South Tyrol Guide

The official smart phone application, for exploring and experiencing South Tyrol. It can be used anywhere in the region, and even at home when planning your trip to South Tyrol.    

Coupled with stunning images this guide enables you to find address, phone, email and web site details and even launch Google maps lo locate your position. Content may be stored inside the application. In this case you do not need an internet connection when moving in South Tyrol unless you wish to interact with Google maps.

This application has an easy navigation menu that takes you directly to what you want to do. There are 7 main categories to choose from:

  • Accommodation
  • Restaurants
  • Events
  • The best of South Tyrol
  • Weather
  • Photo and video gallery

The main features of the South Tyrol Guide are:

  • List of all accommodation and restaurants in South Tyrol
  • List of most important events and highlights all year round
  • The top sights, the finest walks and hikes and the top vantage points
  • Location based navigation
  • Walking distance of current location
  • Up-to-date weather conditions and forecast
  • Direct phone dialing and email sending feature
  • Gallery with most beautiful landscape pictures and videos

Languages: English, German, Italian