Holidays in Val Venosta/Vinschgau

Get your fill of both exercise and strong cultural flavours in South Tyrol/Südtirol’s border region.
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The driest valley in the Alps as well as the highest mountain in South Tyrol, ‘King’ Ortler, are but a stone’s throw away in Val Venosta/Vinschgau, the westernmost part of South Tyrol. Character and creativity in this border region are expressed by the unique products and rich cultural and artistic treasures to be discovered against the backdrop of contrasting and dramatic landscapes.

The waters of the Reschensee lake guard the secrets of a famous sunken church. A view out across the lake towards its lonely church tower, surrounded by snowkiters or sailboats, exemplifies the blending of culture and possibilities for activity on holidays in Val Venosta. Discover for yourself the varied landscapes bathed in light as well as the creativity and peculiarity of the people of Val Venosta during a ride on the Val Venosta Train. View numerous castles and forts in the wide and sun-spoiled valley, dubbed the patchwork quilt of South Tyrol. As you travel further along, the Ortler peak appears larger than life. Hop out and enjoy the bounty that surrounds you, from Val Venosta apricots to specialties like Paarl bread. Stroll along the Waalwege paths or bike to Glorenza/Glurns, the smallest city in Italy, where you can head back in time to the middle ages.

Holiday areas in Val Venosta/Vinschgau

Summer in Val Venosta/Vinschgau

Take a comfortable stroll on the Waalwege trails, bike the Via Claudia Augusta, or test your limits during an ascent of Ortler, the highest mountain in South Tyrol/Südtirol. Options for hikers, bikers, and the unhurried abound in Val Venosta in summer. Enjoy it all against the dramatic mountain backdrop, warm light, and the unique cultural landscape. 

Family Holidays in Val Venosta/Vinschgau

Amidst the mystical valleys and magical peaks, adventure for the entire family awaits in the cultural region of Val Venosta. Discover family-friendly ski areas, ice skating on Reschensee lake, the Erdbeerweg trail in Martello/Martell or perhaps the Spielesee activity lake on Watles mountain. 

Culture & Attractions in Val Venosta/Vinschgau

Val Venosta is often justifiably referred to as South Tyrol/Südtirol’s cultural region or the valley of artists. Visitors are just as impressed by the unique structures, like the Churburg castle or the Marienberg monastery, as they are by Val Venosta’s people themselves, who are renowned for their creativity and understanding of art. 

Eating & Drinking in Val Venosta/Vinschgau

Take note, because the list of specialities to be found in Val Venosta is long. From Pala pear to Paarl bread and from regional cheese variations to seasonal asparagus, both the microclimate and the ‘stubbornness’ of the people are why traditional products and fruits just taste better here. No holiday is complete without sampling these unique, intense and authentic tastes for yourself. 

Winter in Val Venosta/Vinschgau

As if the six spectacular, sun-spoiled and family-friendly ski areas in Ortler Skiarena were not reason enough, Val Venosta offers visitors plenty of possibilities to push personal boundaries during the winter holidays. Head snowkiting on Reschensee lake or hike the many Waalwege. Not tired yet? Break out the cross-country skis and hit the panoramic trails in Val Venosta.