Int. Gsieser Tal Lauf - het Zuid-Tiroolse Sportevent

Int. Gsieser Tal Lauf - het Zuid-Tiroolse Sportevent

Brunico/Bruneck en omgeving

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Brunico/Bruneck en omgeving 12 januari 2020, 11:00

The Val Casies Valley Dumpling Marathon

If you burn off calories, then you’re certainly entitled to eat well. There is no other event which combines sports, incomparably beautiful countryside and unique gastronomic delights better than...

Brunico/Bruneck en omgeving 17 oktober 2019

Sunrise at the top of the mountain “Lutterkopf”

Sunrise at the top of the mountain “Lutterkopf”: A journey towards the sun. You have the unique opportunity to watch how the sun arises from behind the mountains. Enjoy this experience of nature...

Brunico/Bruneck en omgeving 30 november 2019, 19:00

Procession from Santa Claus with devil show

Krampus and St. Nicholas Parade. Every year in November takes place the Krampus Parade in Pichl/Val Casies Valley. It starts at 7.00 pm as the St. Nicholas gives a present to well behaved children...

Brunico/Bruneck en omgeving 11 december 2019, 10:00

Cross-country-ski excursion

Cross-country skiing excursion along the trail in Val Casies Valley with stops at various bars and restaurants. Our instructor shows you many tips for an optimal skiing style. Registration: within...

Brunico/Bruneck en omgeving 12 december 2019, 21:00

Lantern walk

An easy, romantic excursion under the stars of Monguelfo. Starting at the tourist board of Monguelfo the path leads to Plun and further to Lettnerhof, where a bonfire and mulled wine awaits you....


Topevenementen zijn aanbevelingen van de redactie. Deze evenementen zijn uitstekend georganiseerd en karakteristiek voor Zuid-Tirol.

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