Culture & Attractions in South Tyrol

Attractions such as Ötzi the Iceman in the South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology in Bolzano/Bozen are unique in Italy and the world and are an essential stop on any holiday itinerary in South Tyrol. In addition to exciting museums and buildings steeped in history, the everyday way of life practised in the northern part of Italy is especially stimulating, frequently leading to questions about just what is German and what is Italian? This trilingual region unites the best of these cultures here. How can you best get to know this culture? Which attractions are not to be missed on holiday here? Find out here.
Die Glasfront des Museion in Bozen


From the Ötzi Museum in Bolzano/Bozen to the nearby Messner Mountain Museum Firmian, continue on to the Touriseum, the South Tyrol Museum of Tourism in Merano/Meran, and then to the Museum Ladin in Alta Badia. A colourful array of museums is located throughout South Tyrol...

Entspannung in der Therme von Meran


Ein Besuch eines Bergwerks ist für Kinder ein ganz besonderes Urlaubserlebnis.


Das Schloss Tirol bei Meran

Forts & Castles

While travelling through South Tyrol, enjoy dramatic views of 800 forts, castles and stately residences, the highest concentration of which is close to Bolzano/Bozen. A visit to the Franzensfeste fortress (Festung Franzensfeste) is impressive, whilst the entertaining...

Die Stoanernen Mandln in den Sarntaler Alpen

Places to See

South Tyrol is particularly rich in fables and legends that weave round secret locations and unusual natural formations. Places to see, like the witches’ benches at Alpe di Siusi/Seiser Alm Alpine pasture, recount stories of witches and kings, while places of power, like the...