Buschenschänke & Hofschänke Farmhouse Inns in South Tyrol

Calling in at a Buschenschank farmhouse inn has a long tradition in South Tyrol. For centuries farmers have been inviting guests to taste young wine. At such events, called Törggelen, guests were also served rural dishes. Today, you can sample an authentic portion of South Tyrolean tradition all year round at one of the many farmhouse inns. Farmhouse inns serve typical South Tyrolean meals such as Schlutzkrapfen, a filled pasta dish, many varieties of dumplings, and a hearty Marende, a typical South Tyrolean snack consisting of flavourful cheese and South Tyrolean smoked ham. As with homemade wine in the farmhouse inns , food and drink recipes developed over many years, like those served in rural bars located outside the typical wine-growing areas, are the basis for a successful time spent indulging in rural fare. Here you will find the best locations to sample typical South Tyrolean dishes.
Salat mit bunten Blüten aus dem hauseigenen Garten

All the farmhouse inns

At South Tyrol’s rustic farmhouse inns, host families will show you the true meaning of regional hospitality as they serve up homemade products like locally produced fruit juices, delicious warm or cold dishes, farm-fresh fruits and, of course, local wines. The annual festival...