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    Radverleihe in Dolomitenregion Gröden

    Guides, schools
    Dolomites Region Val Gardena

    Amanageableequipmentand the ability tovirtuallyoperate thesportanytime, anywhere, makesslacklininginto a realtrendSlackline-rental at the Tourist office Selva Gardena.

    Culture & Attractions
    Casa JS
    Urtijëi/Ortisei, Dolomites Region Val Gardena

    The residential complex is almost cube shaped with a low, pitched roof. It is situated on a through-road, next to a hotel. Due to the noise of the traffic and the lack of privacy a different design was called for: the concrete frame shields the south side from the road, the west facing side is mainly closed due to the proximity to the hotel and only the most necessary windows can be found on the north side. It is on the east facade that large, regularly spaced windows look out over an open space, as do the terrace areas of the roof top flats. These different, rhythmically placed windows leave a lively impression of the house.

    Culture & Attractions
    Dantercepies Cable Car Station
    Sëlva/Selva, Dolomites Region Val Gardena

    A cable car always means an intrusion into the mountains. For the fragile high-mountain landscape above Selva/Wolkenstein, an architect was commissioned for a suitable design. For the 2.2-km cable car, which has the capacity to transport 3,000 people per hour, three structures were to be designed: the base, intermediate and summit stations. The equipment rooms were to be situated underground to the extent possible, allowing passengers to step into spacious, glazed entrance areas that are covered by protective, undulating concrete shells. The smooth lines of the base station integrates into the terrain with smooth lines. The steel structure of the open intermediate station has a glassy, transparent look, and passengers are greeted at the summit station by the welcoming gesture of a concrete shell above the glazed hall.

    Maciaconi Sport
    S.Crestina Gherdëina/Santa Cristina Val Gardana, Dolomites Region Val Gardena

    All you need for your holiday… sport – fashion – newspapers – ski rental

    Tradition meets Modern

    Originally a general store on the mountain, Maciaconi is today synonymous with quality, innovation and fashion. The traditionally wide range of goods is extending from trendy sports outfits with the perfectly fitting equipment and newspapers–tobacco goods to the ski rental. You can find at Maciaconi the highest quality in all areas.




    Fashion meets Performance

    Innovation, technology and performance combined with fashion, style and glamour are present in the entire range of products in this store. Personalised and professional service is a hallmark of the company that is supplemented by a  touch of fashionable flair. Maciaconi – alpine lifestyle.

    Hiking guides
    Goller Ivan - hiking guide
    S.Crestina Gherdëina/Santa Cristina Val Gardana, Dolomites Region Val Gardena
    Approved and certified South Tyrolean hiking guide - Val Gardena Active
    E-bike charging station
    E-Bike charging station Saltner hut
    S.Crestina Gherdëina/Santa Cristina Val Gardana, Dolomites Region Val Gardena

    Saltner hut offers you the possibility to charge your e-bike.                 

    Intersport Nives - Bike rental & Shop
    Sëlva/Selva, Dolomites Region Val Gardena

    Intersport Val Gardena Bike Academy – E-Bike Center

    Bike-shop, Bike-rental, MTB Academy with guided tours with local guides. We only rent last generation E-Bikes, MTB’s and streetbikes from Cube and Giant. Accessoires shop: helmets, glasses, gloves, backpacks, cycling shoes and MTB-shirts. WIFI

    Top brands: Giant, Cube, Met, Shimano, Leatt, 100%, Conway, Pearl Izumi, Oakley, Amplifi 


    Sport Climbing
    Natural Climbing Wall Stone City
    Dolomites Region Val Gardena

    A true"city" of boulders provides this climbing. While constantly emerging routes to the larger rocks develop the smaller in  their sum to one of the biggest bouldering areas of Italy.

    Culture & Attractions
    Tublà da Nives Culture Center
    Sëlva/Selva, Dolomites Region Val Gardena

    The old Nives barn, in the middle of a sprawling tourist village structure, was to be preserved as a reminder of the farming past and used for exhibiting purposes. Through the renovation, surfaces were created in the section made of stone and in the solid wood construction of the barn. The interior spaces below were plastered, and those above were paneled with larch. In order to enlarge the exhibition space the barn was connected through a short passageway to a new structure, forming an elegant architectural contrast. A visually light pavilion, the structural steelwork, was surrounded on all sides by a glass facade. As a result, the building allows insight into what is happening inside and develops a dialogue with passers-by, who are encouraged by its transparency to visit.

    Culture & Attractions
    Josef Rampold German-Language Primary School
    Urtijëi/Ortisei, Dolomites Region Val Gardena

    The school is situated in the immediate vicinity of the parish church and the House of the Teutonic Order, and was built outside the old town in what was formerly a bog. Here the water table is only about one meter below the surface of the ground. In order to avoid a dangerous rise of groundwater in the area and thus circumvent repercussions in the historical buildings as a result of building the school, the structure was built on a “raft” 80 inches above the ground. Likewise because of the historical neighboring building, a long, single-story structure was planned that would not create competition from a design viewpoint but would, however. have its own distinct character. Under the wide, projecting flat roof and on the perimetric base plate a “forest” of tree trunks was placed in front of the façades, which allows for enough illumination but creates a solid impression in the oblique view. Depending on the viewing angle and light, the building differs distinctly in appearance.

    Culture & Attractions
    Saleghes Mountain Residence
    Sëlva/Selva, Dolomites Region Val Gardena

    The building complex, comprising the old hotel and the new residence apartments, is located at the entrance of the valley-side entrance to Selva/Wolkenstein, and is easily accessible both by car and by public transport. Based upon the modern mountain architecture of the 1920s, an elongated wing was designed on the constricted plot that adapts to the natural lay of the land and adjoins itself to the scale of the existing hotel to which it is attached. The reinforced-concrete support structure was built with materials that suit the surrounding landscape: dark impregnated larch wood in the outdoor area, bright spruce wood in the interiors, oak floors, quartzite, white stucco, black steel, leather and natural-colored materials. The ventilated horizontal wooden slats in front of the wooden-clad facade and balconies form as a "second skin”, so to speak, a sort of filter between the interior and exterior spaces.