South Tyrol’s Waalwege Canal Trails

Perfect all year round for young and old alike, Waalwege are easy walking paths along South Tyrol’s historic irrigation canals. The majority are located in Val Venosta/Vinschgau and Merano/Meran and Environs. The paths’ main features are their gentle inclines and the fantastic views they offer of the surrounding mountains and the Dolomites.

Val Venosta/Vinschgau | Waalwege

Leiten and Berkwaal Irrigation Channel Trail

Family Hike along the Canal Trails in Sluderno/Schluderns  

Val Venosta/Vinschgau | Waalwege

Hiking tour on the irrigation channel path "Agumser Bergwaal"

The walk via the irrigation channel path of Agumes to Ponte Stelvio is an easy, sunny route...

Val Venosta/Vinschgau | Waalwege

Latschanderwaal irrigation channel path way

Hike along the Latschander Waalweg canal.{MQ}‘Waale’ are irrigation systems and the...

Merano/Meran and environs | Waalwege

Saltauser Waalweg Trail

Waalwege are paths along the ancient irrigation channels. From the car park of the Hirzer cable...

Val Venosta/Vinschgau | Waalwege

Hike along the Ilswaal Canal

From spring to autumn, the ever-changing Ilswaal irrigation canal carries water, so in these...

Merano/Meran and environs | Waalwege

The Marlengo/Marling irrigation channel path

Excursion on the Marlengo/Marling irrigation channel path with start in the center of...

Merano/Meran and environs | Waalwege

Round trip along the ancient "Waalweg" (irrigation channel) of Partschins/Parcines

This is one of the oldest irrigation channels (Waalweg) of Merano and environs!It was...

Val Venosta/Vinschgau | Waalwege

Hike on the Senales and Staven Canal Trails

South Tyroleans enjoy hiking along the historic irrigation canals (Waalwege) on Sundays, which...

Merano/Meran and environs | Waalwege

Irrigation channel pathway Algund

Waalwege are paths along the ancient irrigation channels. The Algunder Waalweg Trail is a...

Merano/Meran and environs | Waalwege

Paths along the irrigation channels in Merano

The paths along the irrigation channels in Merano extend to the Val d'Adige foothills and...

Merano/Meran and environs | Waalwege

Hike along the Schenner Waalweg Trail

This picturesque hike along the Schenner Waal irrigation channel runs along an unspoilt trail...

Merano/Meran and environs | Waalwege

Riffianer Waalweg Trail

Waalwege are paths along the ancient irrigation channels. Ascend to the canal trail via the...

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