Sustainable Holiday in South Tyrol

South Tyrol sets high standards for itself regarding conscientious and environmentally friendly rest & relaxation. South Tyrol is known far and wide for its forward-thinking approach to energy-efficient solutions. Sustainability on holiday begins with your arrival. To keep things simple and uncomplicated, a trip planner is available to help you easily plan your bus or train connections to South Tyrol. Once you have arrived, we offer an outstanding public transport network along with the practical South Tyrol Mobilcard, an outstanding basis for car-free holiday. Types of accommodation like such as biohotels, climate farms, and hotels for the common good, combine sustainable development with indulgence and relaxation. Exciting events and courses as well as numerous possibilities for recuperation at the heart of nature round off South Tyrol’s offer with regard to sustainability.

The gentle way to get to unique places in South Tyrol

Fresh mountain air, tranquil places of power and unforgettable views: the beauty of South Tyrol’s landscape is preserved by sustainable transportation planning.

On holiday in South Tyrol - remote from the traffic and the bustle of everyday life | © Magnolia

Where you "can’t be reached at the moment"

Wellbeing is not always connected with spa or body care treatments: it bursts into life within us and on occasion it is easy to regain.