Wellness Treatments in South Tyrol

In addition to the classics like massages and Kneipp baths, South Tyrolean spa treatments rely on long practised methods and local products. Hay baths have been making tired farmers bright-eyed and chipper for hundreds of years. Today, the scent of mountain pine is still used to invigorate both body and spirit. How about a milk, apple or wine bath? Give it a try!

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Treatments based on apples

South Tyrol is Europe’s largest self-contained apple-growing area. Over 10% of the European and...

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Badl: South Tyrol's Hay and Water Baths

Bathing culture has a long tradition in South Tyrol. Relaxing farmers’ baths and spas were...

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Hay and wellbeing

The hay bath, an ancient rural restorative treatment.Because of the intense UV radiation, grass...

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Other typical South Tyrolean treatments

In addition to the classic and well-known spa treatments with their roots in South Tyrol’s...

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Kneipp Hydrotherapy

When water is a source of wellbeing. Warm, cold. Kneipp. Hydrotherapy. These are the essential...

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Milk and milk byproduct baths

The philosopher Aristotle once described milk as the “elixir of beauty”, a quote not lost on...

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Mugo pine

Every part of the mugo pine, Pinus sarentensis, grown in the Val Sarentino/Sarntal is used, from...

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Spa treatments using grapes

Grapes used in winemaking, especially their skins and seeds, are rich in natural antioxidants...

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