Eating & Drinking in South Tyrol

South Tyrol is famous for apples, wine and smoked ham... and for good reason! But look a little closer and you will discover that South Tyrol’s cuisine is actually more diverse. Rural, down-to-earth tastes spiced with Mediterranean charm are the ingredients for creating distinctive flavours. No matter which course you are enjoying – the pleasant aperitif, a zesty antipasto, homemade pasta varieties, or an indispensable Caffè Macchiato as a finishing touch – southern culinary influences are readily apparent in the food and drinks. Spinach dumplings and apple strudel are South Tyrolean classics. In the last few years, these signature dishes have been complemented by innovation and international influences. The high concentration of Michelin star-rated restaurants is as much a testament to South Tyrolean food culture as rustic Buschenschänke farmhouse inns and Alpine huts with simple but delicious dishes. Our suggestions for the best places to indulge in these culinary delights on holiday are available here.
Essen und Trinken im Castel Fragsburg

Restaurants & Taverns

Filled with delicious dishes made from high-quality ingredients, South Tyrol’s menu is as rich in contrast as the province itself and this is reflected in the variety of restaurants. The concentration of award-wining and Michelin star-rated restaurants in South Tyrol is...

Ein klassisches Südtiroler "Speckbrettl"

Countryside Fare

Beim Törggelen git es frischen Wein und bäuerliche Gerichte.


The South Tyrolean culinary tradition of Törggelen is popular with both guests and locals alike. Originating from an old custom practised by farmers and wine merchants, Törggelen is the practice of sampling young wine between the beginning of October and the beginning of the...