What you shouldn’t miss out on in Bolzano

The top nine attractions

You only know Bolzano/Bozen when you’ve seen...

Bolzano, the most northerly provincial capital in Italy, is located in a valley basin, surrounded by green mountains and pale rocks in the Rosengarten massif that turn pink with the sunset. Here the traditional and the modern go hand in hand. The old town, a network of squares and paths, is best discovered on foot. The medieval arches, at one time the beating heart of commerce, are now a shopper’s paradise – the fruit market with its colourful market stalls full of flowers, fruit and vegetables and the Waltherplatz square with its statue of the famous minstrel Walther von der Vogelweide, the most famous Tyrolean poet of the 12th century. A little further to the south, towards the Talferbrücke bridge, the architecture changes dramatically with arcades and more rationalist spaces on the Siegesplatz square and along Freiheitsstraße street, the Regional Court and the Semirurali-Haus museum, a relic from the city’s fascist past. You must visit the Gries district which was still an autonomous market town 100 years ago and the castles that surround the city. Venture into the Museion museum to immerse yourself in modern art or turn the clock back a few hundred thousand years and get to know the story of Ötzi, the Iceman, in the Museum of Archaeology.

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