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    Meren en watervallen in Zuid-Tirol

    Lakes, cascades
    Waterfall in Vilpian
    Terlan/Terlano, The South Tyrolean Wine Road

    A Natural Monument!
    The 82 m high waterfall is fed by the Möltner Brook. The path leads past the old Vilpiano's Wasserwaal from the 17th century. The water was once used to irrigate the fields.

    Accessible by foot in ten minutes from the village center of Vilpiano.

    Lakes, cascades
    Passeirer Waterfall in St. Martin/S. Martino
    St.Martin in Passeier/San Martino in Passiria, Meran/Merano and environs

    The beautiful waterfall called Passeirer Wasserfall is 48 m high and is located at the beginning of the romantic Kalmtal/Valclava. You can reach the waterfall by walking from the village St. Leonhard/S. Leonardo, St. Martin/S. Martino or Riffian/Rifiano.

    From the tourist office St. Martin/S. Martino follow the main street in direction St. Leonhard/S. Leonardo. After the tennis court across the bridge and take the hiking trail along the river for about 2 km in direction Meran/Merano. Next to the sawmill across the bridge and then take on the left side the hiking trail up to the main street. Cross the street and take the Trifterweg to the waterfall.

    Lakes, cascades
    A natural monument - the dripstone spring in the Burgum valley
    Pfitsch/Val di Vizze, Sterzing/Vipiteno and environs

    Along the stream near the hamlet of "Burgum" you can hear the whisper of one of the most beautiful natural monuments in the region. When the sunlight shines on it, uncountable cascades of a filigree waterfall shine in numerous beautiful colours. Between the cascades a dark olive-green moss grows, saturated with crystal clear and fresh water. It is tough to decide from which angle you have the best view of the waterfall. A few years ago, this spring waterfall was placed under conservation and is now a natural monument that should not be missed. Take the chance and come to rest and dream in this magical place. This natural monument can be found in the wooded Burgum valley on the way to the hut “Sterzinger Hütte” on path nr. 2.


    Lakes, cascades
    Waterfall Schwarzbach
    Ahrntal/Valle Aurina, Ahrntal/Valle Aurina

    Marvel the impressive spectacle of the Schwarzbach waterfall above Luttach/Lutago wich, in the midst of a narrow crevice, falls 15 meters into a blue lagoon. Feel the cooling freshness on your skin, breathe in the pleasant fresh air and admire the colorful light reflections when the sun shines. The track is lined with wooden sculptures made during the annual sculptors-symposium by internationally renowned artists.

    Lakes, cascades
    Huber Weiher pond
    Völs am Schlern/Fiè allo Sciliar, Dolomites Region Seiser Alm

    Fishing at the Huber Weiher pond. Those who come to Völs am Schlern to fish need go no further than Lake Huber. You can catch trout, carp and char here.

    You can buy the day ticket (price 22,00€) directly at the parking lot at the Völser Weiher Lake, a license for fishing is not necessary for the Huber Weiher pond.

    The period of fishing is from april to october.

    Lakes, cascades
    Völser Weiher lake
    Völs am Schlern/Fiè allo Sciliar, Dolomites Region Seiser Alm

    Völser Weiher Lake: The Völser Weiher lake at the foot of the Schlern mountain is Italy’s most beautiful swimming lake. Whether enjoying a summer evening bathing in South Tyrol, taking a rowing boat out onto the lake or go ice skating in winter; the Völser Weiher lake offers relaxation and recreation.

    Places to See
    Biotope Sommersürs in Viums
    Natz-Schabs/Naz-Sciaves, Brixen/Bressanone and environs

    Once you are here, take a hike through the Sommersürs biotope, also called Samesirs, located in a basin between the villages of Naz and Fiumes/Viums. The small habitat of little more than 2 hectares is a biotope of diverse fauna and flora. It is an invaluable refuge for numerous aquatic insects and birds, along with amphibians and reptiles. Cattail, sedge, and marsh clover populate the shallow lake shore.

    Other nature habitats in the Natz-Schabs holiday region include Raiermoos, Zussis and Laugen.

    The tour leads through the village of Natz and then turns right onto the Villages round trip [Dörferrunde] through the Fruhnwald forest up to the Waldertor viewpoint. Past Viums and the Viummer Kreuz cross, the route leads mainly through forest paths up to Schabs. Continue through the village trip through forest and later through orchards and then go left along the Villages round trip, up to the Flötscher Weiher pond. At the Seehof Hotel, cross the road and continue through meadows and woods, always
    along the signposted road to Raas. Continue through the cultural grounds passing the water reservoir back to the street towards Natz. Follow the street to the right, at the Laugen sports field following the sign Dörferrunde. From here, the Villages round trip leads back to the starting point.

    Lakes, cascades
    Lake "Mesner Låcke"
    Villnöss/Funes, Dolomites Region Villnösstal

    The artificial pond at Teis is ideal for relaxing. It is situated amidst meadows and a circular trail (suitable for baby carriages and wheelchairs) will take you around this pond. Benches and a fountain with drinking water invite to take a rest and boulders on the eastern side of the pond stand witness to the area's geological history.

    Places to See
    Biotope Laugen in Natz
    Natz-Schabs/Naz-Sciaves, Brixen/Bressanone and environs

    Nowadays a sustainable handling towards nature and environment includes not just the protetion, but also the taking care of precious cultivated landscapes.  Wetlands such as the biotope Laugen fulfill a variety of landscape- ecological functions. They mean scenic wealth and represent a useful habitat for a multitude of endangered species of plants and animals. The biotope also provides an ideal resting place for migratory birds.

    Other nature habitats in the Natz-Schabs holiday region include Raiermoos, Sommersürs, Zussis and Laugen.


    Lakes, cascades
    Waterfall Rötbach
    Prettau/Predoi, Ahrntal/Valle Aurina

    Marvel the impressive spectacle of the Rötbach waterfall above Kasern/Casere. Feel the cooling freshness on your skin, breathe in the pleasant fresh air and admire the colorful light reflections when the sun shines.

    Lakes, cascades
    waterfall Egger
    Rasen-Antholz/Rasun Anterselva, Dolomites Region Kronplatz/Plan de Corones

    The Egger waterfall near the rest station Egerhöfe in Antholz Mittertal is now accessible. A unique opportunity to experience a waterfall closely. The hike takes a total of about 45 minutes (up and down).

    Frozen waterfalls at the Scotoni
    Badia, Dolomites Region Alta Badia

    Along the slope from the Lagazuoi to the Capanna Alpina You drive past a very particular natural phenomenon.
    In winter, when everything freezes, wonderful ice-waterfalls arise on this mountain. They are particular, because in summer water flows rarely at this point.
    The waterfalls are very interesting for climbers.

    7 sea hike
    Völs am Schlern/Fiè allo Sciliar, Dolomites Region Seiser Alm
    At the foot of the Schlern, between Völser Aicha and St. Konstantin, a path connects seven lakes: Salmseiner Weiher, Gflierer Weiher, Völser Weiher, Huber Weiher, Umser Weiher, Oachner Weiher and St. Konstantiner Weiher.

    It leads through a varied, impressive nature and past an ancient and unique cultural landscape. In parts, it runs through the Schlern-Rosengarten Nature Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The demanding hike can also be done in sections or in the opposite direction. Various connecting paths are available for entry and exit. The trail leads past farms, villages and through private properties. Some of the 7 nature ponds are privately owned. For the return there are excellent bus connections.

    Duration: about 4 hours - 13.2 km. 

    The 7 ponds trail is not suitable for baby carriages.
    Places to See
    Waterfalls Riva / Reinbach
    Sand in Taufers/Campo Tures, Ahrntal/Valle Aurina

    An impressive drama of nature is offered by the three Rio di Riva waterfalls which can be reached starting out from the hamlet of Bad Winkel. The Rio di Riva waterfalls are located in the Vedrette di Ries-Aurina Nature Park and offer an impressive view of nature above all else in the summer. Fed by melted snow, the Rio di Riva plunges in three cascades over the rock cliffs into the depths, making it possible for visitors to experience the power of water with all of their senses. 

    The St. Francis'Path with the 10 meditational spots lines the path of the Reinbach waterfalls up to the Franziskus and Klara chapel.

    Walking time from the starting point "car park Cantuccio/Winkel; Wasserfallbar":

    - until the 1st waterfall approx. 20 minutes - 40 m altitude difference -
            up to the 1st waterfall suitable for baby stroller

    - o until the 2nd waterfall approx. 40 minutes - 140 m altitude difference

    - o until the 3st waterfall approx. 55 minutes - 170 m altitude difference -
            from here you can return with the Fly-Line possible

    - o until the Franziskus and Klara chapel approx. 75 minutes - 300 m altitude difference

    Way back:

    For the way back you can use the same trail or from Gasthof Tobelhof (near 3rd waterfall) on the hiking trail 2A in the direction of Sand in Taufers back to the starting 

    Lakes, cascades
    Lake Antholz
    Rasen-Antholz/Rasun Anterselva, Dolomites Region Kronplatz/Plan de Corones

    Dark green coniferous forests, the breathtaking mountain scenery of the Rieserferner mountain chain and, in the midst of all this, shimmering turquoise-green water. This is the dreamlike scenery of the lake called Antholzer See, one of the most beautiful lakes in the Alps! And with 44 hectares and a depth of 38 m, this idyllic pearl of our Blue Valley is the third largest mountain lake in South Tyrol. Located at the head of the valley, it is also very close to the well-known Staller Saddle mountain pass and Austria. At an altitude of approx. 1,640 m, families, nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy countless activities in the Rieserferner-Ahrn Nature Park all year round.

    Lakes, cascades
    Kortscher See lake
    Martell/Martello, Vinschgau/Val Venosta
    The mountain lake of Corzes/Kortsch is located in the traditional Schlandrauntal Valley, after the Schlanderser and Kortscher Alm alpine pastures. The Ötzisteig leads directly past the lake into the Schnalstal valley.
    Places to See
    Biotope Raier Moos in Raas
    Natz-Schabs/Naz-Sciaves, Brixen/Bressanone and environs

    Take a walk on the nature trail around the Raiermoos biotope, where you can hear the songs of rare bird types and spot a variety of wildlife. The Raiermoos habitat was originally a large lake that was formed about 12,000 years ago on clayey moraines. Here, primeval populations settled on stilt houses.
    Today, the Raiermoos is a biotope and habitat for endangered flora and fauna. Reeds, cattails, rushes, and marsh trefoil surround the lake. It offers a sanctuary to frogs, newts, salamanders, and snakes. Many migratory birds
    such as herons and storks find here a safe and peaceful place to stay.
    Other nature habitats in the Natz-Schabs holiday region include Sommersürs, Zussis and Laugen.

    Places to See
    Lake Carezza
    Welschnofen/Nova Levante, Dolomites Region Eggental

    Every vacationer in South Tyrol has to visit Lake Carezza, the most gorgeous Alpine mountain lake!
    This small mountain lake is well-known for its soft, deep green waters and the exquisite view of the Rosengarten and Latemar mountain ranges.

    The lake is at its most gorgeous in the evening or early morning, when the Rosengarten-Latemar mountain ranges and the green of the Karerwald forest are reflected in its crystal clear water. This is a natural spectacle you won't want to miss!

    Many South Tyrolean legends are based around the lake, such as that of the water nymph, and many writers and painters have chosen the motif for their paintings and stories.

    Situated at 1,520 metres above sea level, Lake Carezza is 300 m long and 140 m wide in the Val d'Ega municipality of Nova Levante and is a protected natural monument. It is fed by underground springs from the Latemar mountain range, which is why both its size and depth are highly dependent on season and weather conditions - the greatest depth of Lake Carezza has been recorded at 22 m.

    As Lake Carezza is a protected area, it is forbidden to cross the protective boundaries around the lake. Likewise, bathing and swimming in it is also strictly prohibited.  

    Lake Carezza is accessible without barriers. At the car park of the lake there are a total of 4 parking spaces reserved for people with disabilities. At the lake there is a visitor centre with barrier-free toilets and a barrier-free passage to the lake. The viewing platform and the circular walk around the lake are also barrier-free. 

    There are refreshment facilities at the visitor centre, which include two bistros. Other places to stop are the restaurants and huts in the area.

    Lake Carezza is accessible around the clock all year round. The visitor centre with its subway for pedestrians and the toilets are open daily from 9 am - 6 pm.

    For more info on Lake Carezza, click here:

    Lakes, cascades
    Lech de Boé - Boé lake
    Corvara, Dolomites Region Alta Badia

    The idyllic mountain lake, situated at 2252 metres above sea level, lies in a deep natural basin surrounded by the rugged cliffs of the Sella Group. The lake can be reached from the top station of the Boé cable car in just 20 minutes on an easy footpath. Those who want to walk a little longer can reach the Franz Kostner hut on the Vallon from Lake Boé on path no. 638.

    Lakes, cascades
    Waterfall Pojen
    Ahrntal/Valle Aurina, Ahrntal/Valle Aurina

    Marvel the impressive spectacle of the Pojen waterfall near Luttach/Lutago. Feel the cooling freshness on your skin, breathe in the pleasant fresh air and admire the colorful light reflections when the sun shines.

    Lakes, cascades
    Waterfall Frankbach
    Ahrntal/Valle Aurina, Ahrntal/Valle Aurina

    Marvel the impressive spectacle of the Frankbach waterfall above St. Johann/San Giovanni. Feel the cooling freshness on your skin, breathe in the pleasant fresh air and admire the colorful light reflections when the sun shines.

    Lakes, cascades
    Waterfalls in Stuls
    Moos in Passeier/Moso in Passiria, Meran/Merano and environs

    Just below Stuls/Stulles, the third highest waterfall in Europe, cascades down a drop of 112m and then another 230m.
    It can be seen from Breiteben/Pianlargo, from the road to Timmelsjoch mountain pass or from the trail Passer Gorge.

    Lakes, cascades
    Stieber Waterfall in Moos/Moso
    Moos in Passeier/Moso in Passiria, Meran/Merano and environs

    From Moos/Moso walk up the first road bridge. At 50 meters, turn left on the walkway up to the wooden observation bridges over the Stieber waterfall. From here hikers will have a breathtaking view of the gigantic Stieber waterfall, where the Pfeldererbach stream first plunges 19 meters then 18 meters deep in the Passer river.

    Lakes, cascades
    Lake di Tarres
    Latsch/Laces, Vinschgau/Val Venosta

    Here you will find a splendid panorama and a calm environment. Around the lake is also a small path. The path is very easy to walk and mostly flat. To arrive at this idyllic place you have to follow the path no.9. Only members of the local fishermen's association can also fish there.

    Lakes, cascades
    Pisciadú Waterfalls
    Corvara, Dolomites Region Alta Badia

    At the foot of the rocky walls of the "Grup dl Sela" or Sella Group, the most imposing massif of the Dolomites, you can admire the suggestive “cascades de Pisciadú”. The waterfalls, which can be reached from Colfosco with an easy walk through a large clearing, are particularly impressive in spring, when thanks to the thaw they are rich in water.


    Lakes, cascades
    The "Gurgl" gorge
    Schlanders/Silandro, Vinschgau/Val Venosta
    To the Valdaun creek to the gorge "Gurgl". The creek has here broken through the rock and a waterfall rushes down about 20-25 m. The hike in the shady Stelvio National Park is especially recommended on hot summe days.
    Lakes, cascades
    Neves Lake
    Mühlwald/Selva dei Molini, Ahrntal/Valle Aurina

    Neves Lake, 1857m

    The round-trip trail around the Neves artificial lake gurantees an unique experience for the whole family (doable even with a baby carriage)

    For mountain lovers the Neves Lake is starting point for one of the most beautiful mountain trails in South Tyrol: the Neveser Höhenweg.

    Lakes, cascades
    Göflaner See lake
    Schlanders/Silandro, Vinschgau/Val Venosta

    The mountain lake of Covelano/Göflan is idyllically situated in the Stelvio National Park, above the Covelano marble quarry and at the foot of Jennwand summit.

    Refreshments stop: Göflaneralm, Haslhof

    Lakes, cascades
    Fish pond Anterselva di Sotto/Antholz Niedertal
    Rasen-Antholz/Rasun Anterselva, Dolomites Region Kronplatz/Plan de Corones

    Fishing becomes a precious experience for families at the idyllically located fish pond in Antholz Niedertal. No fishing certification is required

    The fishing equipment can be rented directly at the fish pond itself. A playground and a bar with terrace can be found there as well.

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