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Glanen room

This spruce-furnished room is small and cosy and may be booked as a single room.

74 €

Suite Himmelschlüssel

This spacious suite in typical Oberraindlhof style offers lots of living space and is especially suitable for longer stays. The interior design is best described as elegant yet traditional. A high level of luxury palpably permeates the entire suite. The spacious bathroom also has a tub.

94 €


This spacious and comfortable room is located in the new part of our hotel. Here the scent of freshly cut wood still permeates the air. The bright and open room combines Alpine and modern design elements in a congenial way. From the window one can enjoy a unique view of the natural surroundings.

88 €

Raindl room

A nice and cosy room on the ground floor. From the terrace, one enjoys a terrific view of the Texel Group or out local mountain, the Nock. Its ground-floor location make it idea for travellers with dogs. It may also be booked as a single room.

76 €

Schiferlehen room

This spacious room is furnished with an extra sofa-bed, and is suitable for families with kids. This room and bath have an elegant luxury that will leave no wishes unfulfilled. From the balcony or terrace there is a magnificent panorama view into the valley.

81 €


This room, entirely outfitted in Swiss pine, holds a surprising treat for its guests. The panorama skylight window invites you to dream and gaze at the clear, starry nighttime sky – an especially enjoyable activity for two.

74 €


A truly rustic room, as you can already tell from its name. This was used as a guest room for summer tourists as early as 1900. The balcony provides terrific views of the Texelgruppe mountain range.

74 €

Tiroler Herzblut

This is the most spacious of the historic rooms at Oberraindlhof, yet you’ll immediately sense its quaint and very intimate atmosphere. From the balcony there is a magnificent panorama view into the valley.

81 €
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Raindl, 49
39020 Schnalstal Valley
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