Брунико и окрестности, Валь-Казиес – Монгуэльфо – Тезидо/Gsieser Tal – Welsberg – Taisten
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Велосипедные и пешие экскурсии
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К сожалению, на указанные даты и условия нет свободных номеров. Измените по возможности параметры поиска или отправьте нам прямой запрос!

Apartment Friedla 2-6 P.

This apartment offers a generous Stube (traditional living room) with 19,3 m2 of wood panelling from the 18th century, heated by a traditional brick oven with seating accommodations around (a so called corner bench) and on top of it; an eat-in kitchen with corner benches and a wall in log house style, a ceran stove with 4 hobs as well as a wood burning stove and direct access to the southern balcony. All floors are made out of old wooden floorboards. The bedrooms are located downstairs. The master bedroom has a generous bathroom (7,2 m2) with a bathtub, shower and view towards the mountains. The double room/twin room includes a lavatory and a shower (4,1 m2), the beds are made out of larch. All bathrooms have underfloor heating.

Apartment Honnis 2 P.

The apartment features a large eat-in kitchen with a long kitchen unit, a homey wood panelling and a corner bench framing the dining table as well as access to the sunny southern balcony. The bedroom has an integrated lavatory with a separate shower cabin. The furniture is made out of Swiss stone pine, the floors of old wooden floorboards.

Apartement Tenne 1-4 P.

This apartment features a Stube (traditional living room) in log cabin style with a corner bench and a couch as well as access to the highest balcony. The kitchen is the located in the centre of the apartment. The bedroom is held in log cabin style as well and has a private balcony facing the northern mountainside. The bathroom furnishings are made out of larch. All rooms have the same old wooden floorboards.

Apartment Vitus 2-4 P.

This apartment has a panelled Stube (traditional living room, 20,6 m2) with corner benches, a couch and direct access to the southern balcony. The kitchen (13 m2) has a wall in log house style and access to the east balcony. The bedroom’s panelling is made out of spruce (22,3 m2) and was made in 1890. The generous bathroom (ca. 9,9 m2) has a wall in log house style, the rest is made out of clay. The furniture is made out of old larch.

Room Kornkammer 2 P.

The old granary was converted into a master bedroom with a generous bathroom. Its traditional simple panelling dates back to the 19th century and is made out of spruce. The extraordinary feature of the room is the wooden floor made out of Swiss stone pine. The balcony is accessible via a hallway-door. This room can also be rented in addition to any of the other apartments.

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