Walking trails in Merano/Meran

Walking trails in Merano/Meran

18 km through the green

Merano is a small city of gardens, ideal for people who like to walk in the countryside. There are numerous routes that go out from the centre of the city and impress with their plants from all over the world and spectacular panoramic views all year round.

The Sissi Monument

The monument, dedicated to one of Merano's most famous guests, is located near the Postbrücke bridge, nestled in the greenery of the Summer Promenade. Hermann Klotz created the statue in 1903 from Lasa marble. It depicts Sissi in an elegant but simple dress, sitting in a wicker chair. From 1870 onwards, the former Austrian Empress visited Merano several times and thus considerably contributed to the glory and splendour of the city.

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