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Sports and leisure

Balance trail

Dolomites Region 3 Zinnen
from center of

Trail "Balance"

"The most important step in life is the step we are about to take!"

This very special trail makes it possible to establish a close bond with nature and its forces. The stations along the trail invite you to meditate on the energy of nature and its power to heal the human body. Walking through the forest and in the fields or along the natural biotopes, in a deep and dedicated bond with nature, our brainwaves are transformed. In a process similar to deep meditation, the two halves of our brain begin to harmonize at the same rhythm, emulating healing
processes and channelling energy at every level.



It is the expression of ancient wisdom founded on experiences acquired in the distant past and in contemporary times. It helps us create a connection between the place we live in, the state of our health and our feelings. Ultimately, it is the science that studies the correlation between cosmic, earthly and human energy. Places with an enhanced level of energy characteristically display significant growth of moss on trees, strange shapes in the trees themselves, geological faults, water sources and caves, and are often the setting of places of worship.



These are areas with a strong level of natural energy and an uncommon concentration of telluric radiation. As human beings, we are constantly exchanging energy with the surrounding  environment. But just as there are places of energy, there are also geopathic areas that on the
contrary drain our life force. A geomancer has identified the sites with positive energy and the 11 stations have been located in these places. For the purposes of survival, it was important for humanity to carefully observe its surroundings, to perceive the signals and live according to the laws of nature in order to vibrate in unity with them. This was the only way that humanity could grow, develop, acquire greater awareness and wisdom, and more extensive knowledge.



Relying on exercises to develop his attention, man learned to immerse himself with all his senses in the forest atmosphere and to benefit from the various shades of green, the softness of the moss-covered earth under his feet, the chirping of birds and the aromatic scent of the pine trees. The different aromatic substances (terpenes) come into contact with our immune system and enhance the work of the killer cells. But the forest is also the home of the soul. At one with nature, we become able to perceive our roots and our primordial soul that emanates peace and deep satisfaction.