Residence Frühmesserhaus Refugium zu Sanct Kassian

Meran/Merano et environs, Algund/Lagundo
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Piano I

A few stone steps lead up to the wooden door of the Frühmesserhaus Refugium zu Sanct Kassian. The door opens onto the light-flooded staircase with its wrought-iron banister, testimony to age-old craftsmanship. The hallmark of the first-floor apartment – Piano I – is its purity of lines. The central corridor, which gives access to all rooms, owes its fascination to a skilful synthesis of old and new. The beauty of the original timbered larch-wood floor is accentuated by the play of light shed by the modern Occhio lamps designed by Axelmeiselicht. A large window at the end of the corridor gives onto the enchanting scenery in which the estate is embedded as part of a setting full of poetic charm. On your right, the sunny living-rooms, to the left, shaded from the sun, the bath and bedrooms.

Piano II

The stone steps of the staircase with its old wooden banister lead up to the second floor. A wooden bench on the landing lends itself to a brief rest and enhances the atmosphere of this authentic staircase. As you enter the second floor apartment – Piano II – you will find on your right a large, comfortable wooden kitchen furnished in typically alpine style. The large round table and the surrounding bench made of massive applewood immediately suggest long evenings in good company. The room, with its superb view across the valley, imparts a feeling of down-to-earthness and being at home. The adjoining Tyrolean “Stube“ with its stone-pine furniture picks up the theme of cosiness and local atmosphere. An old 19th-century rustic table holds the centre and, as one would expect from such a place, there is a traditional tiled stove. The antlered stag’s head on the panelled wall blinks, a little vexed, it would seem, at the red and gold Baroque chairs against the wall – perhaps a slightly ironical stab at the good-natured complacency of the locals. The living-room next door forms a stylistic counterpoint to the alpine style, which cleverly redefined. In colour shades and materials remains faithful to the natural look, while its contemporary language of form intimately communicates with the 18th-century rustic Tyrolean cupboard. Here too the view is spectacular, both from the windows and from the two balconies with their delicate wrought-iron balustrades. Looking across the wide valley to the towering mountains with nothing but the soft murmur of the fountain in your ear, you feel uplifted and free from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Piano III

After climbing a few steps that look as if they were leading to some storage space under the roof we are stopped by a large iron door of austere design which opens onto a completely different world. . The owners have turned the former attic into a light-flooded open space already heralded by the last landing, a modern glass and steel construction that underlines the contemporary flavour of this urbane ambience. Through a delicately etched glass door that separates it from the entrance area, we enter a vast living-room whose numerous windows offer an overwhelming view of the sky and the wide expanse of the landscape. The wooden floor made of local walnut and the whitewashed pitched roof area make the room gracefully cosy – in deliberate contrast to the austerity of the staircase and the entrance area. Natural, warm materials such as wood and the carpets by Paola Lenti are skilfully combined with clear, modern accents and functional design. Part of the spacious kitchen with its high-gloss painted furniture and practical basalt top is taken up by an integrated breakfast counter and trendy bar stools ideally suited for a quick snack or breakfast for those in a hurry. The cool linearity of the superb dining table fashioned from massive walnut is a world away from the traditional Tyrolean table, a clear commitment to new shapes. In perfect style, the simple wooden bench along the wall is ennobled by modern leather chairs with the “writing on the wall” providing an artistic counterpoint. The most striking feature of the entire living area is the creative use of light as part of the furnishings. The natural light coming in through the many windows is cleverly complemented by top-quality designer light sources which conjure up magnificent lighting effects at any time of day. Behind a wall, hidden from the view as we first enter the room, we find an array of comfortable sofas.

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Residence Frühmesserhaus Refugium zu Sanct Kassian
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