Alpine cuisine coupled with Italian sophistication and lightness. The natural coexistence of specialities from both culinary traditions in South Tyrol results in unique gastronomic delights.

Cheese terrine coated with schüttelbrot and garnished with caramelised apple wedges and blossom honey

The delicious cheese terrine recipe with caramelized apple slices and blossom honey is very easy to imitate

Cheese dumplings

Do you like cheese and bread? Then you should absolutely try this recipe for the perfect cheese dumplings.

Aniseed Coins

Anise, usually used in Schüttelbrot flatbread, gives these winter cookies their authentic local taste.

Farmer's zelten

An easy and good recipe for 10 Farmer's zelten.

Christmas Zelten Cake

This traditional fruitcake is like South Tyrol: exotic spices, southern fruits, and as strong as the region.

Speck Onion quiche

The slightly different cake: the South Tyrolean bacon in this delicious speck onion quiche.

Grated radicchio-and-speck lasagnette

This recipe shows in a uniquely tasteful way how well Alpine and Mediterranean influences harmonize on the plate.

Caramelised apple with ricotta crème diplomat and arlettes

Pierre Koffmann, who has been awarded with three Michelin stars, serves up a stunning dessert inspired by the produce of South Tyrol, with ricotta-flavoured crème diplomat and caramelised apples...

Laces apple tart

Do you think you can only bake apple strudel from fresh Southtyrolean apples? Then you should be inspired by this delicious recipe for a juicy apple pie.

Mozzarelline with speck and arugula

A traditional South Tyrolean appetizer á la Italian style: mozzarella with bacon and arugula

Stuffed bread roll

The perfect stuffed bread roll recipe with a simple, delicious filling and understandable step-by-step instructions.

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