Больцано/Bozen и окрестности, Аппьяно-сулла-Страда-дель-Вино/Eppan an der Weinstraße
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Сельская усадьба со скотным двором
Сельская усадьба с виноградником
Сельская усадьба Roter Hahn

К сожалению, на указанные даты и условия нет свободных номеров. Измените по возможности параметры поиска или отправьте нам прямой запрос!


“Torggl” stands for the Latin word “torquere” - rotate. It is the name of the device used in the past to squeeze the juice from the grapes - also called “wine press”. It was the first step after the harvest to produce wine, in which the stems and peels of the grape were separated from the juice. Our “TORGGL” is an approx. 60-sqm apartment on the second floor. It consists of a large bedroom (1 double and 1 single bed) and a spacious eat-in kitchen with sofa bed (as needed two people can sleep on the sofa bed). Further, the apartment has a storage room with enough space to fit a crib if needed, as well as a bathroom with bathtub. The kitchen is fully equipped with appliances such as dishwasher, fridge, kettle, coffee machine, cooking- and eating utensils. From the balcony you can enjoy the stunning views of the mountains “Penegal” and “Mendel” as well as the surrounding fruit- and vineyards. It is westward facing and situated above our garden with a sunbathing area, playground and a little swimming pool.


.and again an (old) term from the viticulture: the ZUMM is a wooden gurney that was used by the zumm-carrier to carry the grapes after the harvest. Little by little the big tub (Zuber) situated directly on the vineyard was filled up with fresh grapes. Our ZUMM, about 65 m2, located on the 2nd floor consists of a spacious, well equipped kitchen and living room (with sofa bed), 1 bath room with bath tub, 2 bedrooms and enough room for more people. 2 balconies, one facing east and the other one facing west, gorgeous views on the surrounding mountains, vineyards, apple orchards and our garden with kids playground. Naturally, the terrace on the first floor can also be used.

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