Open air theater (in german language) in Lana

Open air theater (in german language) in Lana

Merano/Meran i okolice

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Merano/Meran i okolice 08 kwiecień 2020, 14:00

Guided tour of the Bio Südtirol fruit Coop (blossom festival)

Blossom festival - Guided tour of the Bio Südtirol fruit Coop. Over 90 % of harvested apples end up at a fruit cooperative. Come and see what happens there, Bio Südtirol fruit Coop, from 2-4 p.m....

Merano/Meran i okolice 17 kwiecień 2020, 15:00

The healing power of the trees (blossom festival)

Blossom festival - The healing power of the trees. Trees affect our well-being and ensure our survival. In this workshop you will get to know the utility of the trees: as a starting material for...

Merano/Meran i okolice 05 kwiecień 2020, 10:00

Blossom Farm Festival (blossom festival)

Blossom festival Lana - Blossom Farm Festival. A number of historic farming estates in Lana and environs open their doors to the public. Don't miss this opportunity to visit some of these traditional...

Merano/Meran i okolice 02 kwiecień 2020, 14:00

Apple and wine (blossom festival)

Blossom festival - Apple and wine. Follow a guide on a hike in a cultural landscape through apple orchards and vineyards to the Zollweghof farmstead, parking lot at the Gaulschlucht gorge, 2.00 (with...

Merano/Meran i okolice 30 październik 2019, 11:00

"Törggelen" where the chestnut is at home, from Foiana/Völlan (Keschtnriggl)

Törggelen where the chestnut is at home. Guided hike to the lookout hill St. Hippolyt with "Törggelen" meal. Start at the tourist office Foiana/Völlan, 11.00 am (registration required).

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