Лучшие мероприятия Больцано

Больцано/Bozen и окрестности 12 Декабрь 2019, 10:00

Christmas Market of Bolzano

A town pervaded by the magic of Christmas. Each year the Christmas Market features new attractions and surprises, tough one element is constant...the magical aura of Christmas which enveleops the...

Больцано/Bozen и окрестности 12 Декабрь 2019, 15:00

Guided Tour in Roncolo Runkelstein Castle

Daily guided tours of Roncolo Runkelstein Castle at 3pm (in German languge) and at 4pm (in Italian language): Our expert guides will talk about the frescoes in the castle and explain the most...

Больцано/Bozen и окрестности 17 Декабрь 2019, 15:00

Weekly oenology programme - Cantina Bolzano/Kellerei Bozen

Some of the wine estates in the town of Bolzano organise visits and guided tastings with interesting inside information on the local wine production. Today: From the wine to your glass - guided tour...

Больцано/Bozen и окрестности 22 Декабрь 2019, 20:00

Symphonic Winds 2019 - 30 years

Symphonic Winds celebrates its 30th anniversary. The best opportunity to perform not with one, but with more soloists on stage and present a special program. The first part of the evening features...

Больцано/Bozen и окрестности 04 Январь 2020, 20:00

Passion Gala 2020

The Passion Gala offers to all ice skating enthusiasts an appointment not to be missed, with the best figure skating champions at the ice stadium Palaonda-Eiswelle of Bolzano.

Больцано/Bozen и окрестности 26 Март 2020, 17:00

Bolzano Bozen Wine Tasting

Bolzano, the wine city: historic wine cellars and modern wine producers will give life to the oldest enological event of South Tyrol, the Bolzano Bozen Wine Tasting, now in its 96th edition. The...

Больцано/Bozen и окрестности 10 Июль 2020

Bolzano Danza Tanz Bozen

The "Bolzano Summer Festival of Dance" comprises courses and performances for discerning enthusiasts to fire both audiences and dance companies. A team of renowned experts will take part to teach...

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