Stories from South Tyrol is a IDM Südtirol-Alto Adige website. In creating this project, editors, photographers and filmmakers gathered together real stories about South Tyrol's people and ways of life.

Every story is rooted in South Tyrol, a mountainous region in northern Italy. But every story also provides answers to questions that concern all of us: Where does the food we eat come from? How should our homes look if we want them to fit in with their surrounding landscape? What do we need to hang onto in order to generate new ideas for the future? Within the context of a multilingual society, how do we see ourselves? In the end, everything revolves around one question: What makes a good life?
Good stories are told over and over again. Perhaps Stories from South Tyrol will speak to your sense of balance. Maybe you'll even infuse these stories with new ideas. In any case, we'd love it if you'd even share them with friends. Surely what moves you also moves us. In exchange, stories emerge which connect us all.
Because only those things that move us actually move us forward.