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    Buy directly from the farm

    Agricultural produce, fresh or processed, is best purchased direct from the farmer or producer. Herbs, jams, tea blends, grappa and other traditional foods can all be found here.

    Other producers
    Matsch, the mountaineering village
    Mals/Malles, Vinschgau/Val Venosta

    The scheme to promote mountaineering villages in the Alpine regions supports environmentally-friendly, natural tourism. The network unites villages with a thriving natural and cultural landscape, which have been spared major technical innovations and where mountains and mountaineering are an integral part of the identity.
    From leisurely “Waalweg” irrigation-channel trails through to the three-thousand metre climbs – enjoy all the authenticity of the Matsch Valley. The living traditions and customs offer you an insight into the active village community, and a stop-off to wander round the castle ruins at the entrance to the village brings the dreaded Matsch robber-barons back to fearsome life.

    Farmers' shop
    Villnöss/Funes, Dolomites Region Villnösstal

    In the farmer's shop you will find good, healthy and homemade products from Villnöss Valley. Various products are on sale in the village centre of St. Peter (Viel Nois Guest House). Open all day from Tuesday to Sunday; the shop is closed on Monday. 

    Local traditional products
    AlpenHigh®Seppila Top-quality liqueurs

    By Seppila you will find specialities such as highly aromatic, alcoholic extracts of local herbs, flowers, berries and roots. Hay Liqueur, Gentian Liqueur, Walnut Liqueur, Pinus Cembra Liqueur...
    Opening hours - anytime - by prior arrangement via phone call

    Local traditional products
    Farm Shop Regiohof
    Gsies/Valle di Casies

    The Regiohof farm of the Brugger family is located in the scenic Val di Casies Valley at around 1,400 m a.s.l.. For over 20 years, the family has been specialising in the cultivation of mountain strawberries and has been using the delicious small fruits to produce jams, syrups, nectars and fruit mustard since 2002. Today their product range includes also grappas made from mountain herbs, flowers and fruits, as well as herbal teas, herbal salt and flower salt, honey, and biscuits. Inspired by old recipes, the Bruggers stay true to their motto: "Enjoy like they did back then". We are also available by appointment.

    Local traditional products
    Gravur Design

    Those who would like to lend a personal touch to wooden handicraft works as well as objects made from other materials head to Gravur Design, where Daniel Stoll carries out wonderful embossing and engraving work.

    Local traditional products
    Turner Taschler Josef
    Gsies/Valle di Casies
    The production of turned bowls was once very popular in Val Casies. So much so, that in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries the use of Swiss pine was even regulated by the authorities in order to preserve the forestry. Josef Taschler, owner of the farmhouse, started practicing the use of the lathe over 30 years ago, as an addition to agricultural activities. In 1989 he passed the relevant exams. In the turnery shop you will find several common use or decorative items made using local wood. But you will also find unusual objects: for example, the lampshades of our new apartments are from our lab. The opening hours can no always be guaranteed, we gently ask you to give us a call before you stop by. Time permitting, we can also take orders.
    Local traditional products
    Alpine Herb Garden
    Villnöss/Funes, Dolomites Region Villnösstal

    In our mountain herb garden at almost 1400 metres above sea level, old and new knowledge about the recognition and use of wild aromatic and medicinal herbs comes alive again. 
    Around 150 different, mainly native plant species thrive in our herb garden. 
    In guided tours, the herb specialist teaches interested visitors the identification of wild herbs and their use in cooking and folk medicine. 
    Our herbs are only fertilised and treated organically; due to the altitude, the plants develop high-quality secondary ingredients.
    The herbs are air-dried on wooden shelves, placed in breathable sacks and only cut, mixed and bottled when needed. The blossoms are collected individually and gently dried so that the magnificent colours are preserved. Everything is handmade!

    Local traditional products
    Moarhof Cheese dairy
    Sand in Taufers/Campo Tures, Ahrntal/Valle Aurina

    Farm shop: "Ahrntaler Graukäse" (grey cheese), butter, herbage, eggs

    Local traditional products
    Mittermair cheese dairy
    Mühlwald/Selva dei Molini, Ahrntal/Valle Aurina

    Cheese dairy: Ahrntaler Graukäse (Valle Aurina grey cheese), butter, yogurt and various cheese types.

    Bio farm Niedereben
    Partschins/Parcines, Meran/Merano and environs

    The Niedereben organic farm is located on the "Nörderberg" at an altitude of 634 meters above Rabland/Rablà.

    Climatically favored apples, olives, wine and cacti thrive here. The Hofer family supplies fruit and vegetables for the organic box „Biokistl” and runs various home-made organic products typical of South Tyrol in their own farm shop.

    Sale of own products: fruits and vegetables depending on the season, Speck and tipical South Tyrol sausages; in autumn: pumpkins, chestnuts, apple juice, Vernatsch and Riesling wine.

    Meat and sausages
    Wieser Rind
    Vöran/Verano, Meran/Merano and environs
    At the Wieserhof Farm in Vöran/Verano the cattles are reared by Markus in the form of suckler cows. Due to the natural husbandry the meat is of special quality.
    Mixed packages from the beef are offered (8 or 12 KG): roast beef, escalopes, roasting joints, goulash, mince, meat for soup and boiled meat, house sausages.
    Sale only on request!
    Vöran/Verano, Meran/Merano and environs

    The Eichernhof farm in Vöran is specialized in cultivating herbs.
    The cook and young farmer Elisabeth offers cooking and baking courses, her mother Erika is guiding farm and herb garden tours.
    Their homemade products such as jams, honey, bath and herbal salts, tea, syrups, fruit, vegetables and dried fruits are sold at the farm.

    Vöran/Verano, Meran/Merano and environs
    At the Spitalerhof farm in Vöran/Verano different kinds of fruit, vegetables and herbs are cultivated.
    This products can be purchased directly at the farm: fresh vegetables and eggs, fruit spread, cordials, teas, dryed fruit, herbal salts and pickled vegetables.
    Local traditional products
    Farm shop sea.wies
    Ulten/Ultimo, Meran/Merano and environs

    sea.wies is a small fine shop in the middle of a cozy café with the best products from the Val d'Ultimo and Alto Adige. Here, take a piece of our home after. Alpine cheese, farmer cheese, goat cheese, bacon, wine brandies, organic bread, decoration, wool products, wood clocks, jewelry.

    Local traditional products
    Farm bar Unterweirachhof
    Partschins/Parcines, Meran/Merano and environs

    Anyone who knows Hermann also knows that he stands behind his products with his heart and soul.
    The product range on offer diverse: bacon, pork belly, wine and apple juice.

    Above all, Hermann Schönweger has a special relationship with wine. The approximately 250-year-old vine of the "Versoaln" grape variety thrives here.

    Tradition has it that this vine was destroyed by the French during the pillaging of the courtyard during the Napoleonic Wars in 1809. When the farm was rebuilt in 1810, the vine began to sprout again. The base of the grapevine has a circumference of 106 cm. This formerly widespread grape varietal can now be found almost solely on old stock located on the viticultural fringes.

    The house wine Vernatsch, a dark Cuvée, Rosé and Müller Thurgau are offered for sale. Tasting of farm-fresh produce in the adjoining tavern is possible.

    Every Friday from may - september: Cooking "Muas" with Hermann. Registration: +39 0473 967008

    Local traditional products
    Boarbichl - Farm shop and cheese factory
    Schenna/Scena, Meran/Merano and environs

    Boarbichl: genuine and pure. Experience the mountain farm in the rhythm of nature. Fresh milk is processed daily into high-quality, regional food directly in the farm’s cheese factory and sold among others in the farm shop. Consider the gift basket “Hofkistl” as a very special souvenir to bring back home (upon request). In addition, a delivery service to hotels and private homes is offered.

    Farm Products:

    Raw milk cheese from original South Tyrolean grey cattle, yoghurt, fresh cheese and ripe cheese, quark (curd), Kaminwurzen (smoked Tyrolean sausages), fruit spreads, herbal salt.


    Farmers markets:

    Schenner Dorfmarktl: every second Thursday of the month from 9.00 am to 12.30 pm on the Raiffeisenplatz square in Schenna

    Obermaiser Bauernmarkt: every Wednesday from 7.30 am to 1.00 pm on the Brunnenplatz square in Obermais, Merano

    Farm store Winklerhof
    Partschins/Parcines, Meran/Merano and environs

    "You are what you eat!" We also want to bring this motto closer to our guests and offer various products from our farm for sale: fruit spread, fruit syrup, dried fruit, apple juice, eggs, vinegar, honey, herbal salt, fruit and vegetables depending on the season.

    Local traditional products
    Cheese dairy Waldsamerhof
    Gsies/Valle di Casies

    Alto Adige’s smallest “teaching dairy”.  Come and see how butter, cheese dairy products,... are made from milk: you’ll be amazed and learn many interesting things. There is also a store where the Huber family sells their products.

    At the moment it is not possible to visit the cheese dairy. The farm shop is open.

    Local traditional products
    Gsies/Valle di Casies
    One egg is the same as another. Or not?
    Our organic chickens live in the mobile stable in the middle of our meadows, so our chickens get fresh grass, air and sun. We also keep dual-purpose chickens. With “dual use” we mean eggs & meat, which means that the meat of our organic chickens is also used as soup chicken after their active time as laying hens and the male chicks are also raised. Unfortunately not a matter of course these days …But for us an affair of the heart! ♥
    Even if ethical and sustainable use of our earth’s resources is important to you, eggs from dual-purpose chickens are a matter of course! Why do organic meadow eggs cost more than normal free-range eggs? The workload with a mobile stable is greater because it gets a new place in our meadows around every 2 weeks and additional feed and water have to be brought to the stable.
    In addition to the higher costs for the purchase and rearing of organic laying hens themselves and the larger land requirement per animal provided for by the guidelines for organic agriculture, it is above all the costs for the feed that have an impact on the books. Grains and pulses in organic quality are much more expensive than corresponding products from conventional cultivation.

    Our chickens only get certified GMO-free organic feed. Due to the good feeding, the fresh grass and the great freedom of movement in our meadows and fields, our organic meadow eggs simply taste better and contain a particularly large number of vitamins (A, D, E), healthy omega 3 fatty acids and carotenoids. That is what is special about our organic meadow eggs!
    Local traditional products
    Houfahof farm
    Gsies/Valle di Casies
    The Houfabox...the self-service box with farm products from the farm Houfahof.

    Products for sale:
    * Salami and Kaminwurzen: the salami and Kaminwurzen are made from meat from our animals.
    * Quail eggs: We attach great importance to the fact that our quails live in species-appropriate floor husbandry, which means sufficient space, the best feed and beneficial sand baths. All this is the basis for our high-quality quail eggs. And you can taste it! The vitamin bombs in miniature can have positive effects on allergies, positively influence health and increase well-being.
    Local traditional products
    Lonzahof farm
    Gsies/Valle di Casies
    Premium eggs from Lonzahof. Eggs from the Lonzahof  have been laid by free-range or organic chickens. This means that hens are free to roam during the day, have sufficient space available to them, and are nourished with animal feed that is free from hormones and antibiotics.

    Other products for sale: homemade egg pasta with wheat and wholemeal spelt flour.
    Local traditional products

    Organic cultivation of cereals, raspberries and potatoes. Sale of: Flour (wheat, rye, spelt) milled in the farm's own grain mill; fresh raspberries from around mid-July to the end of August; raspberry syrup and raspberry jam; potatoes. Reservation by phone

    Local traditional products

    From Monday to Friday fresh bread is baked in the farm oven according to old tradition. Different types of bread: Breatl, Baguette, Vinschgerle, fruit, spelt, kamut, toast as well as Schüttelbrot.

    Baking mixes are also sold in 550 g and 1100 g: Breatl baking mix, Spelt bread baking mix, Baguette baking mix and Kamut bread baking mix. For home baking you will also need: water and an oven.

    Bread sale on advance order.

    Local traditional products
    Cheese dairy farm Learner
    Deutschnofen/Nova Ponente, Dolomites Region Eggental

    Cheese dairy farm Learner at Nova Ponente/Deutschnofen is open daily from 09.00-11.00 h.

    Local traditional products
    Gaudenz Distillery & Winery
    Partschins/Parcines, Meran/Merano and environs
    Two generations, four hands, one team. From blossom to harvest, mother and son realise their vision of passionate viticulture and fruit growing. In the cellar, Felix transforms selected grapes into expressive wines. Christine creates the finest distillates in limited editions in the distillery. Four hands, one goal: every sip is pure passion. 

    Direct sale: Open from Easter to All Saints' Day, from Monday to Friday, from 17:00 to 19:00 and also by appointment. (0039 / 348 7341463)
    Fruits and vegetables
    Fruit cooperative OVEG
    Laas/Lasa, Vinschgau/Val Venosta
    The fruit cooperative OVEG is located in Oris/Eyrs, a fraction of Lasa/Laas, at the foot of the Monte Sole mountain in Venosta valley.
    Local traditional products
    Hotel Restaurant Hanswirt
    Partschins/Parcines, Meran/Merano and environs

    Homemade jams, cider and juices, organic apple blossom honey, organic forest blossom honey and Italian cantucci - prepared and refined with love - the Laimer family prepares all these special delicacies for their guests. So you can stock up here!

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      Uphill Seespitz
      Meran and environs
      Starting point: Töll Etschbrücke (525 m) End point: Gasthaus …
      44 km total slope
      7 lifts
      Highest point: 2,505 m