Gewürztraminer Aurum Regius Offers Tasting sessions on request

    Production facilities, farm shops
    Oberniederhof historical and organic farm
    Schnals/Senales, Meran/Merano and environs

    The Oberniederhof farm with its 700 years is a historical heritage in Schnalstal Valley (1,500 m a.s.l.). There is more to Oberniederhof than just a vacation in a Tyrolean farm: The Tappeiner family offers its guests a wide range of organic farm products.

    The Tappeiner family has specialised in breeding and keeping old breeds of farm animals that are worthy of protection or threatened with extinction. The Oberniederhof is a recognised Ark Farm and a member of the G.E.H. (Society for the Preservation of Domestic and Farm Animal Breeds Worth Protecting). At the same time, they provide insight into the history of these breeds and their current situation through vivid farm tours. Meats from special breeds give extra-tasty smoked salami and speck. In the farm shop you also find herbal teas and herbal salt produced with herbs growing on the farm.

    Products: cheese, ricotta, butter, yoghurt, salami, speck, herbal teas, herbal salt

    Farm visits: The Tappeiner family offers farm tours with product tastings on Wednesday and on request from Dezember to late March (€ 8,50 per person). For booking and further questions see contact information below.

    Local traditional products
    Cheese dairy Waldsamerhof
    Gsies/Valle di Casies

    Alto Adige’s smallest “teaching dairy”.  Come and see how butter, cheese dairy products,... are made from milk: you’ll be amazed and learn many interesting things. There is also a farm-store where the Huber family sells their products. Hay-milk and grass-fed products: various types of semi-hard cheese, cream cheese, curd cheese, butter and natural, fruit and drinking yogurt.

    At the moment it is not possible to visit the cheese dairy. The farm shop is open.

    Local traditional products
    Turner Taschler Josef
    Gsies/Valle di Casies
    Traditional pine bowls, modern shapes as utility and decorative objects. Made by hand from local woods. With every purchase you will receive a bag of pine shavings with a short description as a gift.

    We ask you gently to call us! As we also run a farm, the opening hours cannot always be guaranteed.

    Josef Taschler, the owner of the farm, started woodturning over 30 years ago as an additional occupation to farming. He passed his journeyman's examination in 1989. The wood-turner's store sells various utilitarian and decorative objects made from local wood. But also more unusual objects, such as the lampshades in the new apartments, come from his own workshop.
    Production facilities, farm shops
    Vigneto/Weingut Waldthaler
    Auer/Ora, The South Tyrolean Wine Road

    The estate lies at the heart of the Lagrein and Pinot Nero area in the historic village centre of Auer: it is run by Clemens Waldthaler, the seventh generation of his family to do so. The high quality of the wines is the result of the consistent quality philosophy applied both in the vineyard and the cellar. 30% of production is represented by white wines such as Pinot Bianco, Pinot Grigio and Sauvignon Blanc, while the rest is made up of red wines, such as Pinot Nero, Lagrein, Merlot, and Cabernet. The best of the Lagrein, Merlot and Cabernet grapes are vinified and bottled under the RAUT brand, a registered trademark.

    Local traditional products
    Gravur Design

    Those who would like to lend a personal touch to wooden handicraft works as well as objects made from other materials head to Gravur Design, where Daniel Stoll carries out wonderful embossing and engraving work.
    Custom engravings ideal for individual gift in wood, glass, leather ... or various gift items made of stone pine as well as home-made jewelry, bow ties, ties ...

    Production facilities, farm shops
    Wine cellar Franz Haas
    Montan/Montagna, The South Tyrolean Wine Road

    The Franz Haas Wineryhas endeavoured to show the wines it produces always in the best light. It was established in 1880 and has been handed down through the generations up to now to a Franz Haas. Around 55 vine-planted hectares are worked, subdivided among owners, renters and assignees.Franz Haas has always been recognised as a great enthusiast and cultivator of themost difficult vine, one that is the most sensitive and repays the greatest: the Pinot Nero. Not withstanding all the attention, the brainpower, the work, the product isn’t always at the same level as its origins, so the selection oft he Pinot Noir, called „Schweizer“, isn’t always put on the market.

    Whisky distillery PUNI
    Glurns/Glorenza, Vinschgau/Val Venosta

    Good whisky takes time. The whisky is aged in underground bunkers from the Second World War. We are aiming for three variant qualities, because the maturation takes place in bourbon barrels from the U.S., Marsala barrels from Sicily and wine barrels from Alto Adige. Whisky fans around the world can look forward to tasting the PUNI fine single malts starting in 2015. They do not seek to be a copy of the Scottish original, but rather, wish to include the terroir of the Vinschgau Valley and Italy.

    Guided Tours (on request):

    Production facilities, farm shops
    Farm Egghof
    Taufers im Münstertal/Tubre, Vinschgau/Val Venosta

    Delicacies directly from the farm:

    Products: goat's fresh cheese

    Farmers' shop
    Villnöss/Funes, Dolomites Region Villnösstal

    In the farmer's shop you will find good, healthy and homemade products from Villnöss Valley. Various products are on sale in the village centre of St. Peter (Viel Nois Guest House). Open all day from Tuesday to Sunday; the shop is closed on Monday. 

    Production facilities, farm shops
    Farm shop Sonnwarthof
    Schlanders/Silandro, Vinschgau/Val Venosta

    Products: fresh eggs, milk, jams (apricots, strawberries, cranberries, cherries), apple juice, syrups (elderberry, apricot, currant), beetroot, vegetable antipasto, tomato sugo.


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