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    Legendy Jižního Tyrolska - stezky

    Údolí a hory Jižního Tyrolska jsou opředeny legendami a pověstmi. Kdo ví, kolik z nich obsahuje zrnko pravdy? Také jste tak okouzleni mnoha čarodějnicemi, čaroději, černokněžníky, obry a starými rytíři? Je fascinující číst o nich příběhy a navštívit místa, kde tyto bájné postavy žily. Na nejkrásnějších místech Jižního Tyrolska se odehrávají ty nejdramatičtější legendy. Objevte je na vlastní oči.
    Trail of legends of Partschins/Parcines
    Partschins/Parcines, Meran/Merano and environs

    Family hike to pre-Christian settlement and cult sites in Partschins/Parcines. Scarf stones, witches' cave, devil's plate - on the way on the Partschins/Parcines Legend Trail.

    Obtížnost: střední
    331 nadmořská výška
    1h:48 min doba trvání
    Trodena Trail of Legends (Sagenweg Truden)
    Truden/Trodena, Bolzano/Bozen and environs

    Legends from Trodena/Truden include all sorts of mythical heroes whose stories have been passed down through generations, giving many people in Trodena the shivers. In order to give a brief insight of Trodena’s fabulous beings to interested parties, in 2009 the staff at the Trodena primary school decided to develop the "Trail of Legends". Pupils of the 4th and 5th grade worked on that, they recorded and treated all of the sagas.

    The 2 km long circular trail along the Forchwaldegg (trail no. 8) in Trodena proved to be a perfect spot for the Trail of Legends. It is set amidst larch, pine and spruce trees and is very easy to hike.

    Obtížnost: nízká
    0 nadmořská výška
    1h:00 min doba trvání
    Hike from Obereggen to Lake Carezza via the path "Templweg"
    Deutschnofen/Nova Ponente, Dolomites Region Eggental
    This ideal family hiking trail leads you from Obereggen through the "Karerwald" forest to the legendary Lake Carezza. The hike can also be walked from the village of Ega or in the opposite direction from Lake Carezza.
    Obtížnost: nízká
    0 nadmořská výška
    3h:30 min doba trvání
    Into the heart of the Rosengarten | Catinaccio massif – Vajolon
    Welschnofen/Nova Levante, Dolomites Region Eggental

    An attractive hike around the centrepiece of the Catinaccio massif, the Roda di Vaèl. For excitement this tour is hard to beat, offering spectacular views of the surrounding mountains.

    Attention: Due to weather events, the path to the Vajolon Pass has been damaged. Therefore, the ascent to Vajolon Pass is more challenging and suitable only for experienced hikers.
    There are still some snowfields. For accessibility, mountain experience and the appropriate equipment are required (good hiking boots, hiking poles and possibly crampons).

    Obtížnost: vysoká
    918 nadmořská výška
    4h:30 min doba trvání
    Pyramid path Steinegg | Collepietra
    Karneid/Cornedo all'Isarco, Dolomites Region Eggental

    Romantic hike through forests, meadows and gorges with a view of the mighty earth pyramids, remnants from the ice age. 

    Obtížnost: střední
    282 nadmořská výška
    1h:40 min doba trvání
    Excursion around the Sassolungo
    Sëlva/Selva, Dolomites Region Val Gardena

    The sassolungo represents the Val Gardena and it's one of the important mountains here in the surroundings. Climbing up the forcella you will get a fantastic view of the mountains which sourrounds us. Walking up until the forcella you will appreciate the astouning view of the Sella and the Marmolada. You have a lot of possibilities to walk there around and also for climbers there are no limits.

    Obtížnost: střední
    820 nadmořská výška
    3h:43 min doba trvání
    Anterivo Trail of Legends (Sagenweg Altrei)
    Altrei/Anterivo, Bolzano/Bozen and environs

    Above Anterivo/Altrei, a small mountain town on South Tyrol’s language border, some mythical figures are making trouble for some time. Through oral transfer, people of Anterivo have succeeded in preserving their legends until the present day. The local library has collected and written down the legends with children of Anterivo. The primary school staff and pupils used this as a chance to develop the "Trail of Legends".

    The hiking trail, which is about 2 km long, starts at the "Lärchenheim" and passes massive larch trees and a partly dense forest until it reaches the sports centre "Ebnerrast".

    Obtížnost: nízká
    0 nadmořská výška
    1h:30 min doba trvání