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    Ścieżki kasztanowe w Południowym Tyrolu

    Vertigner Chestnut Round Trip
    Partschins/Parcines, Meran/Merano and environs

    The Partschins/Parcines chestnut trail leads through colorful forests, meadows and chestnut groves, past historical sights and traditional farms! A special family hike especially in autumn when the chestnuts are ripe!
    Walk suitable for children and buggies!


    Poziom trudności: łatwy
    106 wysokość w górę
    0h:46 min czas trwania
    Chestnut Experience Trail
    Lana, Meran/Merano and environs

    There are various stations where visitors can learn lots about chestnuts. The Chestnut Experience Trail (Kastanienerlebnisweg) is especially recommended for families and those who like a gentle walk. Along the trail one can learn a lot about the tree's wood, its fruit and the various types of chestnut.

    Parking is available next to the church in Foiana/Völlan or at the football ground. Follow the Propst-Wieser-Weg trail. After the sporting grounds a Keschtnigl, a spiky chestnut the size of a person, advertises the Chestnut Experience Trail.

    Follow the signs past the Weinreichhof farm to the start of the Chestnut Experience Trail. The trail is designed to be easy and interesting for young and old. Ten stations, some of them interactive, await visitors on a hike through the chestnut trees where it is all about the precious fruit.

    Poziom trudności: łatwy
    131 wysokość w górę
    0h:49 min czas trwania
    Renon/Ritten: Chestnut Trail Bolzano-Unterinn
    Bolzano/Bozen, Bolzano/Bozen and environs

    A line of chestnut groves extends from the abbey of Novacella/Neustift near Bressanone/Brixen all along the slopes of the Isarco Valley as far as the high plateau of the Rittner and down into the Bolzano/Bozen valley as far as Runkelstein castle with its fabled frescoes: the ideal route for the “Keschtnweg”. It should not only be thought of as an Autumn excursion though, because the landscape is extremely attractive all year round thanks to the diverse vegetation of the area.

    First stage with starting point in Bolzano Bozen: from Roncolo castle to Auna di Sotto-Unterinn on the highplateau of Renon-Ritten

    From the castle choose the way n. 2 and than follow the n. 2A until the cross path with the n. 6. Continue on the n. 6 until Signato-Signat and than proceed along the way n. 13 until the destination, Auna di Sotto-Unterinn.

    Poziom trudności: średni
    1100 wysokość w górę
    5h:00 min czas trwania
    Chestnut Trail from Feldthurns to Klausen
    Feldthurns/Velturno, Brixen/Bressanone and environs

    This marked trail leads through colourful mixed woodland in South Tyrol, across lush green meadows and along magnificent avenues of trees - a truly special way to experience nature. A continuous band of chestnut trees stretches from Varna/Vahrn near Bressanone/Brixen along the slopes of the Eisacktal valley as far as the Renon/Ritten high plateau and down into the Bolzano/Bozen valley basin. The hiking trail should not only be thought of as a route for the autumn, as the varied vegetation makes it a delightful route for all seasons.

    You can also buy regional produce directly from local producers along the Chestnut Trail (Keschtnweg). Natural and manmade features along the Chestnut Trail bear witness to a centuries-old culture, while local villages shrouded in myth are full of tales of witches, fairies and ghosts.

    Poziom trudności: łatwy
    95 wysokość w górę
    1h:40 min czas trwania
    Chestnut Trail: CHiusa-Villandro-S. Maurizio
    Klausen/Chiusa, Brixen/Bressanone and environs

    The well marked route leads through mixed forests vibrant with colour, lush green meadows and imposing chestnut groves – a very special experience.

    Poziom trudności: średni
    486 wysokość w górę
    2h:06 min czas trwania
    The Chestnut Trail from the Neustift monastery near Brixen to Terlan
    Natz-Schabs/Naz-Sciaves, Brixen/Bressanone and environs

    The Keschtnweg Chestnut Trail from the Neustift Monastery (560 m) to Terlan/Terlano (250 m) runs along the right bank of the Eisacktal Valley. It is in autumn, at the time of the Törggelen, that the trail is at its most eye-catching and many taverns and inns along the way offer traditional Törggelen dishes. The lush, diverse vegetation and simple, rural way of life also attracts visitors in spring and early summer.

    Poziom trudności: łatwy
    4050 wysokość w górę
    28h:00 min czas trwania