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While travelling through South Tyrol, enjoy dramatic views of 800 forts, castles and stately residences, the highest concentration of which is close to Bolzano/Bozen. A visit to the Franzensfeste fortress (Festung Franzensfeste) is impressive, whilst the entertaining Touriseum, the South Tyrol Museum of Tourism, is housed in Trauttmansdorff Castle. Those interested in learning more about the history of South Tyrol should head to the Tyrol Castle (Schloss Tirol).

Merano/Meran and environs | Forts & Castles

Eschenlohe Castle

Eschenlohe Castle is located at the crossroads between Rio Fratta/Hagenbach and...

Merano/Meran and environs | Forts & Castles

Chapel of San Erasmus in the Wehrburg-castle

The chapel of the castle was dedicated 1474 and renewed in the 17. century.

Brunico/Bruneck and environs | Forts & Castles

Toblburg Castle

10 meditational spots are found along the side of the path until you reach the "Franziskus and...

Dolomites Val Gardena | Forts & Castles

Stetteneck Robber Barons’ Castle

The legends of the Dolomites collected by K.F. Wolff helped archaeologists find the forgotten...

Merano/Meran and environs | Forts & Castles


Built in Roman times and only partially restored, this castle stands atop a granite rock...

Merano/Meran and environs | Forts & Castles

Castel Katzenzungen

Castel Katzenzungen was first mentioned in 1244 when it was owned by Henricus de Cazenzunge....

Merano/Meran and environs | Forts & Castles

Kröll tower and waterfall Gargazon

Medieval tower high above Gargazzone and the Etschtal Valley. The Trautson coat of arms can be...

Val Venosta/Vinschgau | Forts & Castles

Castle Obermontani

The castle Obermontani was built in 1228 by Albert II of Tyrol as defence against the Bishops of...

Merano/Meran and environs | Ruins

Ruin of the church St. Anton Abt

From the church of Sant'Antonio Abate, mentioned for the first time in 1323, today are only...

Merano/Meran and environs | Forts & Castles

Lebenberg Castle Tscherms

Castel Lebenberg is one of the most beautiful castles in Burggrafenamt, built in the 13th...

Merano/Meran and environs | Forts & Castles

Grave stone from the roman era - Via Claudia Augusta

At Hochhueben Hof farm in Parcines/Partschins, a feudal holding of the Salzburg Bishops dating...

Merano/Meran and environs | Forts & Castles

Puccini Theatre

The theatre was designed by the Munich architect Martin Dülfer and inaugurated in 1900. It...

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