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    Buy directly from the farm

    Agricultural produce, fresh or processed, is best purchased direct from the farmer or producer. Herbs, jams, tea blends, grappa and other traditional foods can all be found here.

    Production facilities, farm shops
    St. Peter Ausserpfefferlehen
    Lana, Meran/Merano and environs
    Organic quality wines from Mitterlana. Autochthonous, piwi and world-renowned wine varieties to taste in a cosy historic courtyard, at St. Peter Ausserpfefferlehen.
    Production facilities, farm shops
    Gargazon/Gargazzone, Meran/Merano and environs

    At the Sandwiesen farm in the sunny Adige Valley, Peter Thuile, an experienced oenologist, processes several apple varieties into a light, tingling apple juice. The fruity and elegant fruit wine is fermented on the bottle, is low alcoholized and contains no residual sugar. As a fresh aperitif and ideal companion for Mediterranean appetizers and regional dishes, it represents an interesting alternative. The Apfelcuvèe is available annually only in limited quantities and is sold only from the farm.

    Alpine dairy "Tre Cime"
    Innichen/San Candido, Dolomites Region 3 Zinnen

    All products from the Alpine dairy "Tre Cime" are made from naturally pure milk of Alta Pusteria.

    Production facilities, farm shops
    Senfter AG
    Innichen/San Candido, Dolomites Region 3 Zinnen

    Our company’s origin and background is the production and distribution of Italian and Tyrolean high quality meat products.

    Local traditional products
    San Martin /San Martino, Dolomites Region Alta Badia

    The co-operative has been founded in the year 2000 by 9 beekeepers and apiarists from the Val Badia.

    The aim was to co-operate in order to sell efficiently apicultural products.

    Production facilities, farm shops
    Farm shop Aft Mult
    Mals/Malles, Vinschgau/Val Venosta

    Products: refined products from the farm

    and also cheese factory

    Meat and sausages
    Aldein/Aldino, Bolzano/Bozen and environs

    In Aldino, a small town on the Reggelberg in South Tyrol, on 1200 m above sea level the Egger farm can be found. Together with his family Nikolaus Lantschner has been overseeing the farm since 1998. The production of healthy food products has always been his primary goal. They produce free range eggs and also the suckler cow husbandry has become a vital element to the Egger farm.

    Alpine dairy Algund
    Algund/Lagundo, Meran/Merano and environs

    The alpine dairy of Lagundo offer a rich assortment of local products like cheese, milk, fresh cream, butter and cottage cheese.

    All products are high quality and have an unique natural taste. The clients, residents and guests, are enthusiastic of our products. We supply more than 40 shops in Merano every day.

    We invite you to visit our shop.

    Production facilities, farm shops
    Bio-Distillery Steiner
    Mals/Malles, Vinschgau/Val Venosta

    Bio Distillery

    It was always the passion of Friedrich Steiner, to use products from the direct surroundings for the bio distillery Steiner. Since 2006 he is making distillates with highest bio quality.

    You find exquisite quality fires and liqueurs, restored to health from fruits from a biological cultivation or wild collection in the bio quality distillery Steiner which are from our near surroundings.

    Meanwhile we have an extensive assortment develop. 13 quality fires from fruit and 14 noble liqueurs from most exquisite fruits and special berries.

    The distillates and liqueurs of Mr Steiner were repeatedly already awarded at the "Destillata" which the quality of the products underlines.

    You are welcome to convince themselves of the distillates in the Bio Hotel Panorama

    Leaderships take place in the Bio Hotel Panorama every Monday at 9.30 pm (German or Italian language).

    Local traditional products
    Getzlechenhof - Herbal farm
    Sand in Taufers/Campo Tures, Ahrntal/Valle Aurina

    Herbs farm - since 1991 .

    Biological products: herbal teas, seasoned salt, wort and oil for salads, syrup, finished mixture for liqueurs, cosmetics and also handmade products.

    Possibility to buy our products at the weekly farmer's market every Thursday from 14:30 in Sand in Taufers/Campo Tures in the "Tubris Center".

    Guided tours on request , tel . 348 4900125

    Local traditional products
    Oberhof - flowers and mountains
    Villnöss/Funes, Dolomites Region Villnösstal

    Flowers & Mountains. A Slow Food Travel Experience in St. Magdalena, Villnöss valley.
    Edible flowers are a feast for the senses: At Oberhof, we offer the Flowers & Mountains Experience, which includes an presentation and tasting of edible flowers, a tour of our permaculture farm that grows over 350 heirloom vegetables, herbs and flowers, and an outdoor lunch in front of the majestic Geisler mountains, featuring edible flowers prepared by the chefs from Alma 9 restaurant (Bolzano). The lunch menu will include ingredients from Oberhof and other farms participating in the Villnöss Slow Food Travel project.

    Local traditional products
    Maier's Paradise - honey and permaculture
    Villnöss/Funes, Dolomites Region Villnösstal
    Günther Pernthaler is considered the ambassador of the sheep "Villnösser Brillenschaf". He was and still is one of the driving forces behind the preservation of this sheep breed and the beef breed "Graues Geisler Rind". In his little paradise, he grows various types of cereals, fruit and vegetables according to the permaculture cultivation method. He also keeps sheep, cattle, turkeys, hens, pigs and bee colonies. His goal is to live as self-sufficiently as possible. During his guided hikes, he wants to convey exactly this way of life to his guests, and he succeeds in doing so with his authentic manner.
    Local traditional products
    Mesnerhof - Fruit and vegetables
    Villnöss/Funes, Dolomites Region Villnösstal
    The Mesnerhof is a farm in Nafen that is passionately looked after by farmer Rosmarie Prader. Due to the sunny location and the ideal altitude, various local fruits and vegetables as well as vines can be grown on the farm. In addition, cows are kept on the farm for dairy farming. The farm's own products can be consumed by visitors directly on site or purchased from the farm. Sustainability and the traditional way of life play a major role at the Mesnerhof and these values are thus also passed on to the guests. Combine a visit to the Mesnerhof with a walk along the adjacent meadows.
    Local traditional products
    Kasserolhof - pasture geese, honey, fruit
    Brixen/Bressanone, Dolomites Region Villnösstal
    The Kasserolhof, run by Marlene and Lorenz Psenner, is situated at 850m above sea level on the edge of the Villnösstal valley, halfway between Teis and Albeins. They manage the farm in an environmentally sustainable way and with respect for biodiversity. In this sense, they place particular emphasis on animal welfare and the quality of the farm's own products. In addition to beekeeping, calf rearing and orchards, they also keep hens. Since 2019, they have also been breeding free-range geese, which provide tasty meat in the autumn. In addition, they offer products such as honey, jams, syrups, apple juice, eggs and nuts.
    Fashion, clothing
    Natural wool shep wool processing
    Villnöss/Funes, Dolomites Region Villnösstal

    Get to know the old tradition of wool processing and find a vast choice of high-quality wool products in the rustic wool shop.

    Leather ware, shoes
    Shoe repair service - Augschöll
    Villnöss/Funes, Dolomites Region Villnösstal

    Shoemaker Augschöll is specialized in shoe repair as well as in orthopaedic shoes.

    Climbing and trekking shoe resole, shoe and leather goods repair

    Production facilities, farm shops
    Weissenhof apple juice
    Tisens/Tesimo, The South Tyrolean Wine Road
    The Weissenhof in Vilpian is an old farm that has been growing apples for over 700 years. The production of apple juice began in 1984, rather by chance for family needs. First the neighbors were also interested, then various bars and hotels in the area. Today the naturally turbid apple juice is sold beyond the country's borders. The range has been expanded to include various apple-fruit juices, vinegar and the apple-mulled mix, popular in winter. The production facilities were refined and adapted to the times. Only hand-picked apples are used for the apple juice, no windfalls. The juice is gently pasteurized, not filtered and is free from additives.
    Meat and sausages
    Hofladen Falkenau
    Kiens/Chienes, Dolomites Region Kronplatz/Plan de Corones

    Farmer Shop whit local products near Kiens/Chienes. A rich sortiment of local things.

    Agricultural products
    Apiculture Pichler
    St.Martin in Passeier/San Martino in Passiria, Meran/Merano and environs

    Production of honey and its derivates which are for sale in the small shop of the apiarist Walter Pichler.

    The bee-keeper offers guided tours on demand.

    Sale of bee-products on demand.


    Mobile: 348 7933929

    Obergereuth Distillery
    St.Martin in Passeier/San Martino in Passiria, Meran/Merano and environs

    The more than 730 year old Schildhof Obergereuth in St. Martin in Passeier has been an organic certified farm for 22 years. In addition to our beautiful, functional grain mill and the historic courtyard building, we have had an additional highlight on our organic farm since 2018: the first organic craft distillery in the Passeier Valley. We organize farm tours, tastings and specialty evenings in our special gourmet shop. In the leather sofa of the “Distillate Longe Greiter” connoisseurs and the curious can enjoy our products and from April 2021 we will pamper our visitors in the courtyard coffee with special, climate-neutral, delicacies not only from grandmother's recipe book but also reinterpreted classics made from our own and near-farm products. In addition to gin, liqueurs and brandies, syrups and fruit spreads also enchant the gourmet's palate. All products are handcrafted and impress with their special quality.

    Cheesfactory Gatscher
    Kiens/Chienes, Dolomites Region Kronplatz/Plan de Corones

    Production takes place every two days and starts in the morning, both in summer- and wintertime. The fresh milk together with the live lactic acid bacteria is brought to a moderate temperature. For the fitness cheese we use 50% whole milk and 50% skimmed milk; for the other cheeses we use whole milk. The rennet is added and after curdling this mass is cut into small cubes (cheese curds) and filled into the moulds. The spices and herbs are added, which give the cheeses the special flavour of the "Gatscher cheese". For the next 24 hours, the product remains warm to ensure adequate fermentation and the right degree of acidity. Then the loaves are put into the salt bath, stored and cared on spruce boards in the cellar. The cheese is stored for between three and six months for the mountain cheese, five weeks for the fitness cheese and six weeks for the others.

    Fruits and vegetables
    Retail shop in the fruit cooperative TEXEL
    Naturns/Naturno, Meran/Merano and environs

    Val Venosta is regarded as the perfect home of the apple - dry, abundant sunshine and yet not too warm and the perfect altitude. In Naturns, over 340 members deliver their harvest to the Texel cooperative, which is responsible for storage, sales and marketing.

    Apples delivered directly by the producer can be bought in the in-house retail shop.

    Production facilities, farm shops
    Kräuterschlössl herb castle
    Latsch/Laces, Vinschgau/Val Venosta
    The herb castle in Coldrano attracts attention from afar. The radiant yellow of the facade seems like a splash of colour, a shooting one, in the midst of large-scale, green and groomed apple orchads. It is indeed a small paradise for the senses, a botanical world of its own. Nature in spades, a sea of blossoms aromatically fragrant, spreads out in the herb garden and lovingly encloses the show garden of the herb castle. However, herbs are not only to be found on the ground at the herb castle, but also at lofty heights. On the roof terrace we have set up a love nest, the love garden. Everything is free accesible to everyone, 7 days a week.
    In the herb fields in Coldrano (700m above sea level) and Taufers/Tubres (1.400m above sea level) the herbs are cultivated, harvested, dehumidified and refined into quality products from 3 generations with much diligence and love. In keeping with the ecological cultivated methods of the "Bund alternativer Anbau" (association of alternative growers), plant growth is promoted trough targeted soil cultivation, diversity in cultivation and oragnic fertiliser.
    The variety in the fields is as rich as the product selection in the farm shop - a real treasure trove for the environmentally conscious:
    -herbs, tea and spice blends, herbal salt, pasta, vinegrads and oil
    -honeys and fruit honeys from our own apiary
    -fruit spreads, syrups, chocolates and sweets
    -healing oinments, cosmetics and perfume

    The farm shop is open 7 days a week, all products are also available online.
    Guided tours are available on request with a minimum of 10 participants.
    Production facilities, farm shops
    Arredamtento Rogen
    Mühlbach/Rio di Pusteria, Brixen/Bressanone and environs

    The arredamento Rogen/Einrichtungshaus Rogen is a home center with own carpentry. Head office in Rio di Pusteria and it is open from Monday to Saturday.

    Latsch/Laces, Vinschgau/Val Venosta

    Intensely flavoured aromatic cheeses from the Laces-Martello holiday area

    The high mountain environment of the Venosta Valley has always been associated with pastures and dairies. Since medieval times, butter and cheese have been produced in the pastures. Even today, dairy products such as natural butter, yogurt, cottage cheese and cream are still made there, particularly alpine cheese and local specialities such as "Graukas". You get delicious, home-made alpine pasture cheese at the Oberkaserhof at San Martino in the mountain.
    Production facilities, farm shops
    Pertinger Herde
    Natz-Schabs/Naz-Sciaves, Brixen/Bressanone and environs

    Pertinger Herde is a kitchen store with the main store at Vahrn/Varna

    Aldein/Aldino, Bolzano/Bozen and environs

    Tipical farmer products with the sign of quality "Roter Hahn".

    Bread, jam, juice.

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      Uphill Seespitz
      Meran and environs
      Starting point: Töll Etschbrücke (525 m) End point: Gasthaus …
      44 km total slope
      7 lifts
      Highest point: 2,505 m