South Tyrol without a car

The gentle way of exploring South Tyrol

Can you imagine a holiday without your car? If you fancy relaxation from the start, give it a try: take a train or bus instead.
Be brave! Once you get to South Tyrol, you have plenty of transfer options that will take you from the rail or bus station to your accommodation. And the excellent public transport network of the region will get you around your destination effortlessly.

Arriving without a car

Instead of navigating traffic, why not spend your journey reading, playing games, having conversations or simply relaxing?

South Tyrol is perfectly connected by train and coach. Rail journeys are especially popular with families: they offer more legroom and space for moving about. And with everyone having plenty of time for each other, your trip is bound to be delightful.
But public transport is for everyone – single travellers, couples and families alike. Arrive in the couchette, take your bike with you or send your baggage ahead: when you travel by train or bus, you reach your destination well rested and with a low environmental impact to boot.

Finding your accommodation without a car

Most travellers have been here before: you arrive at the rail or coach station or land at the airport and wonder where to go: “How do I get to my hotel?”
Don’t worry. South Tyrol operates multiple transfer options that will take you straight to your accommodation and, at the end of your stay, back to the station.

As of 1 October, you will have access to the comprehensive “Südtirol Transfer” shuttle that will carry you from the rail or coach station to your lodging.
Another novelty is the booking platform "Book your shuttle" that offers shuttle services and airport transfers. The online portal simplifies the reservation and booking of individual transfers from and to South Tyrol.

Getting around without a car

South Tyrol loves sustainable transportation by rail and bus. The bus and rail schedules are well coordinated. Valleys, mountain villages and small towns are perfectly connected, and our car-free visitors will have no trouble getting around.

With one of South Tyrol’s Mobilcards or our popular Guest Cards, you can take any public bus, Citybus, ski bus, regional train or public cable car to get exactly where you want to be.

Find out more about South Tyrol Integrated Public Transport (Verkehrsbund Südtirol), the South Tyrolean Guest Cards and how to experience our beautiful region without a car and on a single ticket. 

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