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Belvedere Garden Suite Juniorsuite Premium

Already the wooden floors have a natural fragrance. And nature is not far away given you can walk from your terrace directly into the hotel’s own garden and enjoy the wonderful views over Bolzano and the mountains. A modern bathroom with a shower or bath and bidet as well as a desk, an armchair or sofa and in some cases separable living area give the suites a cosy and homely feel.

126 €

Hill-top Suite Amira

The new Belvedere Slope Suite looks to the Rosengarten and Latemar. The suite is built into the porphytic rock and faces out in an easterly or south-easterly direction. A clear architectural style, high quality materials and elegant 2x2m Sommier beds provide plenty of room to breathe.

144 €

Hill-top Suite Aria

From your lounge style terrace, you can look straight out over Bolzano. The suites, carved into the porphyritic rock, are east or south-east facing. With a clear architectural style, the suites boast a three-sectored bathroom area, high frameless windows and elegant Sommier beds all of which help to create an airy feel.

140 €

Hill-top Suite Natura

Are built into the porphyritic rock and face out in an easterly/south-easterly direction. Clear architectural design with a three-sector bathroom area, frameless window front 2.7 metres high, a lounge-style terrace which looks out over the garden, high quality materials and elegant 2x2m Sommier beds all contribute to a unique atmosphere and feeling of well-being.

134 €

Belvedere Juniorsuite komfort

Approx. 35 m², with wooden floors, in some cases with separable lounge area as well as a desk, sofa-bed, bright bathroom with shower and bidet and a south facing balcony offering panoramic views over Bolzano and the Catinaccio mountains.

123 €

Belvedere panorama suite

On a floor of their own, these suites have a south facing balcony with a view out over Bolzano and the Dolomites. The 50-60 m² suites have two separable living areas, two desks, a sofa-bed and a large, bright bathroom with a shower, bath and bidet.

146 €

Double room Bozen classic

With a south or east facing balcony you can enjoy an umimpeded view over Bolzano and the Catinaccio mountains. Some rooms have loft character and all are approx. 20-25 m² with wooden floors, a desk or couch and a bright bathroom with shower.

102 €

Double room Loggia superior

You wake up in our Loggia to a view out over Bolzano and the Catinaccio mountains, which you can incidently also enjoy from the south facing balcony. The suites are 25-30 m² and have a bright bathroom with a shower or bath, wooden floor, a lounge area with couch or corner seats and some also have a walk-in wardrobe.

117 €

Double room Salten classic

Approx. 20 m², in which you get very close to Jenesien. From the north- or east-facing balcony you have a view up over the trees of the car park directly onto the Salten plateau. The rooms are comfortably furnished with wooden floors, a modern bathroom with shower and a writing desk.

90 €

single room classic

approx. 16m², Room comfortable furnished, Queen Size bed, modern bathroom with shower, south facing balcony with view on Bozen and the Dolomites.

112 €

Familysuite Classic

The suite has a master bedroom with a walk-in wardrobe and a kids bedroom with a bunk bed, a cosy living area with a large corner sofa and desk as well as a generous-sized bathroom with bidet, shower and bath. From the south facing balcony or from the terrace, you can enjoy the breathtaking view over the mountains.

128 €

Apartment Margarethenheim

In our Dependence – 5 minutes by feet from the Hotel, 3 rooms, loft character, two balconies with panoramic view on Bozen and the Dolomites, free use of the SPA area.

94 €

Apartment Rosengarten

In our Dependence – 5 minutes by feet from the Hotel, 2 rooms, balcony with panoramic view on the “Rosengarten”-Mountain and the surroundings of Bozen, free use of the SPA area.

85 €
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