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Alpine Romantic Suite

Modern wooden interiors, combined with rustic elements and perfectly designed lighting, transform this suite into an oasis of well-being, enhanced by a splendid panoramic terrace.

125 €

Atmosphere Room Living

The presence of an inviting lounge area makes it the ideal place to spend pleasant moments of relaxation. Another distinguishing feature is the sophistication of the furnishings.

60 €

Atmosphere Room Valley

This spacious, modern and cosy room is furnished with elegant solid wood furniture. The ideal place to take a break, close your eyes and dream ...

80 €

Happiness Sup. Room

Modern wooden interiors and comfortable beds transform this spacious room into an oasis full of elegance and comfort. A small room with a TV is reserved for the younger guests.

90 €

Harmony Sup. Room

Harmony in shapes and colours: this refined room offers timeless comfort. The modern interiors in local wood transmit warmth and make you feel at ease from the first moment.

90 €

Home Romantic Room

In this airy and elegantly furnished room, you will feel at home, but with an extra touch of wellness! The high level of comfort and the panorama of the Sarentino mountains complete the relaxation experience. A separate sleeping area is available for younger guests.

80 €

Mountain Romantic Suite

Clean lines and refined design elements characterize the prized wooden interior of this charming suite, whose main highlight is the terrace overlooking the mountains of the Sarentino Valley.

115 €

Romantic Deluxe Suite

A restrained luxury and large windows make our Romantic Deluxe Suites unique. Here, you will find a freestanding bathtub with views of Lake Valdurna (1st and 2nd floor) or the sky (3rd floor with skylight window) and a magnificent panoramic terrace.

135 €

Single Room Dream Mountain

Simple, refined and welcoming: these three adjectives perfectly describe this room with a view of the lawn and the forest. Here, it will come naturally to relax and ... to dream.

60 €

Single Room Dream Valley

This intimate and welcoming room will win you over with its restrained luxury and timeless comfort. The highlight is the view of the spectacular mountain scenery of the Val Sarentino.

70 €
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Boutique Hotel Kircher
San Martino 76
39058 Val Sarentino/Sarntal Valley
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