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    Sporty wodne w Południowym Tyrolu

    Chcesz spróbować czegoś nowego podczas letnich wakacji? Co powiesz na rafting lub canyoning? Wiele obszarów w Południowym Tyrolu oferuje wycieczki z przewodnikiem dla początkujących i wymagające trasy, które zadowolą nawet ekspertów. Fani sportów wodnych szczególnie doceniają jezioro Reschensee w dolinie Val Venosta/Vinschgau, zapewniające optymalne warunki do kitesurfingu, windsurfingu i żeglarstwa.

    Lakes, cascades
    Entrance Alta Via di Merano at Monte S. Caterina/Katharinaberg
    Schnals/Senales, Meran/Merano and environs

    From Katharinaberg/Monte S. Caterina to Mountain pasture Eishof

    Route description

    The Merano High Mountain Trail climbs upwards along a forest slope overlooking the mountain village of Monte S. Caterina/Katharinaberg and is accessible by car and bus. The bus stop is in the village itself and there is also an unattended car park that is free of charge. From there, follow the trail signposts until you reach the Merano High Mountain Trail. Continue upwards along the road as far as Montferthof farm (1,471 m a.s.l). Just after the farm, staying on the trail, cross the steep arid slopes with their unassuming flora. Passing through meadows, meandering up and down along the trail, you soon reach the distinctive turn into Pfossental valley. The trail drops slightly along an extended forest slope. Care should be taken in the tunnel valley due to falling rocks - even without rain or the like! After passing Infanglhof farm you will reach the road, stay to the right of it and the trail continues upwards to the next inn. Gasthof Inn Jägerrast (1,693 m a.s.l), at the end of the public road, is a very popular spot with hikers. A wide trail continues on through a sparse forest into Pfossental valley. If you are watching closely, you might spot the chamois on the opposite side of the valley or a golden eagle that is casually flying through the canyon, as their nests are in the valley cliffs. Having passed a wayside shrine, after a distinctive right turn in the trail, you will see the Mountain pasture Mitterkas (1954 m a.s.l) and further along the Mountain pasture Rableid (2,004 m a.s.l). After these two possible stops, the trail continues through a Larch forest. Further on, you come to the Mountain pasture Eishof (2,071 m a.s.l). Rising up from here, you will see the striking Hohe Weiße (3,278 m a.s.l), its name taken from the bright limestone, and to the left of the valley, the Hohe Wilde (3,480 m a.s.l) with its dark rock.

    Sports and leisure
    Acquaterra Adventure Club
    Kastelbell-Tschars/Castelbello-Ciardes, Vinschgau/Val Venosta

    Rafting, canyoning, buggy ride and quad adventure.

    Numerous fun-sports opportunities with the guides of acquaterra adventure club.

    Sports and leisure
    Adrenalina Kiteschool
    Graun im Vinschgau/Curon Venosta, Vinschgau/Val Venosta
    Our team gives you the opportunity to take advantage of quality services on the water - and in the snow sports area - both at the Reschenpass in South Tyrol, as well as at the slightly more southern Lake Garda.
    At the harbor of Tignale - that is on the east coast of Lake Garda - is our main spot in summer.

    In winter you will find us mainly at Lake Reschen - a paradise for aspiring and active snowkiters. The spot is basically the whole area of the frozen, snow-covered Reschensee.

    Very briefly about the Reschensee:

    Lake Reschen, is a reservoir in the municipality of Graun in western South Tyrol. The artificial reservoir is six kilometers long and about one kilometer wide at the widest points and has a water capacity of 120 million m³. The reservoir at the Reschen Pass, with a church tower rising from its center, is the Mecca for kiters from many regions with optimal wind conditions almost every day. This makes snowkiters from neighboring countries also take the trip to Reschen.
    Guides, schools
    Alps Activ Seis
    Kastelruth/Castelrotto, Dolomites Region Seiser Alm

    The biggest high-alpine pasture in Europe and Alps Activ constitute an extraordinary combination: this is the place where the fascination of a highly attractive hiking and cycling area , which always aims to exceed the highest demands, and a high number of leisure time offers, converge. We set standards, which are as special as the Seiser Alm itself.

    Our trained and certified guides personally look after the organisation of your stay and your wellbeing.

    From mountain biking, hikes and climbing offers to adventures like paragliding, rafting, canyoning or Nordic walking and running. We offer a vast selection of tailored leisure time offers and guarantee the highest safety and great fun.

    Our summer offer comprises programmes for beginners, and leisure time activities for advanced athletes and professionals.

    Lakes, cascades
    Vernagt reservoir - altitude training
    Schnals/Senales, Meran/Merano and environs

    Altitude training canoeing & kayaking on the Vernago lake

    The lake in the midst of the three thousand metre peaks is characterised by its unique turquoise-green colour, especially in summer, which is caused by the glacier cut in tzhe water. It is not for nothing that national teams have been training on the Vernago lake for years.

    A welcome guest for example is Antonio Rossi, three-time Olympic Champion and multiple Canoe World Champion.

    With its location at 1,700 metres above sea level and marked rowing routes of various lengths, the lake offers ideal conditions for optimal altitude training


    The reason for the perfonmance-enhancing effect of altitude training is easy to explain: The lack of oxygen at high altitudes forces the human organism to adapt. This affects primarily the respiratory system, the cardiovascular system and the blood.

    Water Sports
    Kreativ Raft
    Bruneck/Brunico, Dolomites Region Kronplatz/Plan de Corones

    When white-water rafting in the Puster Valley, certified rafts are used. We gain experience with the white water on high-volume rivers, and manage waves together with other adventurers in a boat guided by an experienced raft guide. The experience of white-water rafting in South Tyrol also means experiencing Nature; you will be able to catch a glimpse of rare landscapes that hardly anyone gets a chance to see.

    Sports and leisure
    Altrei/Anterivo, Bolzano/Bozen and environs

    Enjoy the Avisio river with us, an amazing experience is waiting for you!

    Water Sports
    South Tyrol Rafting Expeditions
    St.Martin in Passeier/San Martino in Passiria, Meran/Merano and environs

    Going over the rapids on imposing rolls and waterfalls - those seeking an extraordinary experience can dare a whitewater trip on the Passer river. The young team of Südtirol Rafting consists of experienced raft guides who present to locals and visitors alike an unusual view of a diverse natural river landscape. No experience is necessary to take part on this adventure ride.
    Departures also include river excursions with moderate and higher degrees of difficulty:



    • Duration: 4 hours  
    • Level: medium-high   
    • Age: 14+  
    • Price: 104 €

    (Only if the water level is high enough)



    • Duration: 3 hours  
    • Level: medium-high   
    • Age: 14+  
    • Price: 79 €



    • Duration: 2,5 - 3  hours  
    • Level: medium  
    • Age: 14+  
    • Price: 64 €



    • Duration: 2,5 - 3 hours  
    • Level: easy-medium  
    • Age: 10+  
    • Price: 45 € (10+), 55 € (14+)
    Water Sports
    Rafting Adventure Südtirol
    Partschins/Parcines, Meran/Merano and environs
    The ultimate experience for families and beginners in rafting.

    Upon request:
    • Month of May and September at 2:00 PM
    • Months from June to August at 10:00 AM or 2:00 PM
    • Reservation 2-3 days in advance.
    Our rafting tour is perfect for those who desire a summer cool-down and are seeking action and a genuine team experience. Together, we will navigate through rapids, avoid shallows, and maneuver around rocks, or maybe not. Plenty of fun and games are guaranteed.

    Equipment (wetsuit, neoprene shoes, jacket, helmet, and life jacket) will be provided.

    Parking available directly on site.

    What to bring:
    • Swimsuit/Towel
    • Cash
    • And, of course, a good mood

    The tour takes place in all weather conditions. Because you will get wet, no matter what. ;)

    Safety first:
    Only a safe experience is a lasting one. That's why our guides are seasoned professionals and well-trained. We make no compromises with the equipment—it's state-of-the-art and meets all required standards.

    • Registration
    • Briefing on safety and paddle techniques
    • Dressing up and equipment distribution
    • Transfer to the starting point
    • Departure
    • Scan QR code for a free video

    Beach volley
    At our base we have 2 beach volleyball courts available for use.

    For all our football fanatics, there is an astro turf mini football pitch, suitable for adults and children!

    Basketball your thing? We have an excellent space for you to score some hoops and perfect your ball skills.

    Skate park
    Directly opposite our rafting base you will find a public skate park, with all you need to practice your latest tricks.

    Beach bar
    After the action has finished come and chill out at our bar, with a nice cold drink and some bar snacks. Sit back and relax!

    Closed from 21st september until 9th may.
    Lakes, cascades
    Schnals/Senales, Meran/Merano and environs
    Movement of sheep
    Every summer thousands of sheep cross the border

    The transhumance in Schnalstal Valley, which is still practiced and deeply rooted in local tradition, dates back 600 years. This ancient tradition in Schnalstal Valley is now part of the Intangible Cultural Heritage. The annual migration in Schnalstal Valley is the only cross-border and trans-glacial transhumance in existence.
    Every June, the shepherds lead flocks of 3,000 – 4,000 sheep on a mass migration from Vernago/Vernagt and Maso Corto/Kurzras across two mountain passes to the fertile pastures of Vent in neighboring Austria. The transhumance in the Schnalstal Valley covers more than 40 km, across gullies and snow-covered fields.

    In mid-September, the sheep and shepherds with the help of sheep dogs guide the flocks back to the Schnalstal Valley on the much safer return trip. At the end of the transhumance, the successful termination of the migration is celebrated.
    Lakes, cascades
    Vernagt reservoir
    Schnals/Senales, Meran/Merano and environs
    Idyllic hamlet on the lake

    On the east bank of the turquoise reservoir, at the back of the Schnalstal Valley, are a handful of houses and a church which form the hamlet of Vernago/Vernagt.

    The original village was destroyed to make way for the construction of the reservoir in the 1950s. Even today, the tower of the former chapel protrudes from the lake in early spring.

    In the idyllic village of Vernago/Vernagt, numerous hiking paths begin, leading through light forests up to the glacier, and passing centuries-old farms. An archaeological hiking trail runs along ancient places of worship to Oetzi’s place of discovery.
    Water Sports
    Acquaterra Rafting Südtirol/Alto Adige
    St.Martin in Passeier/San Martino in Passiria, Meran/Merano and environs

    Acquaterra rafting, which was founded in 1993 is proud to be able to offer their 20 years of experience to their customers.

    We propose active holiday activities for the whole family. With our activities in and around the Passirio river we gurantee a completely save and unforgetable experience. Besides rafting we offer Canyoning on a side gorge of the Passirio River, which consists of a combination of diving, swimming, and river trekking.

    Further we offer on- land activities such as Eco-Quad tours (speed or family), buggy rides, Go-Kart Track and electric cross bike tours.

    You will be welcomed by are multilingual and competent staff, guranteing you an unforgettable experience in the Passeier Valley.

    Sports and leisure
    Bruneck/Brunico, Dolomites Region Kronplatz/Plan de Corones

    The experience of white-water rafting in South Tyrol also means experiencing nature – you will be able to catch a glimpse of rare landscapes hardly anyone gets a chance of seeing. When white-water rafting in the Puster Valley, certified rafts are used. We gain experience with the white-water on high-volume rivers, and manage waves together with other adventurers in a boat guided by an experienced raft guide.

    Water Sports
    Rafting Sterzing / Vipiteno
    Freienfeld/Campo di Trens, Sterzing/Vipiteno and environs

    A rafting tour in Freienfeld / Campo di Trens near Sterzing / Vipiteno means having fun together in the foaming white water, wonderful South Tyrolean mountain landscapes under deep blue skies, thrilling action and intense team experience! 

    Rafting in South Tyrol, guaranteed fun and excitement for the whole family. A new experience for beginners, experts, old or young. For our experienced team safety is our priority. What are you waiting for? 

    Water Sports
    Adventure Südtirol
    Partschins/Parcines, Meran/Merano and environs
    Rafting Adventure Südtirol offers your guests lots of action, be it white water rafting or stand up paddling. Discover the lifelines of South Tyrol in an inflatable raft on the Etsch river.
    Sports and leisure
    Brixen/Bressanone, Brixen/Bressanone and environs
    That's our motto! Since 1989 we offer you a wide variety of exciting outdoor sporting programmes, where we are able to control your level of adventure and challenge in order to meet your individual wish! Regardless of whether you want to experience a day's adventure or an active weekend alone, with friends, family or with your club members, with Club Activ you are in the best hands! We guarantee an unforgettable adventure.
    Through our several locations in South Tyrol, we are easy and fast to reach from anywhere.
    Water Sports
    Rafting Club Activ
    Sand in Taufers/Campo Tures, Ahrntal/Valle Aurina

    Escape from the daily routine and get into the adventure!
    That's our motto! Since 1989 we offer you a wide variety of exciting outdoor sporting programmes, where we are able to control your level of adventure and challenge in order to meet your individual wish! Regardless of whether you want to experience a day's adventure or an active weekend alone, with friends, family or with your club members, with Club Activ you are in the best of hands!

    Sports and leisure
    Graun im Vinschgau/Curon Venosta, Vinschgau/Val Venosta

    Learn Kitesurfing, and do it right!
    Learn Kitesurfing and Wingfoiling at Lake Reschen.
    Course start possible from Monday to Sunday.

    Kitesurfing & Wingfoiling courses for beginners and improvers:
    —> Group courses
    —> Individual care
    —> Tubekite & Foilkite instruction
    —> Kitesurfing
    —> Snowkiting
    —> Landkiting
    —> Wingfoiling

    Lakes, cascades
    The Texelgruppe Nature Park in Schnalstal Valley
    Schnals/Senales, Meran/Merano and environs

    The Texelgruppe Nature Park in Schnalstal Valley

    The largest nature reserve in South Tyrol

    The Texelgruppe Nature Park is set in an area of about 30,000 hectares, extending between Schnalstal Valley in the west and Passeiertal Valley to the east, and from the Etschtal Valley in the south to the Oetztal Alps in the north.
    The Nature Park comprises the extensive high mountain region of the entire Texelgruppe mountain range.

    The Texelgruppe Nature Park around the Schnalstal Valley is a popular destination for hiking, with dry semi-forested slopes, clear mountain lakes above the timber line and dense forests below. The Val di Fosse/Pfossental side valley occupies the heart of the nature reserve, a pristine area with varied wildlife. During special wildlife hikes in the Pfossental Valley, hikers may spot chamois’ and ibexes, marmots, and eagles. The Pfossental is home to probably more chamois and ibexes than people living in the Schnalstal Valley.

    Nature Walk "Life on the Mountain Farms of the Val di Fosse"
    A delightful, well-marked, informative walk starting at the Maso Vorderkaser and leading from one mountain farmstead to the next - a chance to learn a little more about the typical flora, fauna and geological aspects of the surrounding countryside and high Alpine pastures with special attention given to local bee-keepers and their work.
    Sports and leisure
    Caramba kiteschool
    Mals/Malles, Vinschgau/Val Venosta
    Ready for your kite adventure?
    You are in good hands with us.

    We accompany you from your first attempts at steering a trainer kite to surfing on water or
    snow. If you are already an advanced kitesurfer, we’ll help you achieve your next goals, such
    as foiling or freestyle tricks.

    Good wind conditions await you at our homespot Lake Resia in the north of Italy during the
    winter and summer season. You can choose between private courses, courses for two or
    group courses with up to four people: You will definitely find the type of course that suits you

    On no wind days, stand up paddling is a great way to discover Lake Resia. Learn the SUP
    basics in a group course, join one of our guided tours across the lake or rent a SUP and go
    exploring on your own – the choice is yours!