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    Experience South Tyrol - it's unforgettable!

    Don't miss the diverse range of experiences of South Tyrol! Enjoy sporting activities, discover the rich culture and visit diverse events in Alpine and Mediterranean locations. Whether young or old, everyone will find something suitable. To help you decide, we present our suggestions for an unforgettable holiday in South Tyrol. Experience the diversity!

    Lakes, cascades
    Neves Lake
    Mühlwald/Selva dei Molini, Ahrntal/Valle Aurina

    Neves Lake, 1857m

    The round-trip trail around the Neves artificial lake gurantees an unique experience for the whole family (doable even with a baby carriage)

    For mountain lovers the Neves Lake is starting point for one of the most beautiful mountain trails in South Tyrol: the Neveser Höhenweg.

    Churches & Monasteries
    Parish Church to San Floriano
    The South Tyrolean Wine Road
    The parish church of St. Florian/St. Floriano on the old imperial road north of Laag/Laghetti was first mentioned in 1189, but it dates back to around 1145. The lower part of the nave dates from the time of its first mention (1189). The choir with the accentuated towering choir loft replaced an older end in the 13th century. The church of St. Florian is a unique artistic monument. In the nave, the old Romanesque building form is still preserved. Later, an elevated transverse square was attached to this nave, which was probably intended as a domed building. A round apse was attached to it in the 12th century, the exterior decoration of which features beautiful pilaster strips and a round arch frieze with various sculptures worth seeing. From 2005 to 2008, the church was restored from the ground up. The outside area around the church was also redesigned and a parking lot was built. On May 03, 2008, the church of St. Florian was consecrated by Bishop Wilhelm Egger.
    Refill points for drinking water
    Respect the mountain - fountian Grieswaldile playground, Dobbiaco
    Dolomites Region 3 Zinnen
    The fountain is located in the recreation and play zone and is a great way to explore the region through play, especially for children. From Dobbiaco you have to go in direction of the sport zone and from there a small path leads to Gratsch.

    The "Respect in the Mountains" project aims to raise awareness among visitors and tourists in the Dolomites, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, of environmentally friendly behaviour and to create an awareness of the need for a more respectful environment. Dolomites UNESCO World Heritage Site, to behave in an environmentally friendly manner and to create awareness of respectful and responsible behaviour in the mountains and in everyday life. respectful and responsible behaviour in the mountains but also in everyday life. The project foresees The project also includes water supply points along the hiking and biking trails. Tourist Association of Dobbiaco
    Places to See
    The King’s Vantage Point in the Laranz forest
    Kastelruth/Castelrotto, Dolomites Region Seiser Alm

    The Laranz Forest between Seis and Telfen is the quintessence of a mysterious fairytale forest: The trail through the forest is a gift of peace, strength and inner contemplation. Settlements had already been established on this hilly knoll in the days of Ötzi the Ice Man, and to this day we can still see the Wallburg fortresses of Gschlier and the pre-Christian sacrificial site at the Rungger Egg. The leisurely loop route leads through dappled pine forests to the Königswarte (the "King's Keep"), a spectacular lookout point. Shortly before the Lanzin farms the trail branches off into another loop route, which will take you to a further lookout point, the Katzenlochbühl.

    Churches & Monasteries
    Church St. Stephanus
    The South Tyrolean Wine Road

    The Stephanus Church was originally built in Romanesque style around the year 1200. Afterwards the church was rebuilt in the Gothic style. Inside the church there's the famous winged altar, which was created around 1485 by the South-Tyrolean artist Hans Klocker. Today, this altar is one of the biggest and most beautiful winged altars of Tyrol.

    Fruvit OHG
    The South Tyrolean Wine Road

    Specialiesed store for fruits and vegetables with big variety of South Tyrolean vintage wine, olive oil, tea, spices and dry fruits.

    Places to See
    Place of Spiritual Energy St. Hippolyt in Naraun/Narano
    Meran/Merano and environs
    The hill of St. Hippolyt in Naraun, a fraction of the municipality of Tisens/Tesimo, forms the highest point of the plateau. Due to its striking appearance and its breathtaking panoramic view, it is not only a popular destination for excursions, but has also radiated a special atmosphere on people since time immemorial. 

    The first traces of settlement date back to the Neolithic Age, i.e. the 4th millennium BC. Since that time, the hill has been continuously settled or at least visited. In addition to small finds such as arrowheads, knives, garment clasps and various tools, numerous house foundations and an Iron Age fire sacrifice site from the 4th-2nd century BC have been found, giving us insight into the life and cults of the former inhabitants.

    The numerous circular shells cut into the rock, so-called shell stones, still pose a mystery to us, and their function has not yet been clarified. Also puzzling is the scoring of a beautiful spiral that is hardly visible today. It is located on a rock slab ground smooth by the glacier near the pond at the foot of the hill (Narauner Weiher), directly on the path to the hill of St. Hippolyt. 

    Today, the little church of St. Hippolyt, first mentioned in 1288 but certainly older, dominates the hilltop. It shows how much this place retained its mystical attraction for people even in Christian times, although other rituals took hold. 
    One of these important rituals was certainly the weather ringing, the task of which the sacristan of St. Hippolyt had to fulfil. During heavy summer thunderstorms, however, the exposed nature of the hill repeatedly led to accidents, which is why the church of St. Hippolyt was nicknamed "Zum bösen Segen" ("To the evil blessing"). As late as 1925, a sacristan couple was killed by lightning, which is commemorated by a memorial plaque inside the church. 

    Whether due to the lonely location of the sparsely overgrown hill, its long history or the vastness that can be seen here, there is no doubt that the hill of St. Hippolyt in Naraun with its church possesses a special aura that invites people to inner contemplation and makes it a place of spiritual energy. 
    It is also for this reason that the path of reflection to the Luminous Rosary and in memory of Pope John Paul II was built in 2010, leading from the car park at the foot of the hill to the church.
    Refill points for drinking water
    Respect the mountain - Höhen Kreuz Brunnen
    Dolomites Region 3 Zinnen
    The "Respect in the Mountains" project aims to raise awareness among visitors and tourists in the Dolomites, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, of environmentally friendly behaviour and to create an awareness of the need for a more respectful environment. Dolomites UNESCO World Heritage Site, to behave in an environmentally friendly manner and to create awareness of respectful and responsible behaviour in the mountains and in everyday life. respectful and responsible behaviour in the mountains but also in everyday life. The project foresees The project also includes water supply points along the hiking and biking trails. Tourist Association of Dobbiaco
    Leather ware, shoes
    Calzature Due Leoni
    The South Tyrolean Wine Road

    Oltre ai brand disponiamo di una vasta gamma di prodotti di creazione artigianale italiana ed estera per poter offrire ai nostri clienti un grande assortimento
    di calzature con un marchio non conosciuto al grande pubblico: tali prodotti riescono a coniugare modelleria, qualità e prezzo.
    Disponiamo inoltre di calzature da uomo che raggiungono la taglia 52 e di calzature antinfortunistica con puntale in acciaio e suola antiforo in diversi modelli e colorazioni.

    Forts & Castles
    Picturesque Arcades in Egna
    The South Tyrolean Wine Road

    Egna is located at the foot of he Castelfeder hill. Already in the Middle Ages the village was a thriving trading centre due to its strategic geographical position and today it is the main cultural and economic centre of the Bassa Atesina. It is no coincidence that this lovely village is considered one of the most beautiful places in Italy. A must see is the old village centre with its 500 metres of arcades, its stately manors and magnificent inter courtyards. This is where you will find the perfect mix of entertainment, relaxation and taste.

    Indoor Climbing Halls
    Meran/Merano and environs
    Since its opening in 2008, the Rockarena climbing hall in Merano completes the offer of Meranarena. Located to the north of the ice rink, this bouldering facility offers another sports location dedicated to one of the most popular sports of recent years. Indeed, climbing and bouldering are now popular activities, not only in South Tyrol. This is because they are fun, but they are also an excellent workout for physical coordination. And furthermore, they can be practised without any particular experience by people of all ages.

    Further information, bookings and price list:
    Leisure & Experience
    Minigolf Terenten
    Brixen/Bressanone and environs
    Come and enjoy the fun and exercise on this minigolf course in the middle of nature!
    Churches & Monasteries
    The church of our Lady of Villa
    The South Tyrolean Wine Road
    Evidence of a church in this area dates back to the mid-13th century, but the construction of the building as we know it today began in 1412 when the choir loft was built by Konrad von Neumarkt. It was completed when the vault was finished at the beginning of the 16th century. The façade of the church is dominated by the bell tower, which stands above the entrance and forms a vestibule leading to the entrance portal. Next to it, a niche for donations is decorated with a fresco of a Madonna and Child, and on the west side of the tower, a small wooden roof protects a fresco of St. Christopher with the Child Jesus. The interior of the church looks light and elegant. Light streams through eight windows, four of which belong to the choir. Of particular value are the Gothic tabernacle and the pulpit base. Of the frescoes in the interior that have survived the test of time, those on the south wall are attributed to the painter Konrad Waider at the beginning of the 16th century. Coat of arms paintings of the Payr of Caldiff and Khuen mark their tombs on the north side of the nave. In 1767, the church was desecrated because the Trudner Bach, which had overflowed its banks, had destroyed a large part of the interior. As a result, it was used, among other things, as a storeroom. Around the middle of the last century, people became aware of the artistic value of the building, restored it, and consecrated it again. Today the church "Unsere Liebe Frau in der Vill" is considered one of the most beautiful late Gothic churches in the country.
    Places to See
    Military cemetery
    The South Tyrolean Wine Road

    The military cemetery in Auer/Ora was originally established in 1916 as a burial ground for the chiefly Russian and Serbian war prisoners who had died while working on the old Val di Fiemme railroad. Additionally, a military hospital was established in Auer during WWI. A burial ground was set up at the site of today's military cemetery for fallen soldiers and for the workers who died during the construction of the railroad.

    During WWII, the burial ground was likewise used as a cemetery for the war dead. The bodies of Austro-Hungarian soldiers who had fallen on the Dolomite Front were exhumed and transferred to their respective national cemeteries. Until 2003, the association for victims of war and combatants of South Tyrol took care of the military cemetery. From 2003 on, the "Schützenkompanie" Auer took over the cemetery's administration.

    Refill points for drinking water
    Respect the mountain - Fountain Cimabanche, Cimabanche, Dobbiaco
    Dolomites Region 3 Zinnen
    The fountain is located on the border of the municipal territory of Dobbiaco, in a southerly direction, towards Cortina.

    The "Respect in the Mountains" project aims to raise awareness among visitors and tourists in the Dolomites, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, of environmentally friendly behaviour and to create an awareness of the need for a more respectful environment. Dolomites UNESCO World Heritage Site, to behave in an environmentally friendly manner and to create awareness of respectful and responsible behaviour in the mountains and in everyday life. respectful and responsible behaviour in the mountains but also in everyday life. The project foresees The project also includes water supply points along the hiking and biking trails. Tourist Association of Dobbiaco
    Forts & Castles
    Via Andreas-Hofer
    The South Tyrolean Wine Road

    Andreas-Hofer-Street owes its name to the South Tyrolean patriot who led the 1809 uprising against Napoleon. When arrested in 1810, Andreas Hofer was imprisoned in the Neumarkt/Egna prison on the night of January 30th before being transferred to Mantua to be executed. The old court prisons are found at house number 28; originally property of the lords of Enn and Caldiff, they remained in use until 1830. Today, the building is in private hands, but on the ground floor, two cells with cross vaults remain, and plaque commemorating the illustrious guest marks the façade.


    Forts & Castles
    “Weißer Adler'' Inn
    The South Tyrolean Wine Road

    The “Weißer Adler'' Inn dates back to the latter half of the 17th century and features stone-framed windows and a turret stairway. The beautiful building has passed amongst many owners. In the 18th century, the Bombardis and later, it was home to a branch of the Fenners family; between the 19th and 20th centuries, it was owned by the Hofers and the Seppis. With the establishment of the Taxis family's postal service, the "Weißer Adler '' hotel became a post house and its owners were made postmasters. The 3-storey building stands at the southern end of Via Trento, concluding the street at this end, which, from here to the "Schwarzer Adler'' hotel at the northern end, is quite closely arranged, showing the intention behind the urban layout in its main use as hotel district, thoroughfare and centre of movement for guests.

    Visitor centre avimundus
    Schlanders/Silandro, Vinschgau/Val Venosta

    The visitor centre avimundus in Silandro/Schlanders is entirely devoted to the bird kingdom of the Stelvio Pass.
    A permanent exhibition offers visitors an overview of the world of birds in the National Park, and selected bird species are clearly presented and assigned to their respective habitats. Visitors are given extensive information about the breeding and rearing, and on bird voices and their songs.

    Ticket: 3 Euro, children over 6 years 2 Euro

    Sports and leisure
    Dolomites Region Kronplatz/Plan de Corones

    Set at the top of Mount Kronplatz at a dizzying 2275 m above sea-level, this giant swing is an absolute must for you adrenaline junkies out there. Find out what it's like to be hoisted up to a height of 15 m by a cable winch and hurtled through the air attached only to a couple of steel ropes. Once you're up there, all you have to do is unclick the fastening and off you go: dashing out into the open sky! Not for the faint-hearted! Price: 13€

    No reservation is necessary.

    Churches & Monasteries
    Capuchin monastery
    The South Tyrolean Wine Road

    The Capuchin monastery and its small church were built between 1617 and 1620. The church has a simple design in accordance with the style and regulations of the Capuchin Order: simple in terms of furnishings, bare walls, barrel vaults, and a side chapel on the south side. The high altar is dedicated to the Sacred Heart. The pulpit and the side altars are neo-Romanesque and date back to the 19th century. The altar of the side chapel contains a statue of the mother of God with Child from the middle of the 16th century, which is said to have miraculous powers. Between 1999 and 2003, the whole complex was carefully restored. In the little church, this also led to the renewal of the windows and the benches, which – in harmony with the surroundings – are now simple and linear. Thus, the light penetrates through seven beautiful glass panes that seem to communicate with the faithful through their symbolic meaning of colors and number.

    Sports equipment
    The South Tyrolean Wine Road
    Running & Trailrunning Shop, Hiking, Shoes-cothing-equipment-accessoires
    Churches & Monasteries
    St. Michael's church
    The South Tyrolean Wine Road

    The first written documentation referring to this church appears at the end of the 14th century. From this era, the bell tower remains today, with its double-mullioned windows surmounted by triple-mullioned windows and frescoes on the façade representing the saints Anne, Catherine and Margaret, Christopher with the baby Jesus, and St. Michael, to whom the church is dedicated. In 1672, the church was restored, supplied with a barrel vault, and supplemented with a new chancel, side altar, and sacristy. Particularly rich are the decorations of the choir stalls: The scenes depicted on the parapet stem from the 17th century and represent the Visitation of Mary and Elizabeth, the Adoration of the Magi, the circumcision of Jesus, the flight from Egypt, and the Massacre of the Innocents. The busts painted on the lower part of the choir stalls represent the twelve Apostles and date back to the 18th century. The interior of the church is bare due to the theft of the furnishings and sacred images in 1969. The stolen original altarpiece was replaced by a representation of St. Michael fighting evil.


    Jacob Stone KG
    The South Tyrolean Wine Road
    Our family business has been in existence since 1910 and is now run by the fourth generation.
    The company was founded by our great-grandfather Emil Jacob in Merano.

    We can therefore draw on decades of experience.

    In our showroom you will find over 100 ready-made garden fountains made of limestone, granite and porphyry, some of which can be combined with beautiful figures made of bronze or marble. Some of our natural stone fountains are also suitable for interior design, e.g. wellness and entrance areas.

    We manufacture customised sculptures, columns, steps, door, window and fireplace surrounds. Tables, benches and barbecue combinations made of natural stone or iron are planned and manufactured according to your personal wishes.
    Cross-country skiing
    Cross Country Stadium Nordic Arena
    Dolomites Region 3 Zinnen

    Dobbiaco is renowned as an international world cup competition venue. It features 120 km of perfectly groomed cross-country tracks.

    Whether you are training for a ski marathon, testing your limits on the FIS-homologised slopes, or prefer to do your rounds on floodlit tracks at night time (from X-Mass daily from 6 p.m. - 8 p.m.) - here you will definitely find the right cross-country track for your requirements.
    The Nordic Arena in Dobbiaco is the ideal setting for beginners, but also an ideal starting point for various cross-country routes.              

    Churches & Monasteries
    Convent S. Floriano
    The South Tyrolean Wine Road

    The Klösterle in St. Florian/St. Floriano was built in the 13th century as a pilgrims' hospice and offered accommodation to many travelers in the past because of its strategic location, 25 km (one day's walk) from Trento and Bolzano/Bozen. It is one of the few hospices of this type still completely preserved in Europe. It is believed that the famous painter Albrecht Dürer, on his first trip to Italy, sought a place to stay in the Klösterle because of flooding. The well-preserved unique art monument, in Romanesque style, is accessible to visitors via the Dürer path. During the summer months, events such as concerts and plays are staged there.

    Forts & Castles
    Klosterhof Vill
    The South Tyrolean Wine Road

    In the Middle Ages, the "Klosterhof" in the Vill/Villa was probably the property of the Augustinian Canons' Monastery of San Michele all'Adige. From 1560, it was owned by Anna Regina Recordin zu Radeck. In 1740, it was acquired by Josef A. v. Feldmannsdorf. From 1762 to 1908, it was owned by the nobles of the v. Vilas family. Since then, it has been the farmstead and winery of the Pernter family. It is a stately two-story building and one of the most beautiful wine farms in the country. The current form dates back to the 17th century.

    Forts & Castles
    “Liebenstein” estate
    The South Tyrolean Wine Road
    The “Liebenstein” estate with its Maria-Hilf fresco dates back to the 16th century. In the first documents it is referred to as "Hof der Plattner genannt Röll". At the beginning of the 18th century, the two original buildings were combined into a single complex and given the name "Ansitz Liebenstein". The An der Lan family were the last noble owners of the house.
    Home furnishings
    Furnishing Store Jungmann
    The South Tyrolean Wine Road
    My home. My own four walls, my cosy nest. Where I wake up tousled, where I laugh, love, dance and enjoy. Where I party with friends, where my children grow up and I fall contentedly into bed at night. That's how I want to live. In our furniture store in South Tyrol, you get the perfect furnishings, top service and lots of practical tips. Our staff is always there for you - with a smile, years of experience and two strong, helping hands. From planning to installation. That's a promise. At Jungmann we have even more in store for you: the largest furniture selection in South Tyrol, a complete range in the household and living sector and everything for your baby.
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