Alpine cuisine coupled with Italian sophistication and lightness. The natural coexistence of specialities from both culinary traditions in South Tyrol results in unique gastronomic delights.

Pusterer Breatl "little loaves"

This round flat loaf belongs in Val Pusteria to every kitchen. The bread consists of a fresh rye, wheat mixture and sourdough.

Beetroot dumplings with grey cheese and brown butter

Beetroot dumplings with grey cheese and brown butter are part of every alpine hut in South Tyrol. You definitely should try it out!

Christmas Zelten Cake

This traditional fruitcake is like South Tyrol: exotic spices, southern fruits, and as strong as the region.

Barley risotto with speck, apples and cheese

Risotto can be enjoyed in many ways. This recipe convinces with three ingredients from South Tyrol with Speck being the protagonist!

Spitzbuben Biscuits

The sweetness of homemade jam, at odds with the name (Spitzbub = scoundrel), adds a touch of summer.

Buttermilk cream

A refreshing dessert with autumnal flair. Fresh raspberries on a delicate, delicious buttermilk cream.

Buttered potato noodles

Whether with potatoes or vegetables, no matter how we call them - buttered potato noddles are simply delicious!

Potato and smoked ham patties with sauerkraut

It belongs in every South Tyrolean cookbook: You will enjoy the delicious and simple potato bacon recipe.

Speck Onion quiche

The slightly different cake: the South Tyrolean bacon in this delicious speck onion quiche.

South Tyrolean wine cake

Wine and South Tyrolean cuisine perfectly combined in this unique creation: the South Tyrolean wine cake.

Speckknödel (bread dumplings) with lettuce

You don't necessarily have to eat the Specknödel with soup. Why don't try it out with fresh salad?

South Tyrolean summer flan

Fresh and tasty - just summer! We proudly present a light summer cake that will melt on your tongue

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