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    Buy directly from the farm

    Agricultural produce, fresh or processed, is best purchased direct from the farmer or producer. Herbs, jams, tea blends, grappa and other traditional foods can all be found here.

    Local traditional products
    Wegleit Herbs
    Ulten/Ultimo, Meran/Merano and environs

    All our products are made according to biological procedures controlled and certified by BIOLAND. The ingredients come exclusively from their own cultivation in our farm and are complemented by herbs and wild flowers that we collect ourselves.

    Other producers
    Landhaus Ruedl
    Kaltern an der Weinstraße/Caldaro sulla Strada del Vino, The South Tyrolean Wine Road

    It is the love for nature and everything beautiful it brings along, that have turned us into what we are today: a small family-run business producing a great variety of products according to strict organic and environmental friendly criteria. Herbs, vegetables and flowers used for the production as well as the realization of our herbal teas, herb mixes and herb salts have been carefully cultivated according to ancient farm traditions. About 1 hectare ground has been destined to the cultivation of different types of fruit which will afterwards be manually processed and turned into excellent juices, syrups, jams, mustards and dry fruit.

    Direct selling: each Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 4 pm to 6 pm or by arrangement. Each Tuesday (from Easter to All saints) you can also find us at the farmer’s market.

    Bread and baked goods
    St.Pankraz/San Pancrazio, Meran/Merano and environs
    All types of bread from Mittereggenhof are carefully handmade from local rye and spelt. The grain for this is ground in our own mill. The stone oven gives the bread and pastries a special taste. No preservatives or other additives are used.

    The products are offered at the farmers' markets in the Ulten Valley during the summer months.
    Local traditional products
    Gröberhof - farm shop
    Schenna/Scena, Meran/Merano and environs

    The Gröberhof-farm is a family-run business in the 3rd generation. Robert Kuppelwieser grew up on the property and is now cultivating it with fruit and viticulture. The farm is located at 700 m above sea level, covers a surface of 4 hectares and consists mainly of orchards. A small vineyard comprises the cultivation of the Vernatsch grape, as well as the Weissburgunder and Cabernet Sauvignon. The harvest is processed into tasty products.

    Farm products: 

    Dried fruit (apple rings), fruit spreads (apricot, plum, peach, apple, pear), apple juice, apple chips

    Guided farm tours and events: 

    Upon request

    Mountain dairy Patzleiner
    Prags/Braies, Dolomites Region 3 Zinnen

    On 1200 meters the milk of goats and cows is being produced to a brilliant haymilkcheese. This can be bought in the farmshop the whole year.

    Production facilities, farm shops
    Farmshop Vintlerhof
    Brixen/Bressanone, Brixen/Bressanone and environs
    Farmshop with organic fresh products and hand made products from the farm
    Local traditional products
    Riemerhof Farm shop
    Ulten/Ultimo, Meran/Merano and environs
    The syrups and salts from the Riemerhof farm are carefully handmade. The renunciation of any dyes and flavor enhancers is the guarantee for a pure natural product from the in-house garden and the mountain meadow.
    Local traditional products
    Esserhüttl Farm shop
    St.Pankraz/San Pancrazio, Meran/Merano and environs

    The farm Esserhüttl is located about 7.5 km above St. Pankraz. On our farm we collect by hand various wild and cultivated herbs, which we process into syrup or gently dry and mix into herbal infusions. Sun-ripened fruits end up in the jam pot or juice is made from them. In addition to fruits and herbs, we offer a variety of vegetables. Our focus is on products that have ideal growing conditions at our altitude.

    Local traditional products
    Unterschweig Farm shop
    Ulten/Ultimo, Meran/Merano and environs

    Mountain cheese, herb or flower cheese, pepper cheese, soft cheese, butter or yoghurt - our natural products from the farm's own cows' milk ar special.

    Through the window of the new farm shop you can watch the cheese making.

    Local traditional products
    Zum Oberen Hof Farm shop
    Ulten/Ultimo, Meran/Merano and environs

    The heritage-listed farm from the 12th century is located in Pracupola/Kuppelwies, at the beginning of the Höfeweg, in the middle of a farm group behind the Schwemmalm cable car. He is one of the oldest farms of the Ultental.

    The spices and herbs from the organic herb garden are harvested with the utmost care, dried and later processed into herbal teas and many other herbal products.

    Farm store Winklerhof
    Partschins/Parcines, Meran/Merano and environs

    "You are what you eat!" We also want to bring this motto closer to our guests and offer various products from our farm for sale: fruit spread, fruit syrup, dried fruit, apple juice, eggs, vinegar, honey, herbal salt, fruit and vegetables depending on the season.

    Agricultural products
    Lü de Corcela - local farm shop
    Al Plan/San Vigilio, Dolomites Region Kronplatz/Plan de Corones

    At our farm, we offer a variety of high-quality goat milk products. From fresh and aged cheeses to creamy spreads and refreshing yogurt - everything is fresh and homemade. Come and taste our delicacies right on the spot. We look forward to welcoming you to our farm shop!

    Meat and sausages
    Oberbrunnhof Farm
    Partschins/Parcines, Meran/Merano and environs

    At the Oberbrunnhof in Quadrat, Caroline Abler and Manuel Laimer sell home-made products and substantial delicacies. Both attach great importance to quality and rarity and have dared to take the step towards self-sufficiency for the sake of agriculture. The farm is home to cows (Tyrolean grey cattle), pigs and chickens. The animals are processed and refined by Manuel himself: in addition to fresh meat there is also home-made Speck. The milk is delivered to the "Sennerei Algund" dairy. The Oberbrunnhof's range of products is expanded with the traditional Paarlbrot from the wood-fired oven (every Saturday; on order). Delicious jams, honey and homemade cheese complete the range. Caroline and Manuel provide their guests with healthy, home-made products directly from the farm.

    "Griasst enk, we are Caroline & Manuel!"

    Caroline Abler grew up on the Niederhof farm and has worked on her parents' farm since she was a child. Her father taught her traditional Tyrolean cuisine and her mother taught her "Kropfn mochen" (making Krapfen - jam doughnuts) according to her grandmother's secret recipe. 
    Her path then led her to enter the hotel and restaurant industry for the first time, until she met her future husband Manuel Laimer and moved in with him to Oberbrunnhof. 
    Manuel took over his grandmother's farm at the age of 18 and has been cultivating it with great diligence ever since. Gradually, he worked hard to adapt and renovate the farm to the current conditions. For example, the "old" holiday home, which once belonged to the Oberbrunnhof farm, was rebuilt in 2017. Caroline and Manuel have been offering farm holidays since 2018, because they consider it important for them to combine agriculture and tourism.
    Together with their three children Leo, Leni and Michl there is always something to do at the Oberbrunnhof. Once a week the tasks are clearly divided: Manuel bakes bread with the help of a family member and Caroline makes and bakes the farmers' doughnuts that are sold. In winter Manuel uses the time to make sausages and in summer Caroline transforms the fruit into delicious spreads and syrups. The products of Oberbrunnhof are produced with great care and love and guarantee freshness, regionality and quality. 

    Kurmark - Unifrut
    Margreid an der Weinstraße/Magrè sulla Strada del Vino, The South Tyrolean Wine Road

    Our modern packaging company cultivates 750 ha of arable land and has circa 500 members. The amount of apples we process every year totals an average of 4,800 wagons of eating apples. The strengths of our company lie in the sunny apple orchards which are located in the southern South Tyrol, the cultivation in accordance with the AGRIOS and GLOBALGAP guidelines, the availability of fresh fruit the whole year long as well as every kind of package and an immediate delivery.

    Local traditional products
    Oberhaslerhof - Herb farm
    Schenna/Scena, Meran/Merano and environs

    The Oberhaslerhof-farm’s philosophy is inspired by the rules of Pastor Kneipp. Running water, active exercise, healthy nutrition, herbs and inner peace form the basis of a harmonious lifestyle that fits into our modern everyday life. Fruit, vegetables, berries and herbs can reach the best quality on the sun-drenched farm. The hand-picked harvest is processed in the farm shop into tasty high quality products.

    Farm products:

    Chutneys, tomato sauces, jams, herbal teas, herbal salt, various herbal pestos, herbal syrups, herbal pillows, herbal apple juice and much more...

    Guided farm tours and events:

    Guided farm and herb garden tours every Wednesday from April to July. Individual tours upon request.

    The following topics are covered:

    • Presentation of the fruit and wine farm
    • Presentation of the “farm holiday” concept
    • Projects about sustainable agriculture and tourism
    • Introduction to the world of plants with a focus on pure seed
    • Discover forgotten vegetable varieties
    • Farm garden tour with explanation about individual plants, their sowing and planting dates
    • Planting methods, natural pest control, necessary maintenance measures
    • Tips on garden design, crop rotation and mixed culture
    Local traditional products
    Engethalerhof Farm shop
    Lana, Meran/Merano and environs

    In our tavern there is a small but fine farm shop. Our products are lovingly hand-picked and processed with great diligence and patience.

    Agricultural products
    Cheese Dairy Laugenspitz - "Kashittl" (Moarhans)
    Tisens/Tesimo, Meran/Merano and environs

    We are a small farm dairy and we produce various cheeses from raw milk and yogurt with different flavors. We only work with the milk of our own cows, which are feeded only with hay. Until our cheeses go on sale, they are turned and brushed every two days. We offer home delivery and sell our products in selected shops and also at our selling point "Kashittl" (Moarhans) in Caprile (see opening hours).

    Other service providers
    Monpiër de Gherdëina
    Urtijëi/Ortisei, Dolomites Region Val Gardena
    Monpiër - from "mo n pier", the typical Ladin phrase pronounced by those who want "another beer" - is the name of the first craft brewery in Val Gardena.Founded in Ortisei in 2016, born from the desire to get involved by Carmelo, Diego, Jan and Tobia: four people from Val Gardena who have found a common denominator in beer. Monpiër beers take their name from the surrounding mountains and their respective heights and are a dedication and hymn to the beauty of the Dolomites.Our 1000 liter manual batch system allows our brewer a lot of flexibility in the construction of the recipes and styles to be produced. In our laboratory, low fermentation beers are born, high beers and exploiting the local microflora we carry out a wooden project of spontaneous fermentations. Selected malts and a skilful dosage of hops combined with pure high mountain water from the Cunfin spring located at the foot of the Sassolungo are a guarantee of high quality. Monpiër is proof that craft beer can be simple, drinkable, immediate - and at the same time incredibly seductive.In addition to the beers produced by our brewery, we offer a vast assortment of over 70 national and international craft beers in our Labetula brew pub.
    Le Delizie di Lucia - local farm shop
    San Martin /San Martino, Dolomites Region Kronplatz/Plan de Corones

    Surrounded by the green meadows of our farm, we invite you to discover our little shop where you will find home-made delicacies such as jams, fragrant aromatic salts and selected blends for your herbal teas. An authentic and delicious experience for your senses.

    Other producers
    Kaltern an der Weinstraße/Caldaro sulla Strada del Vino, The South Tyrolean Wine Road

    Sale of fruits and vegetables (according to the season), apple juice and bee products (all home-made) at the Farmers Market on the market square in Caldaro/Kaltern (every Tuesday from Easter to All Saints) or by telephonically agreement directly at the farm. From the end of June to the 19th of September you get the apple juice and the wine at the sale booth in Merano/Sinigo (Via Reich/Reichstraße) too.

    Local traditional products
    Hilburgerhof - farm shop
    Schenna/Scena, Meran/Merano and environs

    Do you feel like treating yourself with fresh fruit, authentic South Tyrolean homegrown wine, homemade fruit spreads, juices and syrups?

    Come and visit us in our new farm shop where you will find sun ripened and vitamin packed fruits such as different apple varieties, cherries, apricots, plums, peaches, nectarines, blackberries, raspberries, grapes, blueberries, etc. processed into genuine and high quality products.

    Guided farm tours

    Visit our orchards and vineyards, followed by a tasting of our farm products and a small snack in our wine cellar. Appointments upon request! Participation fee € 15,00 per person (at least 5 participants).

    Production facilities, farm shops
    Cantina Valle Isarco
    Feldthurns/Velturno, Brixen/Bressanone and environs

    Ancient nectars in a modern wine-shop.

    Wine is our speciality and our passion, and we wish to transfer this passion to you by allowing you to enjoy our quality wines in a pleasant and uncomplicated atmosphere.

    So here is our wine-shop, where the tasting – and purchase – of our noble wines will be a true pleasure. In the wine shop our assortment is showcased in the best possible way: the interior design is based on pleasant architectural shapes in natural materials such as wood and Bressanone granite, expressing the more typical features of an eminently wine-growing region such as Valle Isarco.

    Here you may taste noble nectars under the expert guidance of our enologists and obtain information about our winery, our vineyards and our wines. In the shop you will also find iPads with which to calmly and autonomously view each single wine and read about how our winery is organized.

    The wine shop is also paired with a “historical pathway” that you can follow to learn about the interesting vine-growing and wine-making past of our Valley.

    The history of wine in Valle Isarco.

    The Cantina Produttori Valle Isarco hosts a small, elegant wine museum that presents an interesting historical journey tracing the development of wine making in the Valle Isarco.
    Because of the special characteristics of the area and other favourable factors, the local wine making tradition dates back to prehistoric times. The  exhibit offers the visitor a quick overview of the development of wine production, with an accent on tradition and quality. Worth a special look are the real medieval tools used for wine making, lots of deeds and documents, wine bottles and art works that date back to different time periods but all have to do with wine. Guided tours can be booked.

    Production facilities, farm shops
    Farm shop Aft Mult
    Mals/Malles, Vinschgau/Val Venosta

    Products: refined products from the farm

    and also cheese factory

    Production facilities, farm shops
    Farm shop Botenhof
    Brenner/Brennero, Sterzing/Vipiteno and environs

    Selling point for tee, herbs, liqueur, syrup and biological cosmetics.

    Production facilities, farm shops
    Mittersteiner Günther
    Ulten/Ultimo, Meran/Merano and environs
    At Kreuzwiesenhof apples, but also vegetables (potatoes, cereals, tomatoes, zucchini, cucumbers, cabbage vegetables) as well as spices (parsley, chives) are grown organically.

    The products are offered at the farmers' markets in the Ulten Valley during the summer months.
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