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Preserving culinary heritage

Historic cheeses, rare breeds of sheep and cattle – our Slow Food circles promote projects by small producers who preserve traditional knowledge and craftsmanship.

A cheese with a history, a breed of sheep that would actually have died out long ago, a breed of grey cattle that has lived with us for millennia and adapted to our mountain environment, and a type of bread that is part of the culture of an entire region – these types of small producers and agricultural models based on artisanal and traditional knowledge are at the heart of our six Slow Food promotion circles.


Preserving originals

Our Ahrntal grey cheese, for example, made from the sour skimmed milk left over after butter production, used to be considered as “poor man's food". Nowadays, it is used in our haute cuisine. Or the Vinschger Ur-Paarl, a bread made from dark rye flour that has been around since the Middle Ages. The recipe originated from Benedictine monks and, at that time, was mainly baked for weddings: the two round-shaped loaves represent a united couple.  

Our grey cattle and Villnöss sheep also belong to us. The indigenous mountain cattle breed feeds on lush grass and spicy mountain herbs, which makes its meat particularly high quality. Our Villnöss sheep is South Tyrol's oldest sheep breed. Its wool is considered to be particularly soft, and its lamb meat particularly fine and delicate.

The Altreier lupine brings a bright blue colour to the fields around the mountain village of Altrei/Anterivo. Growers are however primarily interested in seeds; harvested by hand, sun dried, roasted and finally ground into fine powder for generations to produce the "Altreier coffee". Today, lupin seed powder is also used to season meat and make schnapps, beer, chocolate, ice cream and other desserts.


Slow Food circles for fair products

Preserving traditional food crafts, promoting sustainable production and regional food – these are the objectives for our Slow Food promotion circles. How fair products are made, and why quality rules are important. 

Contact person of the producer:

IDM Südtirol-Alto Adige/Josef Gorfer
IDM Südtirol-Alto Adige/Josef Gorfer

Ahrntaler Graukäse

Agnes Laner - Tel. 0474 653389 -

IDM Südtirol-Alto Adige/Armin Huber
IDM Südtirol-Alto Adige/Armin Huber Paarlbrot Vinschgau

Vinschgauer Ur-Paarl

Peter Schuster - Tel. 335 5418252 -

MGM/Mario Entero
MGM/Mario Entero .


Christina Müller - Tel. 0471 980490 -

IDM Südtirol-Alto Adige/Mint Mediahouse

Schnalser Schaf

Walter Zerpelloni - Tel. 335 6798537 -

Armin Terzer Photography
Armin Terzer Photography Hotel Südtirol, Hotel Südtirol

Villnösser Brillenschaf

Oskar Messner - Tel. 347 1911604 -

Slow Food Restaurants in South Tyrol

Experience food satisfaction. Slow food fosters traditional dishes made from local, high-quality raw materials. All are exquisitely prepared.

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Where our Slow Food is at home

How do Vinschgerle loaves fresh from the oven taste? Where do the Villnöss sheep spend their summer holidays? Here in their homeland, you will experience our Slow Food products even more instensely and realisethe value of this culinary heritage.

Slow Food experiences

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