Opening of the church St. Johann im Dorfe, the oldest in Bolzano

Opening of the church St. Johann im Dorfe, the oldest in Bolzano

Bolzano/Bozen a okolí

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Bolzano/Bozen a okolí 30 duben 2020, 11:00

Flower Festival

From April 30th to May 1st Piazza Walther Platz turns into a beautiful botanical garden full of flowers, colors and springy atmosphere..

Bolzano/Bozen a okolí 10 září 2020

Festival Transart

Transart is a contemporary culture festival that offers to a curious and open audience music projects and contemporary art at atypical sites, within the range of experimentation joint to quality. The...

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Bolzano Bozen Wine Tasting

Bolzano, the wine city: historic wine cellars and modern wine producers will give life to the oldest enological event of South Tyrol, the Bolzano Bozen Wine Tasting, now in its 97th edition. The...

Bolzano/Bozen a okolí 17 říjen 2020, 09:00

Thanksgiving market

In rural areas, the classic "Thanksgiving" is linked to rural and religious traditions that come together to express the joy of the harvest and the good outcome of the agricultural year. A tradition...

Bolzano/Bozen a okolí 26 listopad 2020, 17:00

Christmas Market of Bolzano

A town pervaded by the magic of Christmas. Each year the Christmas Market features new attractions and surprises, tough one element is constant...the magical aura of Christmas which enveleops the...

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