Potato-Cream Cheese-Rolls in a casserole

An italian classic dish, reinterpreted. Delicious cannelloni with potato and cottage cheese filling. Very good!


  • Bereidingstijd: 01:30 h.
  • personen: 4


    • 150 g noodle dough
    • 300 g potatoes, cooked and roughly grated
    • 4 estragon leaves
    • pepper, salt
    • butter for the form
    • 30 g onions
    • 2 slices of Speck Alto Adige
    • 40 g butter
    • 100 g cream cheese
    • 20 g rated parmesan cheese
    • 1 tsp chopped parsley
    • 100 g potato slices
    • 2 tblsp veal juice


Cut the onion and the speck into fine cubes and sautee in butter. Mix in potatoes, cream cheese, parsley and the parmesan. Season with salt and pepper. Roll out the noodle dough and cut out 8 squares (6 x 10). Cook in salted water, cool in cold water, then let dry and lay on a table. Fill with potato mix. Prepare the casserole with butter, some bechamel sauce and add the roles. Cover with the rest of the bechamel sauce, add the tomato cubes and top with parmesan cheese. Put into pre-warmed oven and bake at 180° celsius for 20 minutes. Before baking is finished add some estragon. Serve the potato-cream-cheese rolls on the warmed potato slices with veal jus and estragon.

Bijzondere tip:

Wine: Südtiroler Lagrein Rosé

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