Alpine cuisine coupled with Italian sophistication and lightness. The natural coexistence of specialities from both culinary traditions in South Tyrol results in unique gastronomic delights.

Roast pork stuffed with apples and plums

Roast pork filled with apples and plums not only tastes good, it is an absolute feast for the eyes, too.

Hugo: the South Tyrolean Aperitif

The Aperol Spritz cocktail is yesterday’s news. Today, South Tyroleans are drinking the Hugo. Made with sparkling wine, elderflower syrup and mint leaves this aperitif is especially refreshing in...

Caramelised apple with ricotta crème diplomat and arlettes

Pierre Koffmann, who has been awarded with three Michelin stars, serves up a stunning dessert inspired by the produce of South Tyrol, with ricotta-flavoured crème diplomat and caramelised apples...

South Tyrolean wine cake

Wine and South Tyrolean cuisine perfectly combined in this unique creation: the South Tyrolean wine cake.

Speckknödel (bread dumplings) with lettuce

You don't necessarily have to eat the Specknödel with soup. Why don't try it out with fresh salad?

Potato gnocchi with tomatoes and sage

Why buy gnocchi at the supermarket, when the homemade one's still taste best?

Ravioli filled with potato salad

An Italian specialty: the ravioli - perfectly combined with potato salad

Fermented barley and girolle risotto

Robin Gill's fermented barley and girolle risotto recipe provides a modern twist on a classic, inspired by the chef's recent trip to South Tyrol. Robin says: "This dish is inspired by my risotto...

Spitzbuben Biscuits

The sweetness of homemade jam, at odds with the name (Spitzbub = scoundrel), adds a touch of summer.

Broiled fillet of perch with Speck and lentils

Fresh Fish goes well with South Tyrolean Speck - try out this simple recipe!

Rosengarten cocktail

The perfect Rosengarten cocktail recipe with simple step-by-step instructions. For young and old!

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